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  1. They could’ve gotten more miraculous goaltending through the OT and still lost if they didn’t score. They didn’t get two points because they didn’t score more. It absolutely is. To deny it is to force a narrative. The goaltending for this team sucks. It wasn’t the problem tonight until OT which shouldn’t have been necessary. ***** bingo.
  2. Just brutal down the stretch there. That’s an L in my book for Bama. UGA should beat the hell out of them, but the game means nothing for Georgia since they’re in either way.
  3. Definitely not. Blowouts are a great time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This team is good enough where we aren’t often losing our minds when things are going well but they’re definitely good enough for it to capture meaningful attention when terrible plays are made. This team is a Super Bowl contending team when healthy (this league is full of parity right now, there are probably ten teams that could). I want that for them and I demand that of them.
  4. And Tre’s injury makes playing without egregious mistakes even more important.
  5. The Jags and Colts games are great examples of why there’s angst even in victory with this team. The problems being pointed out are the problems that are costing them games. They are problems that will cost them big games if not corrected. The better you play the better your chances are to win a game. They’re not going to play a mediocre team littered with an unimaginable number of key injuries every week.
  6. It was a bad play overall. It’s on Josh to take what’s there - especially in the red zone when red zone when Sanders probably walks in. This cannot end in an interception and it’s on the QB.
  7. The Saints that were on the field last night were very bad. Check their injury report. Definitely a strong second half for him. Those two INTs in the first half were unacceptable. Tre’s health could make or break the season and so far it doesn’t look good. One thing I AM encouraged by is that he was initially “doubtful” to return and not immediately ruled out.
  8. Josh is just lost out there
  9. Goodnight, boys. Season is a wrap.
  10. Another uncomfortable start.
  11. McKenzie is indeed a scratch tonight. Replaced by rookie Stevenson in the return game.
  12. McKenzie says he’s out for the year and doubled down on it but none of the city’s sports reporters seem to be aware at all
  13. This offseason needs to be about adding to the offensive line and running back positions. The era of the running back position being irrelevant is over.
  14. If you are going to haggle about a guy ranked as high as 16 and in that range by multiple sources being taken just three spots higher you should stop entering conversations about prospects. This isn’t a team taking a guy 15-20 spots higher than anyone even considered him. I’m willing to bet the Sabres aren’t the only team that had him that high.
  15. I remember the initial reaction to the Bloom pick by the experts was pretty negative. View was he didn’t produce at a high clip prior to COVID and then had a full year off. This is a huge scouting success if he keeps on this path.
  16. Huge. Three unproven players don’t mitigate the need for additional help at any position. Even if all three pan out you still want high-level centers in the system.
  17. I just did a brief google of 2021 mock drafts and from the first four reputable sources I clicked on he was ranked 21st, 19th, 16th and 14th. You should rethink your view of the initial value of that pick.
  18. The backcourt is so key in college basketball. The tournament proves time and time again how important it is to have an experienced ball handler.
  19. It’s an off year for the A10, too, except for the Bonnies at the top. VCU isn’t a strong group.
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