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  1. I’m sure they’re aware of him and interested if they’re picking in the mid to late top 10.
  2. ROR was never the league’s best 2C here, especially considering Jack wasn’t a bonafide 1C by that point.
  3. Statistically he’s basically at the exact same point he was last year with worse offensive play. Josh isn’t the problem even if he does need to be better.
  4. When did the Sabres ever have the league’s best 2C?
  5. Vegas had Krebs in the NHL but you are correct that all three should be in the AHL.
  6. I think the goaltending situation is the failsafe for the tank. It's like a "well, if the young guys develop faster or better than we think and this team meshes we can count on terrible goaltending to bail out the tank."
  7. I imagine a team like the Islanders who are finally playing home games (started with like 13 straight games on the road) will get it together and pass us relatively quickly and never look back, but there are some putrid teams competing for last this year. Ottawa and Arizona might be in a league of their own. Seattle and Montreal are downright atrocious.
  8. This is the same line of thinking that had a few posters here saying they preferred Eichel. No. You want the better ***** player. Every time.
  9. https://theathletic.com/2969081/2021/11/22/projecting-the-sabres-lineup-through-the-next-three-seasons-could-the-rebuild-finally-be-complete-by-2024-25/
  10. Two very important unvaccinated players missed today’s game: Spencer Brown and Star Lotulelei. Brown won’t be back Thursday. TBD on Star.
  11. If none of these brutal performances wake the team up then it’s going to take some serious questions into the offseason. McDermott is as safe as they come but is he the guy to lead this team? He’s as soft as they come and has shown to be wholly incapable of time management. They’re going to need to get everything right to get this team anywhere near contending.
  12. My safe word is “dome.”
  13. I was always more of a raw guy. 😉
  14. Gotcha - I thought it meant from a player perspective. I don’t believe the roster is loaded with Carolina players. Not in the way the Hurricanes are. Yea, that guy is losing his mind. It’s uncomfortable.
  15. Yea, missing the combo of Star and Tremaine right now is brutal when you’re facing Taylor. Also: it’s mind numbing that Star took off the entire 2020 season to “protect his family” from COVID but … didn’t get vaccinated.
  16. I don’t believe so. Not in any notable way.
  17. You quoted the wrong thing AND had a dumb reaction without knowing what my actual thoughts on the stadium are. That’s elite. The new stadium is coming. I don’t agree that any public funding should ever be given to these owners for their stadiums. But either way the stadium is coming. And I see a lot of fans stupidly saying it needs to be open-air.
  18. The Carolina obsession has been a key to stalling this franchise. Former Panthers this team has added: - Mario Addison - Vernon Butler - Josh Norman - Efe Obada - Joe Webb - Mike Tolbert - Kelvin Benjamin - Star Lotulelei - Derek Anderson - Kurt Coleman - AJ Klein - Captain Munnerlyn - Daryl Williams There are seven other names not even worth listing. That’s TWENTY players added and the only ones who have had any meaningful positive impact are Williams (who is now struggling) and Star. Maybe Klein. 3/20 at best. And somehow fans want an open-air stadium. Yup. The overall coaching has been atrocious.
  19. That means nothing to this team
  20. I don’t know if anyone stops Jonathan Taylor but missing Edmunds is not helping right now
  21. It’s a good policy to blame nill for anything bad in your life
  22. Going to be demoralizing to watch the Pats win this division
  23. This I definitely don't agree with. I think the Bills are head and shoulders above the Patriots, but the luck of the draw is most of the trouble. Losing to the Jags doesn't help but being without Spencer Brown for two big games this week and next is just really bad timing. That coupled with Tremaine still not practicing is just a bad recipe. There's reason to worry the division title is at risk.
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