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  1. As always, but even more against a very beatable Ranger team ... MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!!
  2. The Bills had an unstopable offence in the early 90s until they were stopable in 4 straight Super Bowls. I think the Bills offense is dynamic enough with a few fairly minor tweeks. Defense wins the Super Bowl. The Bills defense is not quite there yet, but almost. That said, until a team has an answer to all that KC is they are going to dominate and you may be right that they could win several in a row. That is very hard to do, mind you.
  3. I am in favour of any trade that improves the roster. MAF would be an improvement in goal. Therefore, I am interested and it all comes down to cost.
  4. See you Frank ... https://twitter.com/i/events/1353652031102181377 Never a fan of him as player, or manager.
  5. @jsb had a great take on it a few posts above this one. I am pretty darn excited. Mostly because overall the Sabres are playing exciting hockey. I think this will be a good season for them and I am excited to see how it all plays out.
  6. Congrats to Mahomes and the rest of KC. No, really ... you have an honoured position on the NS list of the most dastardly. How does it feel to be lumped in the the damn Bruins, Flyers and Patriots. Well done, indeed. That said ... Thank you Bills for a great season and the future is bright, indeed. The players and the coaches will learn from this just as the 'bickering Bills' of 1989 did when they lost to the Bengals in the AFCCG. We are very, very close. A better QB exposed some weaknesses and a good defense that had a great plan confirmed some other weaknesses.
  7. I'm finally ready ... ... when's puck drop? GO SABRES!! MUST WIN!!
  8. End of an era at Arsenal ... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55711456 Not a Gunner fan, but I am a fan of Brother Ozil.
  9. Another victim of COVID. That said, he was at that age that something is bound to get you. He did some great interviews of some big people over the years. RIP ...
  10. I hear you, but they are wrong. The BJs were invented in the spring of 1977. I know. I was there. There was some talk for a few years, but '77 was when they were invented. I was 12 years old that spring and by the fall when I was turning 13 the BJs were the talk of the town. Where is our resident BJ expert ... paging @Boyes (or whatever you call yourself now ?????) ... pink courtesy phone ...
  11. Very nice @jsb. Awesome job on the GDT kickoff. GO SABRES!! MUST WIN!! The Caps are pretty damn dastardly ...
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