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  1. Now 30 minutes ... ... see yous all later ...
  2. Conventional wisdom says that the 2nd was a good return in this market. Analysts are saying this and I said it too. Lazar for that other guy is a seperate deal basically. This was the best, maybe only, deal out there and everyone involved thought that Hall had to be traded.
  3. Ruffle Hall's feathers ????? In my last post before my break ... Hall held all the cards in this. Adams had no real option, but to find the best deal he could for the handful, or fewer, teams Hall would accept being traded to.
  4. It is about 1 hour until sunset here in Halifax, which means Ramadan will start then. First fasting day is tomorrow. I will see yous all in 30 days ... the moon cycle will mean that it is 100% that Ramadan will be 30 days. There is no place on earth where the Eid crescent will be viewable prior to sunset on Ramadan 29. Therefore, we will have 30 days for Ramadan and Eid will be on May 12th at sunset. Take good care of each other while I'm away. Ramadan Mubarak!! Salam / Peace ...
  5. Maybe you should lock this thread and just let it drift into SabreSpace oblivion ...
  6. A *hockey trade* at the deadline????? Who woulda thunk it.
  7. Yup. Hardly seems worth the ink and paper to do this deal.
  8. You're not asking me, but considering that there is some history here, I would say it would be more likely that the Sabres asked for Bjork and the Bruins said okay for Lazar. Not sure if it is ever as plain and simple as one team saying you do this for that.
  9. I am a Taylor Hall fan. I think he is an excellent winger in the NHL. Not elite. It became clear as the season went on that his heart (and Hart) were not in it, especially when it became clear that his *friend* was not going to be the coach any more. What was the market going to show for a disgruntled scoring winger that was not scoring? A second rounder was reasonable. The salary retention means nothing really. The season in more than half over, so the Sabres have already paid about $4 million, so they are retaining about $2 million on the cap for a few months. I lik
  10. Well, that was fun. See yous all tomorrow on the eve of Ramadan.
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