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  1. New Scotland (NS)

    The even randomer thread

    It is indeed. Their father is in ICU and not doing well at all. Their mother is doing better and may be out of hospital soon. The first mass funeral, as far as I know, our community has known. Very sad, indeed. Thank you for your kind words.
  2. New Scotland (NS)

    The other sports thread

    San Diego has the second best weather / climate in the world. Maderia, Portugal, home of CR7, is number 1.
  3. I have always liked Kyle and thought he was a good signing. He really has not been the same players since his last concussion (2 years ago, right?). I think it really is time for him to retire.
  4. That is basically what I said up thread, but my words were not as goodly used.
  5. I must say that I am really liking the European flavour of recent posts. Fantastic!! +++++ Before I forget ... MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!!
  6. New Scotland (NS)

    Canada's Watergate

    I am not anti-Trudeau, or pro-the other guys. This stuff happens in Canada, but not to this extent and not this much in public.
  7. New Scotland (NS)

    Canada's Watergate

    This 'scandal' is huge. The company is notoriously horrible and has been in hot water for corruption throughout it's past. The company is a huge lobbyist and pressured the Trudeau regime to put through (hidden in the fine print of a huge bill and no one caught it) a way for Federal prosecutors to make plea deals to avoid big penalties for corruption and fraud convictions at trial and enter pleas to lesser charges and pay fines instead. The company is in court now facing corruption and fraud charges for bribing officials to gain contracts in Libya. They went to the PMO to get them to have the AG of Canada instruct the Federal prosecutors on the case enter a plea deal. The PMO (allegedly) went to the AG and tried to convince her to instruct the prosecutors to do the deal (they report to her). The AG refused and was banished to the outer reaches of cabinet and then resigned. The highest ranking official and adviser to the PM just resigned. The story was broken by The Globe and Mail, which is the national newspaper in Canada and would not put it out if they did not feel that it was legit 100%. There are more questions than answers now, but this is huge. Ultimately, I do think it will be the end of Trudeau.
  8. New Scotland (NS)

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    300+ wins ... 2.8(something) lifetime GAA. I think he is worthy at least of serious consideration.
  9. New Scotland (NS)

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    He is in the US Hall, but not the big one. There seems to be some debate about his induction, but I think his numbers are worthy.
  10. I agree, it was just hockey. That said, all the Sabre players know KO's history and someone should have stepped in to take that punch somehow. Yeah, I know that is not really possible in the heat of battle. I also must say that the Ranger player probably should have not gone with KO once he realised who he was. I have to think that the players on other teams keep track of concussion history and put on the breaks when they know there is a very likely, or possible, bad result. I have seen this happen in other similar situations.
  11. So, First time caller, right here. This is the GDT, right? I have a question ... Can I take the 7:08 PM (EST) start time as etched in stone? I need to be able to plan accordingly. Thanks. I'm a hang up and listen. If this weren't so damn funny, I'd be crying.
  12. I'll ask my lovely wife. She is getting up there a bit.
  13. Welcome!! Sent you a welcoming beer. Barkov is becoming a star in this league. For the Sabres to have much of a chance tonight Eich will need to play better than Barkov. Since it is a road game it seems most unlikely that Larry and Gus will be matched against Barkov's line, if for no other reason Housley has stated that he does match lines.
  14. New Scotland (NS)

    Canada's Watergate

    I just signed up to the club again to put this in here and see if anyone has any thoughts on it. +++++ Canadians are very easy going and tend to be rather lazy when digging for information. Our politicians and politics reflect this and there are not very many real scandals. Until now. Here are some links to the story ... https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/gerald-butts-opposition-parliamentary-probe-1.5023941 https://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/gerald-butts-1.5023925 https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-wilson-raybould-snc-lavalin-1.5021220 https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-wilson-raybould-attorney-general-snc-lavalin-1.5014271 This is huge and it is not going away. In fact, every day it just is worse and worse for our Prime Minister. This could very well be his undoing.
  15. What happened to Risto? I have been a bit out of the loop for the long-weekend that just ended.