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  1. The Bills are good. Almost scary good. The NFL is a bit of a joke. Josh is not Jim Kelly, but he is very good and getting better. He has a coach that understands his strengths and is using them well. The execution is coming along nicely. This is a fun team to follow and should continue to do well, but will also give the fans cardiac arrest some times too. GO BILLS!! MUST WIN!!
  2. It was a bad joke seeing that Marc was just traded to Detroit. And I believe that Thorny here had his best sarcastic grin on his mug when he typed his comment above.
  3. The Sabres are just so dumb. It isn't even funny the stupid things that they do.
  4. Yup ... it's Friday. Survived another week. A week that started out okay and then got a bit shakey in the middle and seems to be winding down nicely. Of course, since I work for myself and lost pretty much 3 days due to 'Teddy', I will be working on the weekend, but that is usually the case anyway.
  5. I like this signing. He is a good character guy and has good 4th line skills. The kind of guy every *good* team wants and needs. Now can we focus Kevy on some really good 2nd line players. Thanks.
  6. Maybe @PASabreFan would be interested if they would let him work remotely, eh?
  7. Not really, but kind of. Thanks. We were very lucky right where we are with wind directions at everything. The brunt of it came from the Northeast, which is rare and is best possible direction for our home location and our neighbours beside us. Just around a curve in the road and it would hit those folks straight on. It was bad enough and it seemed like the power would go out any second, but it has not yet. Still not out of the woods since it ws such a huge storm, but the worst is over for us. I have not ventured outside yet. Waiting a bit more for the winds to calm even more.
  8. Here we go ... https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/ns-19_metric_e.html
  9. If PA was super loaded with $ he could get an exemption like some other dinks. Hey, PA ... WE LOVE YOU!!
  10. The latest track shows Teddy staying a bit off shore as it passes mainland NS. That would put us on the rain side. They are predicting around 100mm of rain and storm surge with winds about 75km / hour as it passes by. Still early, but this is a better forcast. Still don't see how the whole province won't lose power. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at5+shtml/145249.shtml?cone#contents
  11. The only one that I really need to Sabres to sign long-term is Samson.
  12. This does not seem like a typical random post to me.
  13. Yup. Looks like overnight, just like Juan in 2003. Thanks for moving my post too. Thanks. Now we are right on the coast. Literally ... I can throw a stone from our deck and have it land in the Atlantic.
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