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    I'd rather be in Sarajevo, or Istanbul (not Constantinople)

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    You all know what they are, except for Shrader, who doesn't read them anyway. If you are new to the board PM me and I will fill you in on my interests.

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  1. Hi Pi, Have we not gone over this? Present some real hard evidence, or don't bring up this nonsense.
  2. Is that a messy ball I see ........... ..?
  3. I'm just going to call him Steve from now on, eh. Completely rebuilt now and faster and stronger. And just as ruggedly handsome to boot.
  4. Yeah, that's odd, but I was talking about Woodsie complaining again about such small potato things. (insert winkie-winkie thingie here)
  5. What in blazes is this all about? Oh, well. Welcome!! Sent you a beer ...
  6. Why do you insist on torturing me with this Brad Friggin' Park nonsense. At least I can take some comfort in that that clown never won it, right? Or did he ... ?
  7. He does deserve it. My gut feeling is that the NHL will finally see the sense in awarding it to the guy not from a big market team, or something.
  8. I think it will be Giordano. Just a gut feeling, really.
  9. @JJFIVEOH, If you are, indeed not trolling us, as you claim, why would you add the last sentence you your post right above?
  10. Woohoo Everton!! Man U .... ha,ha,ha,ha,ha .......... 🚾
  11. I believe this to be even further astray. Keep going, my friend, you will get there yet.
  12. A very Blessed Easter wish to all my Christian Brothers and Sisters. And if you do not observe today in a Religious way ... don't eat too much chocolate, which from my perspective is not really possible.
  13. No, you're not right. That's the Italian cold cut. El Porko.
  14. We don't call it The Great Satan for nothing, eh. Sorry, JJ. I think most anthem singers are OK at the craft. I am not in favour of Nationalist expressions at sporting events.
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