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    You all know what they are, except for Shrader, who doesn't read them anyway. If you are new to the board PM me and I will fill you in on my interests.

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  1. Also correct. By the time Nova Scotia became New Scotland the French were all expelled. The history of this area is not the greatest, but no different than many other parts of North America. At least the French tried to coexist (as far as I know) with the native population. There were far fewer French people here. By the time the English took over they were determined to make it a disaster for everyone else.
  2. I hear you. I'm way to old for that kind of junk. My wife being away would make no difference.
  3. He said the post was stupid, not the poster. So far, so good.
  4. Bloody Hell!! Can't the fans just have some fun without these (in general) billionairs making a quick buck. And specifically to the Pegulas, I agee completely. The fans should boycott every last item that they will be throwing out there and come up with some new gimicky thing.
  5. I'm guessing this was done before the ... toga!! toga!! toga!!
  6. Damn!! Our dryer vent is in a place that could be accessable. We have one of those cheapo plastic covers oner it that just snaps in place, so it's easy to take off and clean out. My wife saw a squirrel trying to get into it, so I duck taped it on and ordered a fancy big one to go over the whole works. It just arrived, so I know what I'll be doing this holiday Monday.
  7. That's fantastic. He has real talent, IMO. Seeing all those old home movies is really touching and sad. It shows that cigarettes are a real terrible addiction. With all that Eddie had going for him in his personal life, which looked so great in this video his not being able to quit smoking eventually cost him his marriage, well it was part of it, and his life. It's not shown in these movies, but Eddie was a heavy, heavy smoker. I'm not one to talk to much, as I was a smoker and quit for 20 years when I got married, but stresses and challenges lead me to take it up again for about 10 years. This October 5th, my 57th birthday, it will be 3 years that I've quit again.
  8. Just caught and released a mouse that somehow got into the house. This is the second one in about 2, or 3, weeks. Can't figure out where they are getting in. The house seems very secure, but I know they don't need much. I love all of Allah's creation, but some just don't belong in the house. One of these days I'm gonna have to buy me a mouse trap, or better yet get a cat. It's been a pretty long time since Jake passed, so it's time.
  9. Unless you are willing to provide details and proof this is just another example of throwing poop around. No offense to you, but this is not how we do it around here.
  10. Would the Sabres be first in line for that? I know the expansion draft worked that way with Borgen. You know what, I would accept Borgen back as a penalty for these shenanigans.
  11. That's right. I forgot about the 'old guard' is all but gone and maybe all gone from the time of Mr. Wilson. I still don't see a move being likely in the near term.
  12. Yes, I can see that. I am a CPA running my own small firm, so I am in the same situation as Dr. Cappuccino in that regard. I have contracts for my larger clients and I (somewhat) take direction from the business managers. Over the years as relationships build I am trusted to run the day to day financial operations, but I can't bind the clients to contracts. They let me do what I see as best, but in strict compliance with company policy. I don't really know why I just typed all that, but ... it's a lazy Sunday afternoon / evening in NS, of a long weekend to boot ... tomorrow is Natal Day. Don't ask me what a 'Natal' is ... all I know it's a day of work with pay for many here. Yes. To the any other supplier part. And ... lol ... to the Delaware North part.
  13. There is to much of a rich history for the NFL to 'hate' the Bills. The fans in the area (including Southern Ontario and Northwestern PA) are the most loyal in the land. I will say that the NFL would prefer if a 'big market' team(s) are the most competative each year, I think so anyway, but the TV deal is as it is, so they get the bulk of their revenue from that. I do believe that the Bills are a big national TV draw when they are doing well. I assume that a Chiefs / Bills Championship game is not the ideal matchup for the NFL, but to bad, it's likely to happen again this coming season.
  14. I am confident that the NFL will never allow the Bills to leave Buffalo. Much the same as the NHL never allowing the Sabres to leave Buffalo. At least not in the immediate future of my expected remaining life. 50 years from now, who knows, or cares.
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