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  1. Other GMs know the scoop. The Sabres have a glut of NHL level D now, so they will be low balling JBOT. The waiting on RFAs is a load of crap.
  2. I have been watching the same kind of thing here. An interchange where one highway meets another and one lane goes into the city and another heads out towards Bedford (where we have one house) and then beyond to the airport. The interchange has been in place since before cars were invented, so the upgrade has been in need forever, or longer. It was a nightmare with the rapid increase in Halifax population in recent years. Very intersting to watch the snail pace progress ... being NS everything is ssssslllllooooowwww. An engineering marvel though, which I hope is finished in my lifetime.
  3. She sounds like an awesome lady. (insert some thingie here)
  4. Hey now, hold on a minute. I am sure that the only Golden Calves around here are Inky's, eh?
  5. Is that the tail I see there, or the ... oh, nevermind.
  6. I do nearly zero exercise in any form and my wife says I still have the butt of an NBA star ... 😎
  7. Has Wawrow ever said anything of substance?
  8. @Zamboni, That's cool and a great list of proposed improvements. One small point on your 5 screens for 5 decades of highlights ... the 80 - 89 TV would be blank, so you would have to show a 'this TV is not broken, it's just empty' message on that TV. Same with the first half of the 90-99 TV.
  9. You can't be serious about not recognizing the winged wheel?
  10. Somehow I never pictured you as a H & O man. Glad you liked the show, but they must be like 75 years old. Do they still have the big hair and that supper cheezy mustache on the one guy?
  11. I disagree, it is completely awful. I think it is the most ugly Buffalo ever. Really, who has ever heard of a gold coloured Buffalo. Really, this is terrible. NS does not approve, but that does not matter.
  12. So, a 'soft cap' with 'luxury tax' if you go over, like in the NBA?
  13. That was a one off and illconceived combo of the black and red goat head (pants and gloves) with some aweful looking, but traditional charging Buffalo with crossed sabres sweater. Oh, and socks.
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