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  1. Rosen doing that at 18 playing with and against grown men is impressive.
  2. Anderson played well. The lone goal that he gave up was not on him. FWIW, I wouldn't really call him "no name." He was a starter in this league up until last year. He's just old, so it was a strange signing. If we had signed him 5 years ago when he started 40 games, winning 25 of them with a .926 SV%, I would have understood the move. Signing him when he ad one foot in retirement was a bit of a head scratcher.
  3. I did a little research, and what I found was that all the NHL teams are required to insure their top 5 contracts with the BWD Group, a NY insurance company. There has been a lot of speculation that it's the insurance company that is preventing the ADR surgery. Since it's the same insurance company, would any team that trades for Jack have to actually assume that $50 million risk? If that's the case, expect the return to be really small.
  4. That’s the truth. People were livid. There were people angry about that up until last year. What changed? The Jags, the worst team in the league, cut Darius and no one picked him up. That’s right, he’s out of the league. Perhaps Beane knew something that posters on TSW didn’t know.
  5. Building a hockey team is so different because draft picks take so long to to hit and fail at a much higher rate, but based upon what Beane did with Watkins and Darius I think he would have taken what he could and moved on. Beane has engineered an almost complete roster turnover that has removed the expectation of losing from the locker room. I think KA wants to do the same thing, but it’s harder in the NHL.
  6. It’s a tiny little patch, not much bigger than the adidas logo. I don’t even notice the NBA ones anymore.
  7. I of course know all this, and hopefully the moment that we're in right now as Sabres fans is similar to the "they traded Marcel Darius and Sammy Watkins for nothing-these guys don't know what they're doing" phase of fan anger in a rebuild. But as you say, we have to give KA and DG at least three more years to show upward trajectory because building a hockey team is a different animal. There is no equivalent of a franchise QB to immediately turn around a team and act as a magnet to attract players. Also, low round draft picks rarely contribute and even high draft picks don't always hit and if they do they have to develop over years because they are drafted so young.
  8. Everything he says is probably true, but why is he talking about this now? I think we know why, and that’s why i argue that KA’s biggest mistake is not controlling the narrative better. Thanks to Jack and his agent, the Sabres are getting a reputation amongst NHL players as a place where you don’t get treatment for injuries. This just adds to that narrative, and it’s a naked attempt to force KA to take whatever table scraps that he can get. But the side effects could be catastrophic to our rebuilding efforts. The danger is becoming the NHL version of the Sacramento Kings, a team that can never finish rebuilds because no free agents will go there.
  9. The issue is that contracts are not enforceable in Russia like they are in the west. So if you sign a big contract, and the owner falls on financial hardship, there is little legal recourse for the player to get his money.
  10. The NHL is a gate driven league, so the question really is “will the Sabres sell enough tickets to remain financially afloat during the rebuild?” Looking at historical attendance records, Buffalo turns out for the Sabres win or lose. Or at least the tickets get sold, and that’s all the really matters. Even in bad years, the Sabres sell over 90% of their tickets where as the Ducks, Panthers and Coyotes often fall below 70%. It’s been almost 2 years since people could attend a live hockey game. I think hockey-crazy Buffalo will turn out in sufficient numbers to keep the team above water financially.
  11. Kerbs has played in 4 NHL and only 5 AHL games. The rest of his experience is in the WHL.
  12. We’ll, if he wanted a contract like that he would have played another sport.
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