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  1. Nylander always struck me as entitled and possessing of a very poor work ethic. I was not all surprised he failed once those traits became apparent. I don’t know if he showed up like that or the organization somehow taught him that behavior, but my bet would be in the former given changing organizations did not help him.
  2. Per Eichel today, he asked to be traded, before last season.
  3. Will start in Rochester according to Adams.
  4. It seems to me that the Sabres actually treated Lehner quite well in his time in Buffalo, including supporting him through his mental issues. They received very little in return from Lehner and it seems pretty classless on his part for him to trash the organization now. At least he and Jack have that in common.
  5. This is exactly right and in my opinion exactly what needs to happen with the Sabres. The supposed core is rotten. Despite unquestioned talent, and regardless of where the fault lies for where we find ourselves, Eichel and Reinhardt and Ristolainen are not going to lead this team anywhere but to further misery. They have proven themselves to be selfish and ultimately, losers. Time to move on. It will be difficult, and no doubt the return will cause a lot of cats to scream around here, but there is no other way. The assets invested in the underperforming core are sunk costs at this point. Take what you can get and move on.
  6. Improvement was clearly not the point. Montour was an expiring asset with no future in Buffalo and they traded that asset for what they could get. The end.
  7. Absolutely agree. It would be the height of insanity to start tearing down the team and rebuilding before replacing this coach and then evaluating players based on that change. If their plan is to rebuild the team around Ralph and his “philosophy”, they may as well just pack it in and sell the team. Now is the time to replace the coach and the offseason will be the time to structure a rebuild.
  8. At this point, the Pegulas should sublease the Sabres to a real hockey organization.
  9. I was almost sucked in to ordering the NHL streaming package today, something I swore off after the past few years. Thankfully, I resisted. It’s all I can do to follow this team based on box scores and game write ups. It would be unbearable to be subjected to actually watching the mediocrity the Sabre’s have become.
  10. He is being paid $8 M per year to score goals. Nothing else matters. If he is not put in position to do that, the asset is wasted. He has never been and will never be a defensive minded player. Deal with that fact, if you are a real coach.
  11. Nice analysis. Thank you. Their moves here (sign Lazar and Eakin, dump Larry) certainly rely heavily on Lazar continuing to show like he did last year and Eakin rebounding, but what they were doing was not working, and Larry is what he is at this point. No upside there and no reason not to try a different approach.
  12. No doubt Alex will have an excuse ready. Glad to be rid of the drama.
  13. Nylander's talent is immaterial at this point. There is little question that this is a guy who routinely failed to apply himself and, on his way out, chose to blame his issues on the team rather than his own immaturity and arrogance. Good riddance. He will never amount to anything.
  14. Taking Skinner offJack’s wing should not be a consideration. They make each other better - any idiot can see that. (Except Housely apparently). Your point on Mittlestad is right on. He needed another year to bake. I hope they do not make the same mistake with Cozens.
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