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  1. No doubt Alex will have an excuse ready. Glad to be rid of the drama.
  2. Nylander's talent is immaterial at this point. There is little question that this is a guy who routinely failed to apply himself and, on his way out, chose to blame his issues on the team rather than his own immaturity and arrogance. Good riddance. He will never amount to anything.
  3. Taking Skinner offJack’s wing should not be a consideration. They make each other better - any idiot can see that. (Except Housely apparently). Your point on Mittlestad is right on. He needed another year to bake. I hope they do not make the same mistake with Cozens.
  4. Game 20? Bogo will not even be healthy enough to play by game 20. He will likely be good for 20 to 30 games after that.
  5. This is unsurprising. The NHL is a joke. It's position as an afterthought in major sports is well earned.
  6. I did not see anything reminicint of Lucic/Miller on that particular play. Yes, this team is too soft and easy to push around at times, but on that play, despite Nelson standing like a statue next to Zadorov, Scandella came right over and grabbed him around the head and pulled him to the ice. Reinhardt charged right over and dove into the pile and started punching Zadorov. Eichel and Skinner were also there and engaged. This was a far cry from the reaction to the Miller mugging which was pathetically non-existent and embarrassing. All that said, your general point is well taken.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. The big issue for the Sabes is obviously salary cap, not the cash. Again, I hope he is alright, but at this point he should seriously consider retiring.
  8. I certainly do not wish anything bad on the man, but the best possible outcome from the Sabres standpoint would be if Okposo retired and the Sabres reached an injury settlement with him. Probably the best thing for Okposo considering his concussion history as well.
  9. If they had any trade value they would already be gone. Other team's scouts are not blind. Girgenson's and Larsson are waiver candidates at some point this season, and another injury plagued year from Bogo means buyout city for him.
  10. I would think Guhle is a strong prospect for cracking the lineup out of camp, but certainly by mid year if not. I would hate to see Hunwick in the lineup at the expense of Guhle, but they may feel they need the experience. I think BooLoo is as good as gone. I would love to see someone from Rochester step up to push Girgensons and Larrson out, but I am not sure we will see that right out of the gate.
  11. I am not disputing your analysis of Berglund and Sobotka, but I think it is highly unlikely they were integral to this deal for JBOT. Rather, it seems clear they were pieces he had to take to make the money come out right for St. Louis. It quite possible, even likely in my opinion, that these two guys will perform better than the bottom feeders they have been putting out there the last couple of years in any case. This was not about saving money, or even about an immediate replacement for O'Reilly, but about shaking up a moribund core that has not worked. There is certainly room for disagreement as to whether O'Reilly was part of the problem and I guess we will see, but that is the only way to see this trade in my view.
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