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  1. Indeed, and thank you! I wish I could do more to change the world we live in, but that's just the nature of the human being sometimes.
  2. That's a great costume!! I need a dog in my life
  3. They have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years with social media, people come up with all kinds of stupid ways to have blue or pink explode and etc.... The Amazon and Pantanal are on fire and it's highly believed it's arson related to plant more sugar cane and coffee. Greed. Side note, I was in Sao Paolo today, it's devastating how it looks, the city center was just sprawled with tents and homeless people, Covid has really dessimated the place other than the elite, not from sickness but from the economic fallout.... Meanwhile there was a dumb @ss teenage girl doing glamour shots with a friend in the street for Instagram pics while in the background was pure devastation. I'm so glad I can't speak portuguese or it may have been bad. I feel I may need to start doing some medical work in Brazil after some of this trip.
  4. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/07/california-fire-caused-by-explosive-at-gender-reveal-party Just a shame, I hope they are prosecuted heavily. Stupid social media and its negative ramifications on the planet. Just have the damn kid and get it over with.
  5. Today was great, I met my friends in Sao Paolo after taking a helicopter over Igazu falls in the morning. They are amazing guys, been married for some time and I met them in Peru a few years ago. Erich even proposed to me in public 😂😂😂. Had some traditional food here and it was splendid. Heading home soon, but I would urge anyone who was on the fence about Brazil to visit, an amazing culture!
  6. Whenever you add dogs to anything, it gets 300% better instantly!
  7. I found Tage and his family, vacationing in Sao Paolo 😂
  8. No way, a Rachel is a Rueben with turkey instead of corned beef. Unless we're calling *****, Slaw 😁
  9. I love hot sauces, and anything can follow my posts 🙂 I found an awesome Brazilian hot sauce down here, the owner of the apartment gave me a bottle as a gift but stupid airport security kept me from bringing it because it was something like 5ml over. I only packed my Kelty so no checked bags.
  10. Hit Igazu falls today... AMAZING!!!! took a raft down under some of the falls, words simply can't describe the several layers of flowing cascade. Most amazing falls I've ever seen. 20200924_125603.mp4
  11. Oh, you guys pay alright.... You just don't realize it right now..... We've got ya right where we want ya. 😎😂
  12. Why do girls feel the need to take 300 glamor shots in front of EVERYTHING?! Even if the background is crap..... Take one or 2 and move on, Instagram has ruined the world.
  13. Wowww, what a beat down. Used my VPN to pull this game up, Tampa looks unstoppable
  14. I've been loving Rio, such a unique and beautiful city!! Staying on the 20th floor overlooking Lagoa in between Ipanema and Cococabana. Went to Sugarloaf mountain and fed the Marmosets without other tourists in sight. I've eaten so much Brazilian Churrascaria I may explode! I wouldn't hesitate to come back to Brazil again, especially with how strong the dollar is compared to the Reias.
  15. I'm unsure what the news is portraying about Brazil, but the obidence of mask wearing down here is beyond anything I've seen in the USA. Indoors, outdoors, even people riding motorcycles with full face helmets have masks on under them..... On the plane people had 2 masks and a face shield. If masks work as well as they say, Brazil should be down to 0 cases pretty quick here.
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