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  1. Can’t find the words for this season. A few came to me but wet fart and unsinkable ship seem to do a season and team as craptastic as this was a diservice. I do have hope in my heart which surprises me given the Sabres seasons are groundhog days in that its always the same year after friggin year. Get it right Terry and Kim. Quit shittting on your fans will ya. Its not a good look to look down on the only people that care.
  2. That was a good article and a good read. If they keep Granato I’m good with it. What he’s done with a team that played with a cap hit of what, 40 million since he took over against teams up against the cap record aside. The young guys have grown. They’ve taken an important step that I’m not sure they would have taken otherwise. If they hire the flavour of the day in an established coach I’m good with that too. I’m not sure I’ll be happy with how things proceed cause there’s no guarantees either way. Style of play, player usage, etc . It could just as easily go bad for the hired gun as it could
  3. The boys are runnin fo da bus. As am I. I’m out. Thanks for giving us something to cheer for Mr. Houser.
  4. Wow I’ve been asleep. Is Vancouver that bad? I’ve been listening to the Aholes on Vancouver sportsradio laugh at the Sabres ineptitude all season. Jerks
  5. We’re just getting warmed up. The league should have a mercy rule whereby if the most craptastic team in the league wins its last 4 games BOOM, automatic berth in the SCP.
  6. Bettman continues the fine tradition of short evil dicktators.
  7. I kind of like shartnado the bed for that Bedard o kid.😁
  8. I just can’t hate on Capt Clutch. That guy gave his all while he was here.
  9. Well he’s not the zamboni driver but he’s ours. This guy has nerves of steel. Another character win and team building exercise for the little team that could. I loved watching that game. Thank you Sabres !
  10. Great game by Doogie there! Nice win by the boys. Samson has got to be team mvp this season. Guy has been money.
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