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  1. Sadly I am working full time dealing with the public daily. Other than that, I go home and stay away from others
  2. rickshaw


    Appreciate your opinion I’m just telling you my scientist buddy who is published and works with virologists and epidemiologists says the government dragged it’s heels on this. That’s all. Let’s hope we get through this. I hope all realize that it’s far better being proactive than reactive and sadly that is where we ended up.
  3. rickshaw


    You’ve heard the country is behind and I’ve heard it. When I say Trump I say it because not matter who you support, he doesn’t like being told what to do. And there are reports he failed to act when he was warned a month earlier that this would become a pandemic. Now nobody is handling this properly let’s be clear but arrogance from ANYONE does not have a place during these situations. Politics needs to be removed and professional medical and science people need to be listened to. Had the doctor in China not been stifled and bullied by the government (he’s since died) this situation would be nowhere near a pandemic. I also believe the WHO were too slow on this. But regarding Trump he was just asked if he would reach out to his predecessors before him and he again played the arrogance card saying he’s calling them if he feels one life could be saved but he doesn’t think that could happen. Come on!
  4. rickshaw


    People. Canadian here. Sorry, don’t want to insult anyone, but Trump is butchering this. I have a friend who is now a scientist in St Louis. He says the US is 6 weeks behind. And Trump spewing nonsense isn’t helping. Here in BC we are starting to have more difficulties. Not enough being done as far as locking it down. Yesterday in Vancouver it was a beautiful day and people were out in droves well within the social distancing guidelines. I work for a government run liquor store and it’s madness in there with the business running like it’s a week before Christmas. I am very concerned as I’m dealing with more people and they aren’t following guidelines either. But our government while not perfect is farther ahead than the US is. I feel for everyone. Be safe
  5. It’s been over for awhile folks. The nhl and their 3pt games (sometimes) creates a false playoff race. The Sabres were playing better but had 4 teams to leapfrog. It is virtually impossible unless you win 10 straight in regulation. Another no stress in the playoffs year.
  6. I’d move Sam for the right player in return. What that is I don’t know. But Sam, to me, is too slow for this league. He can’t seem to drive his own line. He seems to lack motivation imo. I can see him being happy on the West Coast closer to home. For the money I believe there are better values out there. For example the Canucks traded for TJ Miller and he is cheaper and more effective. He also plays with an edge and some jam. When the Canucks gave up a 1st rounder they were raked over the coals for it. But the move was perfect. He has 26 goals and 42 helpers while being plus 9. He’s playing with some good players but not a Jack either. So if they can find a guy like that with some term left I’d be moving on from Sam. Again not going to sit here and look for who that could be but it is certainly doable.
  7. Why can’t Sam dive to break up the play? Why not put your head down and skate, hard for 2 more strides? Pathetic effort. No excuses.
  8. I’d tell Sam to sit by the door in period 2.
  9. So Reinhart can’t keep skating back? He can’t slide on his belly to break up the pass? And he talks about effort? 3 more hard strides and he breaks that up. I’d bench him.
  10. my bad. I meant the Florida game. Seeing nucks kit made me think of they game.
  11. That Canucks game picture on 90’s night. Hilarious that the Sabres didn’t wear their goat head kits. Still laugh at that. Jack Eichel must walk into the office at season’s end and give them a serious ultimatum. Fix it or I’m outta here.
  12. Curtis Lazar is not getting sent down again. Screened goalie on Dahlin’s goal. Another assist, plus 2. I’m happy for this kid.
  13. This is an outrageous move and this is not right. The Knights are at the top in almost all categories or very close to the top aside from save percentage and shooting percentage. Not much a coach can do in regards to saves and scoring. I think it’s a terrible move and to replace him with the hated Deboer is even worse. Terrible decision. Imagine being 3 out of first and firing coach? Amazing
  14. Waive Hutton. If nobody claims him, they won’t) bury him in the A. Call up one of the goalie kids. Hutton’s career seemingly is/should be over. Botterill needs to go if he’s not going to do anything. I give Jack two years tops before he says I want outta here.
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