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  1. Just found an article where Nathan Baeulieu said it was mentally degrading playing in Buffalo. Yikes. And he agreed with ROR fully. I feel for you folks who live in Western NY and have to listen to that. I’m a fan of over 40+ but it can’t be easy for locals who actually pay to see them play.
  2. Does anyone really think the Pegulas will actually sell? Serious question?
  3. VO isn’t scoring because he’s being watched more while on pp. Teams figure it out quickly and find ways to stop teams. It’s up to Buffalo to find ways. Same old same old. I’ll be straight. Living in BC I obviously get all Canucks games and I can tell you they are already ahead of the Sabres in their rebuild and they started after ours. Most nights, the Canucks have played well and given a good effort. Can we say that about Sabres? Question, is the ice that bad in Buffalo? If so, shame on the team for not trying to be top 3 in the league for ice. Their team is built for speed and finesse so they need ice to fit that style
  4. It’s amazing in today’s sporting world that a team can pretty much be done at the quarter pole. As I age it becomes easier and easier to not care and focus on other things. As I say , when you’re team sucks, no stress. I haven’t had any Sabres stress for years. In fact, most of teams have sucked lately aside from Dodgers (it’s only baseball though so). I did notice it seemed very quiet when I watched the game on the tube last week.
  5. I think Sam should be in his own line too. Jack and Skinner and fill in blank. Sam with a player like Lazar and someone like VO would be a nice line. Lazar works hard and will retrieve pucks. VO needs a pass and he can get that on a line like that. I still think a lot is in between the ears on so many players. Bo Horvat has always been so mature and always looked like the game meant everything to him. I don’t see that with Casey for example. These kids are pretty good but they need to work their ***** off and their skill should shine through. It’s a hard league and I don’t see a lot of urgency in some of the players.
  6. Tyson Barrie is a good player but he’s a FA next year is he not? I can see him looking to play in Vancouver, close to home. We could trade him for 55 and go from there I guess but that’s highly unlikely. Interesting times ahead I’m sure. I think JBot does something soon though.
  7. Good points made. I agree we are in trouble. Jack, I believe, can be a top 10 player but he needs to take the whole ice rink seriously. Too many bad defensive zone coverages. He’s got to play all 3 zones. The team isn’t good enough for him to be a fly by kinda defender. I don’t want to lose the core offensive guys but 55 needs a change of scenery. Hell, get Big Z back from Colorado. The bottom 6 is a huge concern for me. Look at Vegas. All 4 lines can play. Ours, not so much. I’m at a loss but something needs changing. ZG can go too. I’m rambling but something needs to give.
  8. I think some names do need to move and Samson may be the name that has to go along with 55 and no joke, maybe Jack is the one to go. He’d fetch multiple top players. Something has to change.
  9. Bottom line is, this team still isn’t very good. They may be better but marginally. Time for a shakeup. Some big names need to move around.
  10. Revisiting this thread. Team stops 6 game losing streak. That’s good but honestly I wasn’t impressed with them against a tired Ottawa team. If not for Jack they lose another one. I need to see Jack play like this 90% of the time, not 60-70 (not suggesting he scored four a game). I need to see 55 traded. I need to see 21 waived. I need to see more from the bottom 6. I think Lazar needs a serious look. I need to see the losing stop at 3 games not 6. It won’t get them into the playoffs. We all know that. I believe they are a better team with a far superior coach but it still needs tweaking.
  11. Time to go in any way shape or form Risto Okposo Rodrigues Sheary Lazar needs a chance. He will give effort much more than above mentioned
  12. Have to see how team reacts to adversity. Will they let a tough loss turn into a 10 game slide? Will they find ways to steal points? great start but little things like letting Florida tie game and make it a 3 pt game are the type of games where that point could very well matter later on.
  13. Jack cannot be that soft on the puck, expectation in his own end, 3-3. Awful effort. Ullmark Gabe then the point. Big picture 5 out of 6 so can’t be too unhappy. But they had a chance to steal both points. A shame.
  14. A rare game on tv here in kelowna (free preview) and what an enjoyable performance. let us hope this type of effort is given more often than not. Nice win. Some nice goals. Jack looks like he may take it to another level and so he should! He needs to show Mcdavid that he’s right there and not so far off his game. Shout out to VO, Sammy, Defense corps
  15. I know Curtis Lazar from working out at same gym when I was rehabbing. Nice kid. I wish him well. How’s he looked? Will he make the team?
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