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  1. Curtis Lazar is not getting sent down again. Screened goalie on Dahlin’s goal. Another assist, plus 2. I’m happy for this kid.
  2. This is an outrageous move and this is not right. The Knights are at the top in almost all categories or very close to the top aside from save percentage and shooting percentage. Not much a coach can do in regards to saves and scoring. I think it’s a terrible move and to replace him with the hated Deboer is even worse. Terrible decision. Imagine being 3 out of first and firing coach? Amazing
  3. Waive Hutton. If nobody claims him, they won’t) bury him in the A. Call up one of the goalie kids. Hutton’s career seemingly is/should be over. Botterill needs to go if he’s not going to do anything. I give Jack two years tops before he says I want outta here.
  4. Lazar needs to play and I think he has earned it. I hope his work ethic rubs off on some of the others.
  5. Curtis gives 100% each shift. And he gets a big goal to get team back into it and his reward is the least amount of ice for any forward?
  6. People, a move like this reeks and is shambolic. What they have done with this Smith kid is bush league. The culture of this team will never change with someone like JB in charge. He should be ashamed of himself. Really making Buffalo a destination players want to sign with???? I think RK should be in full control because I believe he would change the culture from the top down. I hope Smith gets picked up. JB stop playing games with people. Do your job!!!!! While you still have one.
  7. But could it happen if this slide to the bottom goes another 10 years? I don’t have to pay to support them, you do. You don’t think if this continue many will officially jump ship. No bums in seats means no money coming in. I’m playing devil’s advocate here. How much can the fan base handle?
  8. HNY everyone. My question. Do any of you folks who live in Buffalo ever worry or wonder if the team will eventually relocate? Random q, I know but curious if it ever comes up in conversations. And if this happened, would you still follow them as your team? Carry on.
  9. It looks extremely bad blowing a 3 goal lead but the warning signs were there earlier in the game. Of TB’s first 9 shots, 4 or 5 were code red variety. The game looked out of reach but TB simply said let’s get the next one and they’ll crumble. And we did. another year with no playoffs. Well there’s always next year. I wonder how long it takes before Captain says I want out too?
  10. I wonder what it is that players like ER stay up and CL doesn’t? I’ve never been enamored with ERod. Hopefully Curtis can get some meaningful minutes. Classy kid, works hard. He deserves it
  11. How’d he play against LA?
  12. Just found an article where Nathan Baeulieu said it was mentally degrading playing in Buffalo. Yikes. And he agreed with ROR fully. I feel for you folks who live in Western NY and have to listen to that. I’m a fan of over 40+ but it can’t be easy for locals who actually pay to see them play.
  13. Does anyone really think the Pegulas will actually sell? Serious question?
  14. VO isn’t scoring because he’s being watched more while on pp. Teams figure it out quickly and find ways to stop teams. It’s up to Buffalo to find ways. Same old same old. I’ll be straight. Living in BC I obviously get all Canucks games and I can tell you they are already ahead of the Sabres in their rebuild and they started after ours. Most nights, the Canucks have played well and given a good effort. Can we say that about Sabres? Question, is the ice that bad in Buffalo? If so, shame on the team for not trying to be top 3 in the league for ice. Their team is built for speed and finesse so they need ice to fit that style
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