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  1. Have to see how team reacts to adversity. Will they let a tough loss turn into a 10 game slide? Will they find ways to steal points? great start but little things like letting Florida tie game and make it a 3 pt game are the type of games where that point could very well matter later on.
  2. Jack cannot be that soft on the puck, expectation in his own end, 3-3. Awful effort. Ullmark Gabe then the point. Big picture 5 out of 6 so can’t be too unhappy. But they had a chance to steal both points. A shame.
  3. A rare game on tv here in kelowna (free preview) and what an enjoyable performance. let us hope this type of effort is given more often than not. Nice win. Some nice goals. Jack looks like he may take it to another level and so he should! He needs to show Mcdavid that he’s right there and not so far off his game. Shout out to VO, Sammy, Defense corps
  4. I know Curtis Lazar from working out at same gym when I was rehabbing. Nice kid. I wish him well. How’s he looked? Will he make the team?
  5. This team really is gonna struggle if their goalies let in softies. Too tight a league to allow goals from behind net cuz of cheating. it will be a long season if we don’t get stellar tending
  6. Mogilny better get in. I’m sick of this bs with him not in. He paved the way for all Russians. His numbers are obviously worthy. If not for injury he would’ve been first to 1000 pats before Federov. He’s even said it. Also absolutely deserves to be in the HOF
  7. Once again time for a new voice. the 10 game win streak was fun though. Can’t believe we are 51 points behind Tampa now. Enjoy the summer
  8. ROR needed to go. There has been many rumors about him being a bad teammate. He’s clearly a good player but he wanted to be the man, like another said earlier, and this team isn’t his, it’s Jack’s. you always hope the return is better but it’s done. The Blues are on fire right now but it’s gonna be too little too late.
  9. That’s what I meant. Getting a player of equal quality to make a cultural change so to speak.
  10. Not sure if this has been floated but is it time to move on from Samson?
  11. I think it’s time for a change behind the bench. PH is a good guy but I don’t think he commands the respect from his players and therefore he must go. Ruff? Quenville? Its also time to make some moves. This team just isn’t good enough. The 10 game streak was awesome but they won 9 one goal games and 7 after 60 minutes. It was a lucky ride but they’re still flawed.
  12. I believe JB has to pull the trigger on some kind of deal. Possibly something under the radar will help but I think it may be time to try and move a player like Sam. I think a big move may be the play here. I don't get to watch many games so I'll leave it to the experts who watch them regularly, but what is it we need most? Defense? Offence? Both? What is realistic? The team is now out of the playoffs and this west coast trip could bury them if they don't pick up points. We all know it's not how many points out you are, per se, it's how many teams you have to leap frog. The NHL and its sometimes 3 point games make it that much more difficult to get in when there are too many teams between you and the last playoff spot.
  13. Jeff Skinner, how much money you want to stay? Here it is, no problem. Nice to see the Sabres on TV in BC I recorded it and saw they blew a 2 zip ead so I decided to go live and boom, goal! Good teams find ways to win. This team is playing well enough to win and that’s all that matters. will they make the playoffs? Who knows but this is fun and I like it!
  14. Confidence! It’s a beautiful thing.
  15. Well well well. It’s been awhile for me here but I wanted to say WOW! This is more like it! on a side note, my wife informed me she accidentally threw out my Sabres to win the Cup bet I made in Vegas before season started. $10 at 35-1. sigh
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