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  1. We literally can't take on cap in a trade (unless and until Bogo has a fork stuck in him and hits LTIR for the rest of the season) Scandella, for example, gets nothing for now in return. If a top 6 C or forward in general is the desired return, it's Risto (or Montour I guess, but I'd rather not) + and the cap has to match.
  2. It’s about 30% he’s not RJ and 70% somnolence.
  3. Man, I intensely dislike Dunleavy’s play by play. That is all.
  4. the second Vegas player to get dinged for PEDs in relatively short order. Hmmmmm...
  5. Sobotka creates one for Skinner... 😂 I’ll Take it, though...
  6. Well, that (de)escalated quickly...
  7. Eh, I've dealt with worse online. Steve Simmons blocked me on twitter, still have no idea why.
  8. Warwrow does some good work, but man he subtweets/vaguebooks like a teenage girl.
  9. Annnnd, he's currently in the A for the Bruins. Roster Management!
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