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  1. Popped 'uncanny' into the ol' GIF bar...
  2. Mitts probably brings the best return, so if it's a hockey trade (if there's a trade of any of them) I'd say him. VO could, in theory, be a deadline move to a contender if the wheels come off.
  3. I’m not throwing shade at anybody who does, but I can not be compelled to care. The question IMHO is are the Sabres investing enough in developing players in Roc. Is winning better than not winning? Sure. But if it comes down to making decisions that are the best for Roch this year or the Sabres going forward…. I know which side of the line I’m coming down on. I think too much was made about the ‘04-05 lockout Amerks who most certainly would not have been together entirely or for the whole year had there been an NHL season.
  4. Dahlin goes full beast-mode this year, Power coming right behind him.
  5. No three-peat for Alonso, but it was the third straight year a Mets player wins...
  6. Playoff bubble will indeed be possible, and incredibly welcome this year and probably next. It's the step after that...
  7. Nobody deserves to be a part of a winner more than KO himself. Sadly I think he ages out before this team is a legit contender (assuming that happens). Still really want it for him (and us).
  8. Nope, has to be your own.
  9. This recently leaked... recorded after Columbine in 1999.
  10. Little did he know… There is no fixing this.
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