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  1. Sabel79

    Skinner Contract Watch

    This is correct. I should have been more precise with my language and said: So long as he remains in Buffalo past the trade deadline, Buffalo can offer an 8-year deal. if it goes to 7/1, Skinner is a UFA, but Buffalo can still offer and 8-year deal, while everyone else can only go to 7.
  2. Sabel79

    Skinner Contract Watch

    No, he can sign whenever. If it goes after July 1 Buffalo is the only team that can offer him 8.
  3. Just finished the game on delay. The body language from Lehner on the third goal... I had flashbacks.
  4. Sabel79

    Things that are AWESOME...

    Non-aurora post: the absolute shade....
  5. Sabel79

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Just happened to see the Amerks lineup for tonight. Who did what to Nylander? Or is he being healthy scratched?
  6. We need to reintroduce ties. Overtime as updated is garbage and not hockey. I realize I'm old, but holy heck. Nonsense. Might as well flip a coin, or do rock:paper:scissors. Ugh.
  7. Sabel79

    All Hail Erod

    Minus a scintilla of the physicality that led Greer to success.
  8. Oh, Scandella does his second ever positive thing. I slightly reserve judgment.
  9. Are you ***** kidding me? Play defense you pricks.
  10. Wait, that was Wiggum and not Skinner. I will sit in the box and feel shame.
  11. You wear those rubber pants until you learn, son...
  12. He was closer because he was furiously trying to get to the space Risto vacated so he could pick dandelions in the outfield. Side note: I think I'ma dig a Risto bunker..