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  1. Alright, it’s still on. Not gonna make it through the late game... we’ll see if my run continues in the morning...
  2. I am very much alive for the 0-8. Just need Boston, San Jose, and Carolina to help me fail as hard as anyone’s ever failed at this.
  3. The size of the article behind the paywall is not the issue. Hosting pirated content makes the host potentially liable.
  4. Live shot of me looking at my bracket a week and a half into the first round (annual occurrence, this year more than most):
  5. If, as I fervently hope, the guy JBOTS wants is still working right now, then the delay isn’t a big deal. Assuming 1. There is a guy and 2. He comes aboard... what could go wrong?
  6. LOL at Tkachick’s kid. Apples evidently don’t fall far from rotten trees.
  7. In with the annual reminder that @millbank is our token acceptable Leafs fan on this board. Be kind. Good to see you back...
  8. Predictable. Nowhere near what he should have gotten, or would have gotten were it the regular season.
  9. I’d interview Babcock, hammer out the details of a contract, then hire somebody else out of spite. Then again, nobody’s ever put me in charge of an NHL franchise for millions of very good reasons.
  10. Apparently, from what I’ve read, there was restoration work going on. Somebody screwed up. Tragic.
  11. As the dominos fall, it appears more and more like there’s a long game being played, a candidate yet to shake loose. That, or nobody has any clue what they’re doing. I’m gonna hope it’s the first thing.
  12. The actual pm (-9) is 18.23 goals below the expected pm per the formula (+9.23)
  13. The OP has an axe to grind. In fact, it’s been ground past the hilt and I expect he’s lost a few fingers, thus making him angrier. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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