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  1. Serena Williams would like to have a word with you...
  2. I dunno about anybody else, but this tournament has just about been reduced to a farce by VAR. Cameroon is rightly about to lose their collective mind right now after a goal is disallowed by a razor thin margin, which is what we were told was not going to be what it was used for to begin with. Just scrap it, already.
  3. His cap hit was $5.25M, but that's not factored in to the current number per CapFriendly.
  4. Vegas is $2 million over the cap before Karlsson's new deal gets added in; they have to make some moves.
  5. You may have the opportunity to pick up Marleau at a better cap number once the Canes buy him out. I'm 98% certain this will happen. Also, 100% certian he ends up back out west, but whatever.
  6. No, it's a majority of what they do, year-round. Players today are light-years ahead of 30 years ago in terms of size, speed, strength and dedication to maintaining all of the above. Mid 80's 90 pound bench-press Gretzky gets plowed over if he shows up today as he was then.
  7. And, when all is said and done, they’ll still have the World Cup in Qatar because of reasons.
  8. Watched the game out of the corner of my eye from the pool whilst guzzling exotic drinks, but from what I can tell Chile’s goalie put on a Hasek-like performance.
  9. Kiddo finished 2nd grade today. This does not seem possible, I swear she was getting on the bus for the first day of kindergarten yesterday, or thereabouts. Bags are packed, dropping the dog off with the Ex and then we’re off to the beach. Much needed.
  10. I’d be very nervous if i were a Tim Horton’s this summer...
  11. He has a limited NTC, 15 teams I think.
  12. Yeah, that was a hard watch after about 7.
  13. They also have 1/3 of the league reliably deemed non-contenders on opening day, and increasing by the end of May.
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