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  1. If there is indeed a benevolent god in heaven either Skinner will start on fire, or the top end of the lineup will be so good it doesn’t matter so we can not discuss this further. I’m begging.
  2. The horrifying realization that since it’s the Caps I have no choice but to endure Benenati and Laughlin for two straight nights... We’d best run them out of our barn by an aggregate ten goals to make it worthwhile...
  3. If nothing else, I'm relatively confident that Eichel and Hall will be fun to watch. So we've got that going for us.
  4. SS is terminated while you're incarcerated. You can reapply after release.
  5. I mean, I can say it... but the reality of the situation will remain unaltered.
  6. Or who can speak coherently beyond standard hockey coach clichés on a loop.
  7. Bad news, Mike Babcock is coming aboard. I'd rather listen to fingernails on chalkboard for a few minutes at a time, but I suppose he needs to rehab his image somehow...
  8. That’s overly generous. “Election Fraud” was spun out of whole cloth for the sole purpose of subverting the legitimate election results and agitating people into assisting with a coup attempt, which we haven’t seen the end of, when that didn’t work. There is no “waiting to see how this fraud thing plays out.” Nobody at the top making that claim actually believes it for a second. It’s insurrection. An attempt to tear down our government. An ongoing attempt to tear down our government and install a new Nazi regime. This is what they’re doing and who they are. No other explanati
  9. I would really love to have a look through 311’s browser history... anyway, it was a coup attempt. There will likely be a more successful one in the near future. We’re in big trouble/doomed as a country. It was obvious several years ago and has never been particularly well hidden in any sort of shadow. See thread below:
  10. Sabel79


    The memo on not transporting (dead or mostly dead) patients is further down the thread.
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