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  1. So when I went and had the allergy test done where they cut your back open in 50 places and drop various stuff in to see what happens the doctor was basically like: “you’re lucky it wasn’t crab.” I also loved crab. WTAF?
  2. This happened to me with shrimp/shellfish in general. Loved it until my early 30's, when I ate a big plate of shrimp pasta for dinner one night and ended up in the ER with hives covering my body and my airway closing off. I loved seafood, now, having been informed by several doctors that it will cause me to die should i partake in it again, I'm left with painful memories...
  3. To the bold: I'm sure they promised, but this is not what companies do or have ever done when tax rates drop. They hoard cash when it becomes cheaper to do so, and plow money back through the company in the form of capital investment and hiring, among other avenues, when tax rates go up. There was never going to be another outcome.
  4. Also: all the aqueducts the Roman Empire ever constructed can not possibly ever have carried as much water as the Canadian (national) media does for the leafs. It’s gross.
  5. Watching a sublimely mediocre ManYoo team roll over a completely inept Chelsea was kind of entertaining. I think (and I know it’s one game but still) I’ve overestimated Chelsea’s ceiling and underestimated ManYoo’s... it’ll be interesting to see which one finishes fifth and which one finishes sixth...
  6. NBC's pathetic knob-polishing of Christian Pulisic, to the extent that the broke into the Arsenal game with a graphic informing us all he was gong to be on the bench today, is just the worst. I've always wanted the kid to do well but man, I'd now rather happily not hear about him ever again. Now, to watch the Battle of the Dumpster Fires (ManYoo - Chelsea).
  7. If you're into such, this (highly NSFW) episode of one of my favorite podcasts pretty succinctly states the case (albeit, having clearly begun from the position that she's a monster) that she's a monster. https://www.behindthebastards.com/podcasts/the-white-savior-fake-doctor-who-may-have-killed-100-babies.htm
  8. Checking in on the Liverpool-Norwich game like:
  9. 29 Years. And no, I would not bet money on that.
  10. Currently watching NYC v Houston. In order to shoehorn a pitch into Yankee Stadium, it has to be so laughably narrow the cameras are having trouble keeping both touch lines out of any wide shot. Bonus points: the sod seemingly slapped down over the infield dirt which looks not at all safe... if I may paraphrase Wayne Gretzky: Mickey Mouse League.
  11. Enjoying a quiet afternoon goofing off on the interwebz. GF’s daughter comes busting through the front door and screams at me to come outside “RIGHT NOW” in a manner that makes me think something terrible just happened. As I make it to the door she says “we’re getting a puppy, you’re on my side...” I step out to see my GF and the neighbor holding three puppies (Australian Shepherd). They’re filthy but seem otherwise okay. Evidently the neighbor came upon a lady down the street attempting to get rid of the dogs (don’t really have the whole story there) and she took them. GF seems to be on board with keeping one. Kiddo is ecstatic. So, I guess, pending veterinary verification that there’s nothing terribly wrong with them we’re taking one. Not sure I’m ready to puppy train again...
  12. Bonus content: I know The Athletic gets banged on about on here, but they’ve filched a whole bunch of quality football jurnos and launched a UK division. If I hadn’t subscribed more than a year ago I would now. I was not paid for this. Honest.
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