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  1. That's a whole lotta hot dogs...
  2. See also: Gorton’s Fisherman for the Isles...
  3. Edmonton, because that really is the funniest outcome.
  4. I am 50% ecstatic that they're finally going back to the proper color, and 50% dreading it, as the entire endeavor is sure to be hilariously botched in some respect, as PSE just can't help themselves.
  5. Actually, screw it. Now that I think about it, just abolish (non-playoff, of course) overtime altogether.
  6. Ties should come back, as the shootout is an abomination. Also...If you’re going to award OT loser points, then regulation wins need to be worth 3. Which, I get it negates the artificially inflated point totals of the bottom of the league that the loser point is meant to create so as to sell relevance far later in the season for terrible teams if at all possible. It also exposes how dumb the loser point truly is, if you think about it. I will die on this hill.
  7. I mean, given his antics on this board, he kinda does...
  8. Slava Kozlov and D**g Gi****r walking down the runway as models...
  9. 1. Carlin was the greatest ever. My GF and I stumbled across a special from 1990 the other night, every single bit is hilarious, relevant, and topical today. Dude hated Boomers 30 years before it was cool. 2. Pryor was a (relatively) close second. 3. Bill Hicks was also great, it just saddens me that he lived just long to see Dennis Leary steal his act whilst he was busy dying. 4. Steven Wright might be the best I've ever actually seen in person, truly original. Dark horse pick at #5: Eddie Pepitone. He's a bit far out there, and probably not everybody's cup of tea, but he's really, really funny.
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