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  1. Sabres get first dibs if Seattle waives him.
  2. Italy-Spain Semifinal happening right now. Calling it: Winner here takes it all. Oooooohhh, Italy off the post already. Tasty.
  3. Sir, you are an accountant. Put down your stones before your glass house sustains damage...
  4. YMMV, but nowhere near as insufferable as the English… I mean, different sports let alone leagues.
  5. Not gonna lie, 24 teams is too many. The almost complete lack of jeopardy in the group stages, fun games notwithstanding, has been a bummer. it should go back to 16, so we can talk about good teams being eliminated in qualifying, then the group stage, and so on.
  6. This isn’t what I asked for at all… boo.
  7. Here’s hoping the Czechs stomp England and Scotland can get a win on Tuesday. Not particularly confident of either, but hey, one never knows…
  8. Having a step-kid going through it right now, dunno how UofM works specifically. Some schools won’t let you into pre-med until you’ve taken certain requisite courses, applied and interviewed, then accepted into the program. Might be it. Might also be nonsense, who can say?
  9. Not for nothing, but the team can obviously finish DFL with a much lower payroll. Makes solid business sense.
  10. I’m not being snarky, I feel like it was actually Steve Ott… that can’t be right, but I can’t think of another one…
  11. Because this is the Sabres under the Pegula regime, I’m gonna go ahead and put a sneaky five bucks on either Scotty Bowman making a surprise return behind the bench, or Painbot 5000 from Teen Titans. Wait, how are there no Painbot 5000 gifs on the internet? I’m so tired…
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