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  1. Sabel79

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    I swear, ROR is actually Cousin Oliver.
  2. Sabel79

    The even randomer thread

    And this is only the second-most deleterious to your health aspect of being in a White Castle.
  3. Sabel79

    Canceled Practice

  4. Sabel79

    The Music Thread

    It’s snowing here in VA, nuts to leaving the house. Currently educating my daughter in the appreciation of music that isn’t awful. This one came up, haven’t heard it in forever... Ooh, another one...
  5. Sabel79

    The other sports thread

    Yup, that’s exactly it.
  6. Sabel79

    Canceled Practice

    Taking my advice. Excellent...
  7. Sabel79

    The other sports thread

    Bona grad. As far as I’m concerned everyone’s basketball program can get in the sea. But let’s be honest, UB is playing with found money. And their coach could probably stand to gain a bit of class. And stay off Twitter.
  8. Sabel79

    The other sports thread

    Disclaimer: the NCAA is a criminal syndicate that needs to be shut down immediately. anyway, it's adorable that UB decided to have an athletic department about five years ago. Good for you guys.
  9. Samson wanders around aimlessly way too much to be a center on any line in the NHL. He’s a winger at this level. End of.
  10. Normally I'd disapprove of fighting in garbage time, but it's Gudas, so punch him as many times as you can.
  11. Simmons punches Risto in the back of the head. Ref who watches it: Meh.
  12. In all fairness he's getting Bona-Kid drunk today. Let's not be too judgey.
  13. I hope Samson is enjoying the game he's watching this afternoon.