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  1. (Removes glove, makes as if to slap you with it) "Sir, I challenge you to a due...." (Sheepishly replaces glove) Oh, that's fine, then.
  2. I have a hard time blaming JBOTs for the cap situation at present. Looking ahead, there is absolute ***** you money available under the cap and all sorts of open roster spots next season. This has to bee what he's looking at and the team will be almost unrecognizable for 20-21. Or, you know, he has no idea what he's doing. Either is possible, I dunno.
  3. @New Scotland (NS) My sister sent me this for no reason whatsoever today. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did...
  4. Sir, take this to the awesome thread post-haste.
  5. I actually said to myself on two distinct occasions tonight: "That's a nice play in the defensive zone by VO." long may it continue.
  6. Someone still can't stop a shootout attempt and is a bit shook about it...
  7. Jack + Jeff at 5-on-5 = Goal. Rocket Science.
  8. Goodness, I think Dahlin's controller disconnected leading up to that breakaway just now. Woof.
  9. I know others have said it, but oh dear god that ***** camera angle.
  10. In a dark room somewhere, Mike Commodore is laughing quietly to himself as he fires up the twitter....
  11. This Molson Export commercial always made me laugh, even though it's on it's face just about the dumbest thing ever.
  12. That's... a pretty big five-hole there, Sutton.
  13. My first ability to watch a game live in what feels like forever (albeit at work). Let's see something, boys.
  14. I love Succession. Halfway through season 2 currently. The equilibrium of laughs and cringing are brilliant. The first few episodes of season two had me laughing harder than I've laughed at anything in quite some time even though it just keeps getting darker.
  15. Just had someone attempt to pass a few fake $100 bills (mixed in with real ones) in an attempt to bail someone out of jail. Stupidity of that aside, does this dude not care how many emails, phone calls, and reports this requires? Ugh.
  16. I'd suggest sous vide, but you'd need something much sturdier than cellophane for the vacuum sealing....
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