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  1. Slava Kozlov and D**g Gi****r walking down the runway as models...
  2. 1. Carlin was the greatest ever. My GF and I stumbled across a special from 1990 the other night, every single bit is hilarious, relevant, and topical today. Dude hated Boomers 30 years before it was cool. 2. Pryor was a (relatively) close second. 3. Bill Hicks was also great, it just saddens me that he lived just long to see Dennis Leary steal his act whilst he was busy dying. 4. Steven Wright might be the best I've ever actually seen in person, truly original. Dark horse pick at #5: Eddie Pepitone. He's a bit far out there, and probably not everybody's cup of tea, but he's really, really funny.
  3. Guaranteed #1 pick for Edmonton incoming....
  4. I kid you not, it took me about ten minutes of thinking about it really hard to realize just what the ***** Sheary was doing out there for the Pens. The trade deadline / hockey games being a thing that actually happened feels like a million years ago.
  5. Must say, I've come around on the logo now that it's been pointed out how close it is to Trogdor the Burninator. The, probably, one of you who gets this reference will make it worth it.
  6. As we have been reminded repeatedly since Lindy left here, no coaching hire is ever permanent. Wishing Lindy luck. But not too much.
  7. My view for the next week. Kids (not pictured) were oblivious to the wild horses casually hanging out 100 feet behind them.
  8. For the record: we’ve screwed the pooch so hard on COVID-19 that none of the above stand any chance of actually happening, or finishing if they somehow, against all reason, start, but that’s just my opinion.
  9. Same reasons they’re trying to ram through the end of the NBA, NHL seasons, and some sort of mutant MLB thing that they’ll call a season. One: Money. Two: The unwashed desperately need their circuses to keep their focus off how badly they’re being screwed. Three: money.
  10. This would be a major step down for Tage, dunno if he's gonna go for it.
  11. I just saw this. Good Lord. One has to imagine that the Benny Hill theme just plays on a loop in the PSE offices.
  12. I think Dougie coming out and doing a Borat-Style jazz-improv-anthem would be just what this moribund franchise needs to get the crowd into it.
  13. Welp. It only took the Arsenal two hours to make me realize that three months without the Premier League was really not all that bad. I dunno which of the Fates I pissed off, but man, it’d be nice if one of the teams I am a fan of, just one I don’t care which, wasn’t a completely depressing dumpster fire wholly contained within a sphere of ***** floating on a river of tears shed by small children having watched several puppies be unnecessarily euthanized. just one. Honest, all I ask.
  14. You go ahead and maintain that lifestyle, Kim & Terry. I think I’m officially out, having had the afternoon to think about it more than i should have for some reason. There’ll be no saving this ship. They’re bailing water into it at this point.
  15. It’s ok, neither can Hutton...
  16. Sabel79


    I left work at midnight last night, drove past one of the busier nightlife areas of my town to get to the highway. It's like nothing happened. Every place packed, people all over the place and each other. I doubt we'll be locked down again though. Everyone will be left to fend for themselves, with predictable consequences. It's like we as a country just shrugged and stopped caring. Interestingly enough, schools here in VA are going to start out at 25% capacity in the fall, meaning 1 day a week and then online the other four for at least the first quarter. So it's not like we don't know any better.
  17. Eh, screw it. Been awhile since I’ve listened to Sandinista at an unreasonable volume anyway. Here we go...
  18. Of course, a good deal of that song is, well, a bit on the nose at this exact moment...
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