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  1. When you break it down this way, I can remember the mystique of playing Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver in the mid 80’s. I remember when Darren Puppa got the call and I think it was his first appearance with the Sabres and he shut out the oilers 2-0 maybe. I thought that was so cool.
  2. I thought about no goal too. That was painful
  3. I agree with 5…beating bruins or flyers is always fun!
  4. A little more nostalgia is just what this off-season is calling for! Could be on or off the ice. My top 5 in no particular order would be: 1. May Day goal and call. Beat the bruins and just damn exciting 2. fog/bat game. Announced the arrival of the Buffalo Sabres 3. Alex Mogilny’s defection opened the flood gates to a giant pool of hockey talent 4. acquisition of the Dominator started an era of domination 5. Black Sunday (I think) July 1 2007. Started the great slide what are yours?
  5. I hear what you are saying, but it might be worth it to take a flier or 2 every year because it’s not like this is a precise formula…I see what he is trying to do but it may never work out. Should he take a swing in the short run, especially when he has so much cap room?
  6. Like all of us, I am watching what happens on the open market and I just saw Klingberg sign with the Ducks for 7mm 1 season. I know that Kevyn is focusing on home grown and long term results. But should he sprinkle in signings like this, or Kadri on a short-term deal or others especially with all this cap room to see if he can catch lightning in a bottle? Culture is king, but taking a chance here and there might make some sense…
  7. Johnny Dangerously ESS Enlarged Scrotun Syndrome
  8. Watching these highlights it looks like Quinn was in and around the plays…maybe a breakthrough coming?
  9. I agree…harbor center has some nice views
  10. I waited to see if this got its own thread. Not sure if it’s posted elsewhere, but I think it deserves its own conversation. I, for one am glad to hear this. I know the Pegulas have gotten a lot of flack for the performance of this franchise, and rightfully so. They’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes but I don’t think there is a better owner for keeping this franchise in western NY AND eventually making them competitive again. https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/pegula-sports-executive-buffalo-sabres-are-not-for-sale/article_8b467b48-aeaf-11ec-adbf-4b872760cb09.html
  11. My first GDT. Tough matchup. Crebs at center. We seem to be taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back which is a marked improvement over the 1 step forward 3 steps back that previous regimes had us doing. Hopefully tonight they can continue moving forward even if it is a loss. Go Sabres!
  12. Man, Sabres fans are much different than Bills fans…11 years? Please, you don’t know what pain is!
  13. I have no problem with him going to a baseball game in his home town. Is he really that tight though with ALL the Bruins? It feels a little like an F u to Sabres/Sabres fans
  14. Oof, drinking Tito’s and writing about the hockey gods...I advise against it!
  15. I meant to acknowledge there existence, not question!!
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