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  1. DHawerchuk10

    Babcock's dystopic vision of KeyBank Center for Leafs games

    I concur. If Leaf fans could just tone down their abrasiveness a tad in a visiting building, it would be a much more enjoyable for everyone. Cheer for your team, but don't be a super jerk to everyone in the building. I found going to a game in Toronto is fairly laid back because Leaf fans don't feel the need to be total douches all the time, and you can have a fairly good natured, educated conversation with them. Ditto Montreal.
  2. DHawerchuk10

    Babcock's dystopic vision of KeyBank Center for Leafs games

    I was at the same game, but the ratio, if I recall correctly, was heavily in favor of Buffalo (the Leaf fans were more subdued that game too because most Sabre fans were frothing at the mouth from Stanley Cup fever....they didn't dare be their obnoxious selves). Not even close to a regular season invasion at least. I think that offers an important roadmap if we ever see the Leafs in the playoffs going forward in that it won't be 50/50, but more 75/25.
  3. DHawerchuk10

    The Salary Cap

    NBA is a bunch of pop culture schlock. I’m not saying you are wrong, but anytime things get over marketed to the masses, the product turns into a shiny turd in my humble opinion.
  4. DHawerchuk10

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    If you do the calculation in Canadian dollars
  5. DHawerchuk10

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    If we have truly “changed” as a team, there is some yelling in that locker room. Marner starts spinning in our zone next period, he better get hammered.
  6. DHawerchuk10

    Pilut recalled from ROC

    Concur. He's having a whale of a season.
  7. DHawerchuk10

    Speaking of the Aud . . .

    I had Bandits season tickets in '96. Those games were a blast!
  8. DHawerchuk10

    Speaking of the Aud . . .

    Ahhh...music to my ears. "Buffalo penalty to number 29 Jeff Parker and Quebec Penalty to number 23 Paul Gillis, EACH Five minutes for fighting...the time 15:29"
  9. DHawerchuk10

    Speaking of the Aud . . .

    One of the best regular season games I ever saw in the Aud was in '87 against the Oilers on MLK Jr. day. Scotty Arniel won it in OT. I was beside myself with joy. Not only for the rare win that year (especially against the Oilers), but so I could redeem my ticket stub for a free whopper! I also have very fond memories of wandering the halls during the Sabre carnivals. Oh what a joy that was! As others have said above, I still can remember the smell of the place, the weird ramps, the bats that were in the trees outside the building, and staircases that you had to repel down to get to your seats in the oranges. I miss the sounds of whistling instead of booing (why don't we do that anymore?) and Milt Ellis's voice booming across the Aud announcing the winning Perry's Ice Cream thing from the program.
  10. I think they gave us like a 10% chance of winning 1 game on the recent road trip.
  11. Indeed....against Toronto too! Perhaps Hutton can score a "real" goal at some point (Mika's goal was merely a pass that went astray, and he was last one to touch it). Hutts can really handle that puck well. On a side note.....although I'm a bit more pessimistic than most of the folks here, I haven't been this pumped for a game in a very long time! I just hope the boys don't burn themselves out within the first few minutes from all the adrenaline.
  12. I always felt bad for Mika. Never thought he got a fair shake, and then his career stalled.
  13. My memory might be a little off, but I could have sworn we were below 500 at some point within the first month or so. And then right around Thanksgiving...boom. We won like 10 out of 12 or something like that. I think Miller was still out too at the beginning of that turnaround, as I thought Marty won like 5 or 6 straight. Briere and Dumont were out with a sports hernia for a month if I recall. In any event.....
  14. DHawerchuk10

    6 game winning streak - interesting statistic

    This is the hope at least right? Coming from behind like this, and playing one period of good hockey while getting wins is not sustainable. They really haven't played a mostly complete game since the loss against the Rangers ironically.
  15. The '98-'99 team wasn't THAT bad offensively, especially when comparing them to other teams of that era. Its just how people remember it because Hasek was the best player in the game and shutdown other teams so completely. Didn't Satan have 40 that year?