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  1. How's Pekar really pronounced? Is it really "Pee Kar", or is it "Peks cash"? Some of the older folks here might remember Stanislav Neckar, and he pronounced his last name "Neks cash".
  2. Brown cares only for Brown. The chances this doesn’t end well are high. If this was orchestrated, AB plays the long game better than Emperor Palpatine. He’s been a jerk for years. There is a lot of mouths to feed on that offense. The complaining will start once any adversity hits. Can you imagine if Brady gets hurt?!!!! I’m not rooting for an injury because if you strip away football, Brady seems like a good guy, but would be lying if I said I wouldn’t enjoy the outcome of said injury.
  3. Why are you talking about Vanek like he is Patrik Stefan? He did score 40 twice, and has produced pretty steadily throughout his career. He’s not a hall of famer, but far from a disappointment.
  4. Let’s end this madness and do risto for ehlers.
  5. The white gloves are awesome! Tony Tanti.
  6. This appears to be the same jersey that was leaked if I am not mistaken.
  7. I'm still of the belief Reinhart can excel as a center if given "proper" wingers. This flexibility gives him more value than Laine in the long run, and I would prefer if JB targeted Ehlers. Reinhart has been a good soldier during the dark times, and I would like to see him succeed as a Sabre.
  8. You are not getting Risto for Perreault +
  9. I had the privilege and honor to meet three of the Apollo astronauts last night at a company event celebrating the Lunar Module. I can listen to these guys talk about their experiences for hours on end...just fascinating. Talking to all the retirees who worked on the LM was interesting as well. Just a different breed of person back then.
  10. Scoring Schenn for Risto would be a major coup in my opinion. And I would take Ehlers as well, as I think the strength of the wingers could vastly help Reinhart succeed at being a solid #2 center. I am a pretty big Risto fan, but the writing is on the wall.
  11. It would be kind of interesting if we dealt somebody to Carolina to reacquire our 3rd rounder. You'd kinda know what we were up to at that point.
  12. If true, something has to give on the trade front. Overloaded back end.
  13. Right. I'm ok with this if it positions us for a bigger move. That rumored Florida trade (Hoffman and Hubie) comes to mind.
  14. Sharp lookin young man there. Tell him to pop any kid who touches the hat.
  15. This year feels like 2015 to me. I don't recall when the action started that day, but it seemed like when the first trade came, it was rapid fire after that.
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