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  1. Scoring Schenn for Risto would be a major coup in my opinion. And I would take Ehlers as well, as I think the strength of the wingers could vastly help Reinhart succeed at being a solid #2 center. I am a pretty big Risto fan, but the writing is on the wall.
  2. It would be kind of interesting if we dealt somebody to Carolina to reacquire our 3rd rounder. You'd kinda know what we were up to at that point.
  3. If true, something has to give on the trade front. Overloaded back end.
  4. Right. I'm ok with this if it positions us for a bigger move. That rumored Florida trade (Hoffman and Hubie) comes to mind.
  5. Sharp lookin young man there. Tell him to pop any kid who touches the hat.
  6. This year feels like 2015 to me. I don't recall when the action started that day, but it seemed like when the first trade came, it was rapid fire after that.
  7. Terrible if true! I'm a Botterill apologist, but I might start climbing into the bunker with some of you folks if crap like this goes down.
  8. Anything on Boldy? His game just gives me good vibes.
  9. Reasonable take. I just get the sense that Krueger doesn't mind having extra experience on his staff, and Lindy isn't one to undermine someone. His Buffalo connections though may cause perception issues though....hard to argue against that.
  10. Is that personal interest or what you think would be the interest from Botterill? I personally think it would be a great add, merely from an experience point of view.
  11. Wonder if Lindy would return as an assistant?
  12. God speed Pancho. May you look down on a Bills Superbowl victory soon.
  13. I'm enjoying the Boston/Toronto series as well. The sad part about it is that I really like the players on Toronto (except Kadri). If it weren't for their obnoxious fans and being in our division, I might actually want them to win. Tavares, Marner, and Matthews are all good dudes, and really talented. I have to give Matthews some props as he's really stepped it up since Game 3. I'm not sure why people think Matthews is a more "complete" player than Eichel though. Their defensive game is about the same in my opinion. But Matthews can really snipe with the best of them.
  14. Good for CBJ! They deserve this...outworked Tampa all series.
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