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  1. Great hockey man. You will be missed Mucks.
  2. Rocky Balboa was actually a good movie. I'm pretty sure it did well in the theatres too. If you want to ridicule a Rocky movie....please choose Rocky V. I'm still entertained by it, but its a pretty bad movie overall.
  3. An upgrade to Hutton, and he was pretty solid in the playoffs.
  4. There is a Bob Corkum joke in here somewhere
  5. Think positively my friend. But I definitely know what you mean.
  6. I am absolutely sick to my core right now. Ducky was my hero growing up. I modeled everything after him. F 2020!!!!!!!!
  7. "Alright boys, this is how you chip it off the boards to clear the zone. I want to see low risk plays out there!"--Matt Ellis
  8. Thorny and Liger’s heads are going to explode....steer clear of the blast radius. I feel the same way as you as of right now, but let’s hope we are terribly wrong with our hot take. I also agree with your other hot takes. A decade of losing will have this impact on you.
  9. Murray tossed away 1st and 2nd rounders, thus the narrative.
  10. As many have stated, Boston is not a very good trade partner for us on many fronts. Since Pastranak is there only "star" forward under 30, he would have to be the centerpiece coming back, with ++++ being added for any GM to consider. As Liger stated, I would not only want to win the deal, but also break Boston in the process. Even if Eichel discretely wanted to be traded, I would prefer something like Turgeon for LaFontaine years ago as you suggest.
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