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  1. I'm enjoying the Boston/Toronto series as well. The sad part about it is that I really like the players on Toronto (except Kadri). If it weren't for their obnoxious fans and being in our division, I might actually want them to win. Tavares, Marner, and Matthews are all good dudes, and really talented. I have to give Matthews some props as he's really stepped it up since Game 3. I'm not sure why people think Matthews is a more "complete" player than Eichel though. Their defensive game is about the same in my opinion. But Matthews can really snipe with the best of them.
  2. Good for CBJ! They deserve this...outworked Tampa all series.
  3. I endorse this message. Maybe if we talk this up enough, it will happen. I love me some first rounders, but I'll gladly give them up for a guy like this, especially given his age.
  4. Totally agree, but I would love to see Botterill try, if not somebody else. Marner is the real deal. Put him with Eichel, and they'll light it up. And if you wanted to spread the wealth, I think he would do wonders for Casey's development on the 2nd line.
  5. Since I didn’t watch last year, and we won the lottery, I will refrain from watching this year. But please don’t hesitate to shower me with credit for the win if this plan works😊
  6. Lafontaine scored 40 with him, and hired him as coach. I’d say that is pretty good evidence, unless you consider him to be a grinder. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the other side of the argument, but it just ignores taking into account favorable things due to bias against that brand of hockey. I personally think letting him go after the tank year was a mistake. I’m pretty sure I am one of only a couple of people who feel this way, and also believe that if given some talent, he’ll get us into the playoffs. I’m not seriously suggesting we hire Nolan back as I jokingly did in another thread, but as dark mentioned, too much Nolan hate in here.
  7. Trade Housley for Hawerchuk again....that has a certain symmetry.
  8. If you made it this far, you can go a little further. Keep the faith brother. "the best is yet to come"
  9. Maybe its time to bring back Nolan for the hat trick (awaits ridicule from other board members).
  10. Geez, I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall. I'm very curious as to what was discussed. For a division rival, I wouldn't have accepted anything less than Miller, Cernak, and Cirelli, especially since they were the ones initiating contact.
  11. Perhaps in a perfect world, but I find that questionable with the acquisition of Sheary and Hunwick whom you most likely neglected to account for, whom were acquired prior to Skinner. You can say we shouldn't have acquired them, but that's just not how it shook out in real time. With all do respect, many of your scenarios are great in hindsight, but Botterill doesn't have that luxury. With the exception of the O'Reilly deal, the majority of his moves were lauded at the time. Overall I think the team is heading in the right direction, and I like what he is trying to build. Sure, things can be improved on, but lets see what he does at the deadline.
  12. I didn't do the math, but I don't think the bolded could be on the same team. In other words, if ROR was kept, it is very likely that Skinner would not have been acquired due to cap reasons.
  13. The only thing that concerns me about this is that there was so much made about how quickly he processes the game at the draft. Like you and others, I'm willing to excuse an 18 year old defenseman and give him a few years to iron things out, but I'd be lying if I said the thought "maybe this guy was a little overhyped" wasn't starting to creep in.
  14. You are totally right of course. But I don’t think it is wrong to analyze his weaknesses.
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