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  1. An upgrade to Hutton, and he was pretty solid in the playoffs.
  2. There is a Bob Corkum joke in here somewhere
  3. Think positively my friend. But I definitely know what you mean.
  4. I am absolutely sick to my core right now. Ducky was my hero growing up. I modeled everything after him. F 2020!!!!!!!!
  5. "Alright boys, this is how you chip it off the boards to clear the zone. I want to see low risk plays out there!"--Matt Ellis
  6. Thorny and Liger’s heads are going to explode....steer clear of the blast radius. I feel the same way as you as of right now, but let’s hope we are terribly wrong with our hot take. I also agree with your other hot takes. A decade of losing will have this impact on you.
  7. Murray tossed away 1st and 2nd rounders, thus the narrative.
  8. As many have stated, Boston is not a very good trade partner for us on many fronts. Since Pastranak is there only "star" forward under 30, he would have to be the centerpiece coming back, with ++++ being added for any GM to consider. As Liger stated, I would not only want to win the deal, but also break Boston in the process. Even if Eichel discretely wanted to be traded, I would prefer something like Turgeon for LaFontaine years ago as you suggest.
  9. The hypothetical offer wouldn't even get me to pick up the phone. Sure, I'll take Beecher and Debrusk, but you are adding Pastranak to that haul, and I'll flip you Risto for Charlie McAvoy. If I'm nice, I'll even throw a salary cap dump like Okposo or Skinner in there for a 1st rounder.
  10. Excellent detective work here! This guy wasn't even on my radar (due to ignorance on the player), but I have to say, you bring up some compelling points and he shows pretty well.
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