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  1. I didn't say it was my first or only choice. You take what is convenient. And that's a bad thing how exactly? :)
  2. I don't see it that way. That is actually a pretty apt contextualization of where we are at. It might seem blown out of proportion, but when you are this pitiful for this long, relatively small things like this tend to get blown up quite a bit by a frustrated fan base.
  3. I don't disagree with that sentiment. But as I posed in my first post, do we really have a collection of players like that? Is it Krueger? Or is it something else not easily identifiable? I'm not Brandon Montour expert, but I was under the impression he played with an edge in Anaheim. I'm not expecting everyone to skate around like a bunch of raving lunatics (although that would be nice), but do something that shows fans you care. Whether true or not, it looks like a bunch of guys collecting paychecks out there, and it has for a very long time.
  4. But it did, for at least a period and a half, and we pretty much quit playing aggressively after that time period too. At least the game was entertaining regardless of the outcome. We have nothing now but a bunch of tulips who can't hit, fight, score, or pass. I don't know about you, but I'm not a tough guy, but I would be embarrassed enough to start lashing out at this point. Show something for goodness sake!
  5. Can't we do both? Maybe showing some emotion will lead to better play?
  6. Is he spineless or is Krueger telling him to avoid altercations? I have no idea what the answer is by the way, but I'm suspicious of Krueger. Can these guys be really that weak? This isn't a political debate or a business meeting though...its hockey. I want to vicariously live out my aggressions through Montour, so I have an outlet.
  7. Your video does help, as i do tend to forget some of these things.
  8. Yeah, I just don’t see it. Perhaps the optimism has been sucked out of my soul slowly over the past decade, and I’m being overly critical and focused on shortcomings. But when we get lucky enough to draft a supposed best d prospect since Potvin, I expect to see more immediate returns. Again, “he’s only 19” just rings hollow with me. Yeah, I get it, but Dahlin is supposed to be special and superior. Folks can site statistics and metrics, and it makes for a good substantive argument, but after 40 + years of passionately following this stuff, I can’t go against my eyes and intuition.
  9. That about sums it up. Passionless and hopeless. No accountability.
  10. How do I take away the excuse?! I simply judge the player the way he plays, as we all should. Youthful inconsistency is one thing, but this season, he’s been generally sub par night in and night out. I could do the mental gymnastics to delude myself into thinking all is ok, but I’m just tired of it. Much like Myers, I don’t see a guy developing, but getting overwhelmed. Listen, I’m not saying dump him for a 3rd rounder, but I can also be honest with myself and say I expected more, and I wouldn’t be hurt if he was dealt for a Kings ransom. I certainly expected flashes of brilliance here and there. And that is probably what truly concerns me, I haven’t really seen much that stands out or shifts where you could see the makings of a dominant player. Feel free to revisit in a couple years, and point and laugh at me for being a fool who couldn’t see this in Dahlin. I hope you can.
  11. But see....what has he done for you to say this with such certainty ? If you take out the excuse of his age, his play over the past two years has been largely lackluster, and I would say he's flat out struggled this year . And speaking of the age excuse, isn't he supposed to be a prodigy and thus far ahead of the curve for typical defensemen his age? The guy looks like a 19/20 year old defensemen most nights. If he was a forward, we'd all barking to send him down, but alas we must put our rose colored defensemen glasses on. He shows spurts, but overall, m'eh. I think this would be a good time to have someone else buy the hype if we could get a boatload for him.
  12. He really is the only guy. Reinhart is totally invisible. Dahlin can’t complete a 2ft pass.
  13. They got caught out there way too long, but yeah, dahlin is lost out there. He needs something good to happen. Getting real worried about him and his confidence.
  14. I think so too. I like their assertiveness for the most part, just can’t lapse in the defensive zone. At worst, this is the kind of hockey I can endorse. One of the more entertaining games of the year so far.
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