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  1. LOL right were talking Buffalo here...................
  2. yeah we get pick 30 or 31...............who wins the cup Kane or O'Reilly
  3. Only 2 post about Dallas winning game 5 ...WOW........I think its big a deal picking 17-19 vs 30-31...more people talking about games of thrones
  4. Share this!! https://www.nhl.com/news/2019-nhl-awards-vezina-trophy-finalists/c-306867200 Share this!! https://www.nhl.com/news/2019-nhl-awards-vezina-trophy-finalists/c-306867200
  5. Agree., Exactly what we need,
  6. where are you guys watching the game?
  7. If he was so bad why did the Sabres REWARD him by calling him up>>>hmmmm
  8. No....You want Dallas to beat the Blues who will also jump over the Blues for draft order.....Correct?? Say Stars, VKs, and CBJ make conference finals ....Blues will go from 20 to 17 Correct?
  9. I agree with this. I would take it a step further and go 1 and 2 Hughes Kappo 3 thru 7 Cozens , Dach , Turcotte , Byram and Pod One of these kids will be a sabre and my belief is one of the 3 in Blue wild card Zegras , Boldy and Krebs
  10. Start a new one ..........lottery pic is tomorrow ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hop hop ......I need my fix
  11. Be kind my first post In my opinion the hardest shot to perfect and deadliest in hockey is the one timer ... This kid is amazing and we got him in the 7th round...I can see him with 20+ goals in 2018. Pencil in Victor Olofsson we need goal scorers... ghttp://buffalonews.com/2018/05/08/rasmus-dahlin-on-sabres-olofsson-best-shot-ive-ever-seen/
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