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  1. Little to no chance, he's behind 5 other guys. He will perhaps make the practice squad. His designation permits them to keep him without it taking a practice squad position.
  2. He also says Scandella, but I think Hunwick and Sobotka are the obvious choices.
  3. Sissons and Grimaldi. Sissons signed an extension. Grimaldi is scheduled for August 4 https://www.ontheforecheck.com/2019/7/5/20683640/colton-sissons-rocco-grimaldi-file-for-salary-arbitration-nashville-predators-nhl-free-agency-2019
  4. Even with retention Turris' contract is too long. They're out from under Bogo and Scandella after this coming season.
  5. PDOcast with Dmitri Filipovic's most recent episode was a really good listen. Guest was Andrew Thomas: https://hockeypdocast.com/2019/07/11/ep-306-the-next-frontier/
  6. Wasn’t the Dahlin/right side a thing pre draft?
  7. He was a healthy scratch for the Sharks as recently as last season. Not interested in Donskoi at what it will likely cost to get him.
  8. My guess is it needs to be the Marleau contract at least ($6.25M x 3) - maybe more
  9. https://theathletic.com/1044549/2019/06/24/lebrun-notebook-pavelski-visiting-teams-this-week-latest-on-marner-talks-and-more/
  10. Lanny

    2019 NHL Draft

    I’d like Kaliyev
  11. It's over only 15 games. 1070 yards and 12 TDs is a pretty great season for a Tight End. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GronRo00/gamelog/?opp_id=buf
  12. That's a weird snip of a full article: https://theathletic.com/1004627/2019/05/31/roster-reckoning-evaluating-the-best-and-worst-scenarios-for-the-sabres-in-free-agency/
  13. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2018/6/22/17488972/what-really-happened-buffalo-news-sports-2018-tim-graham-jerry-sullivan-bucky-gleason-john-vogl
  14. I still get emails from Buffalo Range, cannot figure out how to get them to stop sending them to me.
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