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  1. CBS Streaming service carries Star Trek Discovery and other shows are in development.
  2. The John Murphy Show and Instigators are their content, on WGR and MSG. In my opinion both are un-listenable.
  3. He's a Michigan guy, maybe a connection with Botterill?
  4. https://www.footballdb.com/teams/nfl/pittsburgh-steelers/teamvsteam?opp=4&ha=H
  5. Brian Campbell Veins Veins Veins where he has a huge scab on his face There was a commercial for BC/BS, at least I think it was them, that consisted of women dancing by themselves. The african american woman in the commercial had a very memorable dance that I would pull out as a reference at weddings etc.
  6. Was anyone watching who can provide the context of the play? Seeing the replay of the full thing it was very strange. Only half or so of the players appear to be trying. Some even just standing around. It was a screen play so it may have been somewhat attributed to design, but Garrett was completely untouched on his way to the QB.
  7. Lanny

    NHL.TV Feed

    Have had no issues on Apple TV, thanks for the recommendations in the other thread, has been great.
  8. Other than live sports I haven't watched anything on ESPN in years and feel I'm better for it. Their programming is trash in my opinion.
  9. I saw the photos of Seguin's house on twitter. He stated no one was living in it at the time he has moved and it's currently on the market. The house was destroyed.
  10. Bills players said some stuff after the game about Lewan. Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips, who was the star of the Bills’ defense with three sacks, had this to say about Lewan’s return. Lewan responded to the comments on Twitter. Bills players, foolishly in my opinion, responded.
  11. Saw an update on twitter that stated he just has a concussion. Can't remember who it was from otherwise I would share the specific tweet.
  12. Am considering getting rid of Directv this year and so am shopping for options for Sabres. I am a streaming television novice, how easy is nhl.tv to use? How well does it work? Any issues or considerations I should be aware of before I subscribe? We have an Apple TV which I checked and it is compatible with NHL.TV. I'm out of market for Sabres.
  13. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ericmacramalla/2014/11/25/jack-johnson-bankruptcy-need-to-manage-parents/#8fbaa1159589
  14. He also says Scandella, but I think Hunwick and Sobotka are the obvious choices.
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