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  1. This is a thread where I remember discussion of Pegula's role with regards to decisions being relevant, or potentially beginning.
  2. I think the unregistered portion is speculation. He was arrested for unlawful carrying of a firearm. This morning Sal Capaccio stated on WGR that this is different than illegal carrying of a firearm. Just guessing but the unlawful portion may be due to his being intoxicated.
  3. Maybe it depends on Darryl Johnson? After week 7 he was a ghost. That would leave Hughes, Murphy, Epenesa and Addison as DEs. Star, Oliver, Butler, Harrison Phillips and Jefferson as DTs. Last year they carried and dressed 8, plus Lorenzo Alexander. So 9 isn't out of the question.
  4. This is him doing analysis of player deployment and roster building. Maybe poor choice of words on his part, but it’s not “confirmed from a source” type of thing.
  5. Does AJ Klein takeover for Alexander? I think technically yes, Klein takes over the starting SLB spot for Alexander. However, they're in nickel about 75% of the time. Alexander typically played less than 50% of snaps per game last year. So the other half of his time, as a pass rusher mostly on third down, will be filled by Jefferson, Epenesa or one of the other DL additions. I do like that Klein can provide depth at all the LB spots as well. Does Trent Murphy stay a starter, does he make the roster or does he get cut? How do Addison and Epenesa fit in? I think they keep all of them. McDermott likes to rotate all his Dline spots. Hughes is their top guy and he only played 64% of defensive snaps last year. I expect a 60/40 split between Hughes/Addison, and Murphy/Epenesa. Prior to the draft I also expected Jefferson to take early down DE snaps, then inside snaps on third down or passing situations. However that may now be out with Epenesa's addition, but it does provide an option if there are injuries. .
  6. You should be eligible. If you haven't provided information for direct deposit you should receive a check in the mail. Like you I haven't received a refund since 2017, i provided the direct deposit info last Friday. Haven't seen anything yet.
  7. I'm not a normal listener of that show, but I found Beane to be pretty candid in his answers and some of the questions gave decent insight into the Bills processes.
  8. This is my issue, I've owed small amounts each of the last two years, so we will be waiting for a paper check.
  9. Carboard box of Snyder's sourdough, the big ones that almost break your teeth The mustard pieces are good too.
  10. I have a hard time envisioning Taylor making it to them at pick, but perhaps with a trade up it could happen. Beane has also showed, and stated on his call last week, that he is not afraid to trade up to get a guy he really likes. Regardless, I doubt their plan is to go into the season with only Singletary and Yeldon. Historically they like to have a larger-sized short yardage back on their roster (Tolbert, Ivory, Gore). There's a couple of these guys expected to go in the mid rounds of the draft including: AJ Dillon Zack Moss Antonio Gibson
  11. That's really not that high of a bar to clear. Darnold and Mayfield are other viable competition for that spot? I'm sure Browns and Jets fans might think differently but I think he's got that spot going into the year - unless I'm forgetting someone. KC - Mahomes Den - Lock Oak - Carr LA - Tyrod Cin - Burrows? Cle - Mayfield Pit - Roethlisberger Bal - Jackson Mia - Tua? NYJ -Darnold Buf - Allen NE - Hoyer/Stidham? Jax - Minshew Ind - Rivers Hou - Watson Tenn - Tannehill
  12. I think what was refuted was that McDermott interviewed Beane, or decided on the hiring. I have a hard time imagining that McDermott didn't suggest or offer any insights into why Beane might be a good hire however.
  13. The basis of that article being the tweet from Matt Parrino, who i think is the only person that rumored there was interest in Gordon. It makes sense to me that the Bills would be interested. I was more interested in the comment that it came down to Buffalo and Denver, which I guess I didn't clearly state in my above post.
  14. Do we know that the Bills were in on Gordon? I didn't see anything in the Rappaport tweet. Wawrow said last night Bills had no interest.
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