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  1. I have a question about this person. I have a memory from the mid 90s, I was in middle school and without cable would listen to the radio broadcasts of the hockey games on AM radio (I was really cool). And I recall it being someone other than RJ, that the RJ tv broadcast would be available on FM - but someone else had the call for radio only. None of my friends or acquaintances have any memory of this, I believe because they all had cable and could just watch the games on tv, but I also cannot find anything on the internet referencing a different broadcast either. Doe
  2. He's essentially WWE. It's sports entertainment. Make up a hot take and argue it - you don't even have to believe it.
  3. Rarely if ever do I use the Radio.com app for their shows anymore. All of their segments are recorded and are available on Apple Podcasts. It's also good for Bills or Sabres postgame.
  4. Williams is also on the Practice Squad. Covid rules allow for call ups. I think Freeman is likely only an emergency back for later in the playoffs, if I had to guess Yeldon will be active on Saturday.
  5. This is the guy Darcy wanted in the draft in 2010, right?
  6. Lanny


    I had the same experience, my soreness was strong compared to prior vaccines I've had - but nothing overly terrible. Was gone after 2 days.
  7. The hashtags are making it confusing. Bills are 2 seed with a win and Steelers and Titans loss.
  8. This is one of my favorite podcasts, episode is on A View to a Kill:
  9. I think they've been missing alot of players this season and their depth is getting tested and exposed. Players are being forced to play in spots where they weren't expected to. Star being gone has changed roles for many of their interior linemen. I think Jefferson was going to split time between DE and DT and is now forced into a full time DT role. Milano has played only 2 full games. Edmunds looks hurt when he's playing. Klein was likely expected to fill in for Lorenzo Alexander's LB role, so maybe 30% of the snaps, and instead is being counted on to play all of them because of M
  10. The way I generally think about it is that they're entertainers, moreso than playing a game. Adam Sandler got paid $275M to make 4 bad movies from Netflix. Same deal, same world, certainly doesn't make either right.
  11. Just keep them all away from the football operation.
  12. This is it. Wednesday Night, $5 all you can eat.
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