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  1. SwampD


    Not a trigger word, just a disingenuous argument, imo. I already had to show proof that my daughter got the chicken pox vaccine in order for to go to school (and we already had a history with vaccines.) At no time did I think that if we didn't get it, I was certain to have a fall from economic grace and end up picking rotten heads of cabbage to eat out of the Shoprite dumpster.
  2. Aren't some of those still regular season games? ...Or is that the joke?
  3. SwampD


    So now we're on to the slippery slope technique.
  4. SwampD


    Not let them go to school, daycare,... like they already do with other vaccines. Not sure why the jump right to goon squads.
  5. SwampD


    Ah, the old “take it to the extreme” argument.
  6. SwampD


    No. That is not true.
  7. I think the unvaccinated sections should be full capacity, shoulder to shoulder. Let’s give Darwin a little push.
  8. So, you only have a right nut?
  9. The amount of drama that I have read on this board, and heard on WGR about these end of the year interviews is hilarious. I just don't think that these guys think about this stuff as much as the fans or the media. These guys are athletes. There's no subterfuge. They want to play. They want to get paid. They want to win. Jack, get better, then add to the progress the young guys made at the end of the year and try to win. That's it.
  10. There is no way Eichel is getting traded. I think he finishes out his contract as a Buffalo Sabre.
  11. Oh. Sorry. You said one word. Feckless.
  12. He must have just realized that you can catch lakers the size of Mini Coopers from shore at Artpark this time of year.
  13. ...my favorite ***** hockey team, and god dammit, they're going to win the mother-***** Stanley Cup next year, with or without new goalie or Sam or Eichel or Risto!!!! Hallelujah! Holy *****! Where's the Tylenol?!
  14. That wasn’t my take at all. To me, it just looked like a guy who was happy for his buddy. Welcome. Post more.
  15. 26 pages. Hmm. I wrote a huge post about Jack (well, mostly ***** Jack), based only on what I read here. Then I listened to his presser. Kevyn Adams' presser is really going to have some spicy mustard on it for me to not wish everyone leaves in FA and they move the team to Quebec City.
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