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  1. Gottit. There is a new movie called "Dutch" out November 27th.
  2. SwampD


    So, you're buying it, then?
  3. Jersey Cheez and Kelce can ***** off. I'm sick of losing to season highs.
  4. I know you are dialing it in, but it is already really ***** cool. I love the look of the main forum.
  5. Conversely, black on black isn't the most helpful when trying to respond to something you've quoted. 😂
  6. Yes! Now, If I could see what I was typing for a response, this would be great. GrGrey on Grey in the reply window. No bueno.
  7. It says that this is our preview and expectation of what we will be talking about once the season is officially cancelled.
  8. I like rye. I even said as much. Everyone’s reaction to my post, though, has done nothing but confirm my initial statement that it is overrated.
  9. Clemson/Notre Dame a good one. I miss my dad.
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