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  1. OK guys.. When did you become a fan? 1970 when we got the team, I was 12 yrs old. Have loved them since day one Who is your all-time favorite Sabre & why? Gil Perrault. I'm sure just about everybody my age feels the same I recall back in '86 or '87 ESPN started broadcasting hockey games. I recall seeing Gil in one of his last games, felt lucky he was on my team all those years Most Exciting moments as a fan? I lived in the area from when we got the team until 1981. I can't recall a specific game or goal but the whole feeling around the team was so exciting. A special memory for me was my mom dropping me off at the Aud in darkness (can't remember if it was night or early morning) to wait in line and get tickets. I got standing room only, for a Bruins game. Probably ~ 1973 or so. I was so excited to get that ticket. The team was on the rise and everybody wanted to go. Stood there behind the back row and watched the game, could barely see. I worked in a motorcycle shop during college. Ric Seiling used to come in and buy parts for his bike. Fun to interact with a Sabre. Must Frustrating? This tank experiment. The owners and management have a responsibility to the NHL, Sabre Fans along with the players & organization to field the best team possible at all times. Does not mean you don't make some smart trades for cap reasons, etc. Life is short, win now. How would you improve the current team? Ralph Krueger has exec skills with sports teams. I would say trust in him and get Adams the help he needs. Despite all the frustration, there were times last year where I thought they looked good. Hopefully the Krueger - Adams combo brings a dramatically new look in the players we acquire and overall approach. Take care all, I enjoy all the insight you provide
  2. Well after many years of checking this website out I decided to get registered (actually re-registered). Thanks freejame for the motivation and SDS for fixing my technical issue. I check this site out frequently. Although I live in Texas, I grew up in Williamsville and was 12 yrs old when we got the team in 1970. It really was a magical time to be a Sabres fan. Exciting hockey, great players and hopes of more to come each year combined with my youthful exuberance left me with a lifelong passion for this team. I watch every game I can on NHL Center Ice. When I see the old highlights it brings back great memories. There are many folks here that have quite a bit of hockey knowledge and I appreciate the insight. I wish things were better for the Sabres, it has been a tough period for sure. I am the eternal optimist and maybe the team is not that far off - my last business trip I got to the hotel and I caught the end of the Colorado game in Feb and thought the team was really starting to get it. Anyway I'll try to jump in every now and then. By the way Dallas has not been the best place for a Buffalo fan. Two super bowls + No Goal. I certainly heard it all from my friends and still do. I did see Brett Hull at the driving range a few years after that game. I would like to tell you I shouted "No Goal".. but I can only say I thought about it. Take care everyone
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