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  1. Oh no, I'm agreeing with PA! 🙂 The cut off will be around 93 or 94 points, just like almost every year. Teams *actually* in the hunt will pull out a couple extra wins in the next few weeks over their season pace because it's do or die. Plus, they'll play a couple teams that sold at the deadline and are just skating out the season. The Sabres max right now is 95 points. Win out and the Sabres *might* make it. No more losses, overtime or otherwise; it's game 7 for the rest of the year.
  2. I remember for some season the Southeast winner (Washington?) was just barely ahead of the wildcard team, and no other Southeast team made it. Washinton was the 3rd seed, since division winners were seeded first at that point too. Fun times.
  3. This run is nice. The Sabres max for the season is 97 points. So they can lose maybe one and be relatively safe with 95 points. Lose 2, and it gets dicey with 93. The Caps are pacing for 92 points, and we all know how teams eek out a few extra points at the end of the season when playoffs are on the line.
  4. Maybe OSP is pulling the strings in football failing to get buy-in for his "all contracts are 1 year" in hockey. 🙂
  5. It might be a leap. Normally, if someone said to me, "well, we do things a little differently here" I would assume they think their way is superior.
  6. I'd think some combo of the NHLPA and NHL Cap Hyenas don't want GMs implying that they're going to sit someone who is ready to play. The Sabres are not Vegas, after all. Even more likely they don't want to say "no way" and leave a little room just in case.
  7. First Name Car. From the planet Pande, so Pandean. Peasy, easy.
  8. I think the Sabres can lose two and still hit 95 points, which would be pretty safe.
  9. Well, yes. He's a professional hockey player, you know.
  10. No thanks; do you have any idea what he'd do with ready access to Ted's, Seneca Texas Hosts, and Zweigles? (I know it's a low-blow, I don't care)
  11. Hold on there: NHL All-Star Zemgus certainly bumps the trade value some.
  12. I think most people moving to the City of Buffalo (I should have spelled that out, my mistake) aren't in the "Taxation is theft" crowd. Not as many people are talking about moving to the Buffalo suburbs. It seems like a number of people that are moving because they can get the metropolitan life they want with out the cost of living in a large city.
  13. Brawndo's comment is more researched, but anecdotally I see a lot of people on Reddit and other places moving to Buffalo. It's regularly listed as a good place to live and inexpensive compared to other cities that the people that dream of owning a home can actually do it.
  14. And win at bare minimum 7 or 8 of those 10. Otherwise it's pointless. Prepare thyself for failure. Sabres are 6-4-0 in the last 10. That's a nice playoff 5-8 seed level of play, but nowhere near good enough to make up for the rest of the season. If the Sabres made the playoffs this season, we'd be talking about it years later because of how unlikely it is. Kinda like that Colorado team that went 23-2 or something to finish the season a bunch of years ago.
  15. True. They can go 7-2-1, 7-2-1, and then 2-2-0 instead of 3-1-0 and hit 92. 🙂
  16. Oh, it's possible they go 7-2-1 per 20 for 1/4 of a season. But just so unlikely it's not worth having hope. Re "WSH is on a 91 point pace, etc.". Every year people say this, and yet, every year the cut-off is higher than that. Every team in the hunt is going to pick things up in the last few weeks of the season, especially against teams that sold off at the trade deadline and are just playing out the season. 0.750 might get us it, nothing less unless it's an odd year.
  17. I didn't care enough to run the numbers, but I'm sure we're in "need to be the best team in hockey for the rest of the season to get to mid-90s points" neighborhood. It doesn't matter how many points back of team X, but there are like 6 teams all in the same boat and it only takes one other team to make a run too. OK, can't resist: 58 points in 58 games today. Let's say 94 points (although 96 is more sure). Getting 36 points in the remaining 24 games, a nice even 1.5 points per game, or 0.750 point%, is 94 points. That's very close to the 2005-2006 Red Wings, which had the 7th best NHL season in history. No team in the league is over 0.700 right now.
  18. I like this surly chz thing that's going on.
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