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  1. GDT well, maybe Joe will get a regular spot doing AHL GDTs, with a look for a few games in the NHL.
  2. Meh, on first read "share a picture from your phone" seems like a pretty normal team-building thing. I wouldn't blink if it was a corporate setting. Yeah, so far this seems reasonable. It's common in my corporate setting to share things (if you want) to build a relationship. It can go overboard if "forced", but I've yet to see that. On our "team" page at work, we were asked to put a sentence about your hobby or whatnot after your name for the people interacting with us. You'd be surprised how many Buffalo ex-pats turn up that way, lol. There's also a trend in management that when you start with a new team you have a slide with a collage of your "outside work" stuff. It's kinda manufactured but mostly harmless. It's not really different than having a picture of your family at your desk or in your wallet. Now all that said, taking someones phone and rifling through it? And the person is in a subordinate position where you hold their career in their hands? Creep.
  3. As the other have pointed out, there doesn't need to be hard evidence of the statement, since that's not actually what the lawsuit is about. The lawsuit (as I understand it) is that John Trotter heard from a colleague that someone said that, reported it through the NFL's process, it wasn't really followed up on, and then Trotter was sent packing. This is classic whistle-blower stuff as it's laid out. It's kinda slimy that the complaint mentions an owner by name, but I'd think that'd come out in the evidence since presumably the NFL has records of the investigation. Unless there wasn't one, and that's the point. I'd hope that Trotter "kept the receipts" and has the evidence on what he directly experienced since that's the actual question. As a side note, I think some people wonder why the original person isn't making the complaint or named. Where I work, people are encouraged to report things even if they only witnessed or were told of the issue and not directly involved. There's a lot of reasons someone would be afraid to report something, such as (oh, I dunno) losing their job or getting blackballed in the industry despite "protections". So I don't find that part odd. I'm reasonably senior and established where I work, so I could absolutely imagine a situation where one of the junior people I work with would be wary of being branded as a troublemaker where I could report and not have it be a career-destroying move (even if I got forced out of this job).
  4. I don't think the bold is fair if you're implying "well, no one else has reported it so it's not true". As Trotter is finding out, you don't embarrass the league and expect to continue working with it. Entirely likely anyone who reported something like this would quickly find closed doors and be looking for a new career outside football and probably sports media. Careful, you're wandering close to "it's okay, they do it too". 🙂 (to be clear, I absolutely don't think you're saying that)
  5. Fair, and we all need to slow down. I will say there aren't too many contexts where saying, "If you don't like it, go back to XXXX" is a good look. Disclaimer: I've been known to say, "Go back Canada ya hosers; Leafs suck eh" to Canadian geese. And no, I'm not OSP.
  6. He wouldn't be the first dude to be into Asian women while still being racist in the more traditional American way. But, I digress. I know nothing about the specifics of this case. I hope he didn't say it. I'd even be a bit surprised if he did. But it's a possibility that we'll just have to wait and see.
  7. I can certainly imagine him thinking it, growing up where he did during the decades he did. I too can't imagine he'd say it out loud. That being said, the last decade of the internet and politics should be all anyone needs to prove that purportedly "smart" people think and say some really ***** things.
  8. No one is going to be surprised if the Sabres are really good this year. That was the magic with 2005-06 to me.
  9. I think it can go too far, but I totally get what you're saying. If it becomes too boutique, the money starts to dry up and some of the nice things go away, like high-quality broadcast/streaming coverage of games. If the dollars aren't there cuts have to be made.
  10. The late 90s Sabres were popular, this feels like ESPN trying to play that up. If we're doing obscure things, how's this:
  11. Doesn't college football still do the "the first four weeks are sacrificial games for minor schools to get some exposure and the top-50 teams can all be 4-0"?
  12. This is only vaguely related, but for awhile I lived in a townhouse with the TV in the basement in a hilly area. I got very little TV signal down there, but what did work was a powered HD antenna that I put in the upstairs bedroom window and ran the signal line down through the cable TV jack in that room down to the TV jack in the basement. It worked reasonably. In the middle, it was just disconnecting the two cables for those jacks where the service comes in and using an adapter to connect them to each other.
  13. The polystyrene base the dip-n-dots are made of makes a lot of smoke when you burn it.
  14. If you want a job done right, do it yourself. - Terry Pegula, on Buffalo Sabres personnel decisions
  15. Sorry, replied to your post but that wasn't directed at you. Just the general "Terry isn't a fan because he doesn't know that Satan wore 18 for one year" mindset.
  16. And running a business and I think had young kids. Believe it or not, even if you're a fan sometimes life gets in the way. I barely paid attention to the Sabres 2002-2005. I couldn't watch the games live, I lived in Maryland where no one cared about hockey. And I was just working and hanging out. The suggestion that "oh, he's not a *REAL* fan because he was busy 20 years ago" is kinda silly.
  17. Interesting, and makes sense. If you had one accounting dept or whatever split between the two, there's overhead to keep track or what each person is working on and even billing hours depending how detailed they want to be. Unless you have a lot of areas to cover, it probably makes sense to just split the people into whatever org and not try to consolidate.
  18. It's not unreasonable to think that KP was the driving force for the greater Pegula media/product empire, and if she's no longer capable of running it day to day it would be jettisoned. I can't see TP being the guy for the ancillary stuff (music, products, etc.) at his age. If the whole thing was going like gangbusters they'd find someone to continue it, but I don't get the feeling it's going anywhere. Side note: If the Healthy Scratch restaurant served up fresh-made whole foods it's a fantastic name. And I can see why it failed in Buffalo, especially at a sports venue; Buffalo eats some *unhealthy* food.
  19. Yep, exactly. He gets 9-game (or less) try-out. With where the Sabres forwards are, he goes back as to not waste a year in a crowded forward situation. I voted "doesn't last the year" since that's the closest.
  20. This has a "I want to give Arizona some time to stabilize" vibe to it, lol.
  21. Would it be fair to say that Patrick Kane = (Eric Johnson + baggage)? Similar points in their careers, successful in the past. I'm not sure EJ was ever as highly regarded as PK though.
  22. I don't think Kane is the player he once was, and the Sabres aren't short on promising forwards. However, if he's a more mature person than he's shown in the past... An SC winner that loves Buffalo wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to have around the locker room.
  23. Meh, not sure. From what I heard (and I haven't been following it), Threads has seen some fall-off already. Reminds me of Google Plus, everyone was excited for it but not enough people really went with it and we all fell back to Facebook. I logged out of my Twitter account when Musk took over and I'm never going back, lol.
  24. Non-player character, although I don't entirely understand the reference (unless it's "the general public is getting uglier"). In which case, he needs to leave the Erie County Fair and it'll go back to normal.
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