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Found 7 results

  1. Now, I know there are multiple reasons, opinions, variable universe possibilities that could have changed everything. As I approach my 60th birthday, I have had many revelations but one thing that keeps hitting me in the face is how much luck, fate and happenstance plays into how things play out. I can shout it out publicly now because my four children have become awesome, successful adults and I don’t have to worry about them just lazing about waiting for their life to be determined by some uncontrollable circumstance or circumstances. They bought all that stuff about hard work, getting an education and treating everyone with respect even if you think ninety percent of them are dumb as a bag of rocks. So I’m going to say it, The Buffalo Sabre’s would be one if the best teams in the league if Robin L. had figured out his mental issues sooner and Elias Petterson fell to them instead of Casey. Now obviously that didn’t happen and it’s incumbent on them to find a true number two center and number one goaltender but my point is that all the rest of it is irrelevant. According to a study in 2018, they were number 11 in drafting the last ten years prior. They have their share of diamonds in the rough, dumb decisions, poor development, dumb coaching hires, head scratching ownership moves.....Even Bill Belichek doesn’t look so smart when his QB can’t complete NFL required throws. None if it matters, a true number two center and top ten goaltending make them cup contenders. Everything else takes care of itself. FIRE AWAY
  2. With Risto's trade looking more and more likely, who do we have that can play a physical game? Are we a soft team? Secondary point, is toughness needed on a modern NHL roster? *Mods* I'm sure this discussion has came up before but can't locate the thread. If needs be please move this.
  3. This year, several Sabres, past and present, played in DaBeautyLeague, a Summer 4 on 4 hockey league. The league's season is now over. Here are some point totals for our guys and my personal reviews. The league didn't post +/-, so I only have point totals. Mind you that in a 4 on 4 Summer league, point totals are going to be highly inflated. [I am NOT a scout...just some of my observations.] B. Boeser 9gp 16g 18a 34pts For comparison the leading scorer was Brock Boeser; he was phenomenal day in day out. He's an example for why I wanted Jim Benning as our GM. Z. Bogosian 5gp 4g 9a 12pts. Zach played OK. He showed some offensive flair with a nice shot on display for his goals. Unfortunately, his defense wasn't stellar. He made a completely bone-headed play in the semi-finals that helped cost his team the game. [He pinned a guy along the boards and then just stayed there while the play ended up coming back to the front of the net.] Hudson Fasching 9gp 5g 6a 11pts. I didn't see him score any goals personally. From what I saw he was the Rochester Fasching, i.e. has tools but cannot score. Casey Nelson 9gp 2g 7a 9pts. Casey was solid albeit unspectacular. C.J. Smith 6gp 2g 5a 7pts C.J. was solid albeit unspectacular. Casey Mittelstadt 4gp 1g 3a 4pts On his one goal, it was the Casey that makes us drool. The rest of the time, his play seemed a bit uninspired. And then he dropped out of the league after just 4 games. He wasn't injured because he played with Eichel in a Buffalo beer league afterwards. I know that it's just a Summer league. And as the games went on and grew in importance, intensity improved somewhat. I guess that we'll have to wait for the prospect tournament and training camp to see how Casey fits in. Sam Reinhart 1gp 1g 1a 2pts. With his team down, Sam pushed hard to score the tying goal. Yay. But then he made a blind pass to the opponet's crease which ended up at the blue line and was taken in for a break-away for the game winning goal. Ouch. The play-by-play guys were also playing things a bit loose. So, I'm sure that I missed some play by our guys as I didn't have everyone's numbers memorized and the camera work was not top shelf. But there you have it, some feedback on the DaBeautyLeague for 2018.
  4. I've heard a fair amount of Lose for Hughes talk, but the Atlantic is shaping up to be a division of extremes. How do you see things shaping up in the division next year and where do the Sabres fit in?
  5. Does anyone use that as a resource? I'm sure every team needs to be refreshed, but is it utilized (or would it be with a fresh list)?
  6. Seems to be a pretty big topic of discussion, so have at it
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