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  1. Oh no doubt, you can't make it so punitive that all the corporations move to Canada or somewhere in the Caribbean, but the policies have been trending very pro-corporation for as long as I can remember. There's a better balancing act available. I'm a big proponent of simplifying the tax code to the point where its very easy to calculate everyone tax liabilities. The amount of industry or cause specific tax exemptions that exist in our code that only came about as a result of special interest lobbying make it very easy for the big corporations to end up with minimal taxation on huge revenues.
  2. As a financial professional, the second the new tax law was put into effect I knew this headline or something similar to it would be coming out post 4/15. What is most amazing to me is how Trump has managed to convince a large majority of people in the U.S. that he is working to help the middle and working class, when his actual fiscal/taxation policies are some of the most pro-corporation benefit that we have seen in a long time. My personal slant is the amount of money the government could make in enforcing a real corporate tax policy without the million loopholes that currently exist would allow all sorts of reductions in personal income taxes and still come out ahead.
  3. Boy that Kadri cross check was something else. Saw it live on the broadcast and could not believe that level of intent and animosity. People complained about Tom Wilson, but that was some Burtuzzi level *****
  4. After finally thawing out last week I noticed that a decent sized area of shingles had blown off my roof - probably from that crazy windstorm. I love talking to contractors...
  5. Hopefully his defense partner is decent. By the looks of it he's playing with some guy named Brent Seabrook... whoever that is. 😂
  6. Seems I should have read the CWHL folding thread. Looks like the two threads are related in that one league folding means the other absorbs some of the teams and becomes "the" women's hockey league.
  7. Awesome news! The more that the NWHL can expand the more opportunities for female athletes and increased league stability. I think there were discussions of merging the Canadian women's league with the US NWHL a few months ago, maybe this is a similar alternative.
  8. The thing that gets coaches fired the fastest: losing the players.
  9. I voted that Phil would be here again next season. Not because that is what I want to happen, but because successful organizations have continuity and that may outweigh Phil's bad coaching. Although promoting Chris Taylor may be the best of both worlds (keeping continuity with a better performing coach). I'd be down with that.
  10. There are many degrees of "terrible". I think UB will settle into the consistently top 3 in MAC but always underdog v. top programs version. Which isn't actually that terrible.
  11. The silver lining for UB Athletics is they get the $1 million buyout from Alabama for Oats leaving while under contract. So that's something I guess... https://heavy.com/sports/2019/03/buffalo-bulls-head-coach-salary-nate-oats/
  12. Exactly. Good for him. Sad to see him go, but I think it would have been a foolish career move not to take a promotion while his star is brightest. I don't think anyone here would say with a straight face that they wouldn't take a ~4x pay raise to go do the same role someplace else. (Oats @ UB would make $800k under new contract; Avery at Alabama who was prior coach made $3.062m per year)
  13. Despite my comment about still needing line help, I will mention that the WR's they got are in line with my preferred team building strategy of having a bunch of equal WR weapons rather than one stud guy. Allows you to pick on matchups and be more unpredictable as an offense. Thinking about being similar to the Patriots and Rams (before Cooper Kupp went down) teams that have a bunch of quick guys that don't match your typical "prototype NFL WR".
  14. Still need work on the o-line IMO. Another Guard and a RT.
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