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  1. Samson's Flow

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Expecting to see a lot of action in this thread tonight/tomorrow. You're not wrong. We didn't know how good we had it back in the Lindy Ruff for life years
  2. Ironically, I think both the Bills and the Sabres have the best GM's they have had since Polian/Regier. I don't know if they lucked into it, but Terry and Kim did pretty good in my book on the GM front
  3. Marty talking about coaching effectiveness in the post game... Hmmm
  4. It would be a very "Buffalo" record to set. Most of our streaks and noteriety have to do with losing streaks or playoff droughts
  5. As much fun as it was seeing everyone over the last few years, I always felt like the game portion wasn't worth the investment* since it was such a sub par product. The best part was the pre/post game party with everyone. *the exception may be the MODO game v the leafs. That game was surprisingly good.
  6. Sorry Eleven as much as I like you guys, I can't justify spending $180 for two tickets to go to the game Saturday. I barely want to watch the games anymore, let alone attend them.
  7. The plus is with the Pegulas and Botterill in the arena, we really could pull a Gallant and leave Phil on the street outside the arena in Florida
  8. Bwahahahaha. That's great!
  9. Sobotka with a late meaningless goal.
  10. Yep. Just because we're bad doesn't mean we're tanking. We're just bad.
  11. No complaints here* *about the GIFs at least
  12. I appreciate your GIF game tonight. Sometimes there are no words
  13. Huberdeau skates through the whole team. RJ thinks it's Barkov the whole time. L oh L
  14. As much as this sucks, it's nice to have internet strangers* to be miserable with.
  15. Agreed to an extent. Purely relying on drafting gets us a team similar to what we see now - all our best players are still children and are playing huge minutes out of necessity