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  1. He probably meant "The Borgias". It was a series on Showtime about the rise of a family in Renaissance Italy
  2. Duda - that's a fair point. There was still a lot of questions around the firing of JBott and the 180* change from Kim's vote of confidence a few weeks ago. There should have been a JBott firing presser with Terry/Kim and then a separate Adams/RaKru introductory presser focused on team direction and strategy.
  3. It's almost like Kevyn Adams was identified not for his personnel experience or hockey knowledge, but because he's the perfect cross section of professional looking/articulate/local/not JBott that can smile and tell the fans everything will be alright. i.e. Pegulas realize the fans hate JBott -- let's give them Kevyn he's a great dude ?
  4. Welp. That was the least encouraging press conference I can remember watching. At a time when we should be excited that Botterill is gone, we come to find out he's replaced by Adams who's only qualifications seem to be that he's a nice guy and has worked with Terry/Kim for nearly 10 years. There was no talk of strategy or how the management team intends to fix the terrible product that has continued to define Buffalo Sabres hockey. I think our only chance is RaKru as he sounded like the only competent hockey guy there, but even then I think he is going to realize he can't be the coach, GM and President of Hockey Ops all at the same time. Every time Terry or Kim are involved in a press conference they sound like the kid who didn't do the homework and is trying to b.s. the answer. They have no idea how to run a successful hockey organization and it is blatantly apparent.
  5. It doesn't help that the Yankees (8 hours away) have a dedicated network carried on our WNY cable, and the Blue Jays (1 1/2-2 hours away) are not carried locally. I'm a WNY Blue Jays fan and I can only watch a handful of games a year without paying for MLB.tv Same reason there were a ton of Braves fans a generation ago - TBS/TNT carried almost all of their games.
  6. Yeah this is a prep trade for something else IMO. This is a solid over-ager in the AHL to allow us to backfill depth if needed.
  7. 24 yr old center with 2 years of NHL experience. He's an RFA this year. Has played all the games the last 2 years in the NHL, except for recently where he was DTD with an injury.
  8. I can't imagine how much harder it would be to care if I was out-of-market and had to pay extra to watch the games. I will always say the Sabres are my team when asked, but I'm to the point where I'm 50/50 to even tune in on game nights. It's the same reason I barely post here anymore, even though I love the community here. The Sabres are an embarrassingly poorly run organization.
  9. *Conversation with my wife, I say do we bother to check the score of the game* Her: I haven't looked yet, so you might as well check Me: Turns to MSG... intermission show says down 3-1 after one. Together: Well at least they got one. *changes channel* We've come to the point of total apathy. Congrats Terry.
  10. It's refreshing that the Bills have (lately) been demonstrating that they generally understand position values. Gone are the days when we draft CJ Spiller in the 1st round.
  11. I have so many questions... first of which is WhoTF is buying 50 items at the dollar tree?!? I think our max is maybe 4 items around Christmas time when you need wrapping paper/labels/etc. Also, you should have white trash retaliated with a parking lot shank. ?
  12. I don't know about you, but that looks like a roster that can *checks standings math* rattle off a 120 point pace over the rest of the year to squeak into the playoffs. Get hyped.
  13. I wouldn't even be confident betting that outcome consistently if it were the Bruins or the Capitals, let alone our Sabres.
  14. I'll respectfully disagree. We started the season with Sobokta on the second line and no clear role/direction for the bottom 9 forwards. That's a team construction/GM problem. We started the year with *squints* 5? good forwards and one of them was a rookie that played a half season and they were relying on him for 1st line minutes. Surprises line Oloffson and Ullmark should take a team from good to great not from terrible to watchable.
  15. I came here to make this point, so thank you for beating me to it ? When we start calculating what it would take to make the playoffs in terms of win streaks and point totals that equate to the best team in the league, the playoffs are officially toast. We haven't even approached escaping the bottom 1/3rd of the league in a decade, let alone top 16. That's with having a top 10 player in the league this year and multiple top 5 draft picks. It's an especially impressive level of incompetence.
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