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  1. It's the inevitable big sell off to bank on the young guns. The team success is all riding on how well Vlad Jr, Bichette, Biggio etc do in transitioning to the big leagues. It can either turn out great (Houston with Altuve, Correa, Bregman) or not so great like Profar or Buxton to a certain extent. Either way they are tough to watch now - but unlike the tank in hockey, relying on big prospects is a proven way to become a competitive team in MLB
  2. I know I missed it last year, but if MODO and NS are coming, I guess I would have to come back and do it again. I think that first year was the best turnout because we had a lot of out of towners come for the game (MODO, Neo, etc.) that it made it even more of a special event. Actually on second thought... 😂
  3. A 31 year old all-star 1C with nearly 900 career points vs. barely in the league but former Finals MVP Cam Ward = win for me. The dark net already has all the information it could possibly want to identify you btw...
  4. Just bought our tickets for Austin City Limits. Plan to go to the second Saturday as part of a trip to the Austin area for my cousin's wedding. Anyone ever been and have tips/recommendations?
  5. Nice trade. Great value for a useful piece. The remaining term is a big value on our side
  6. With the 24th pick in the 2006 NHL draft, your Buffalo Sabres select... Dennis Persson D - Sweden Ugh....
  7. As someone who has been to much of Europe, nearly every major city in North America and the Caribbean - NYC is the worst of them by far. I'm currently in Berlin now, and I know it's not quite as big, but this is a big city done right. Clean streets, useful metro, lots of history and culture in museums, etc
  8. This is absolutely the correct opinion. NYC is awful.
  9. Figured it would be tough to pin you down 😉. I'm told by my wife that all of those spots are on the itinerary, but thanks for the recommendations! Stay safe out there and enjoy the wanderlust!
  10. Haha. Excluding last year's Italy trip, i've probably only taken about 100 other photos in my lifetime. I'm with you.
  11. I'll admit ever since I got a good camera phone (Google Pixel 2) it makes the mobile photo taking much more palatable.
  12. Come on NS, I can get behind the "underdog" mentality of Toronto playing against the dynasty Warriors, and being the only team in Canada makes for a good storyline, but Toronto is not and cannot be called a "small market" team. Toronto is the 5th largest North American city behind Mexico City, NYC, LA and Chicago.
  13. This used to be me as well. I would just enjoy the sights and the experience. Then last year in Italy my wife challenged me to the be the primary photographer on the trip... I took 1,200+ pics by the end of it!
  14. Not sure how much longer you are in eastern Europe, but starting Saturday we will be in Krakow, Poland and heading west from there to Berlin over the next two weeks. Not sure I can promise equally attractive sights and women in Poland, but at least we're some friendly faces if you're feeling adventurous...
  15. I was really hoping to check in on this thread and find him signed or indications that its a done deal. A whole lot of nothing so far. That would have been a nice way to finish off the week :)
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