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  1. Figured it would be tough to pin you down 😉. I'm told by my wife that all of those spots are on the itinerary, but thanks for the recommendations! Stay safe out there and enjoy the wanderlust!
  2. Haha. Excluding last year's Italy trip, i've probably only taken about 100 other photos in my lifetime. I'm with you.
  3. I'll admit ever since I got a good camera phone (Google Pixel 2) it makes the mobile photo taking much more palatable.
  4. Come on NS, I can get behind the "underdog" mentality of Toronto playing against the dynasty Warriors, and being the only team in Canada makes for a good storyline, but Toronto is not and cannot be called a "small market" team. Toronto is the 5th largest North American city behind Mexico City, NYC, LA and Chicago.
  5. This used to be me as well. I would just enjoy the sights and the experience. Then last year in Italy my wife challenged me to the be the primary photographer on the trip... I took 1,200+ pics by the end of it!
  6. Not sure how much longer you are in eastern Europe, but starting Saturday we will be in Krakow, Poland and heading west from there to Berlin over the next two weeks. Not sure I can promise equally attractive sights and women in Poland, but at least we're some friendly faces if you're feeling adventurous...
  7. I was really hoping to check in on this thread and find him signed or indications that its a done deal. A whole lot of nothing so far. That would have been a nice way to finish off the week :)
  8. Chernobyl was fantastic. It was gripping, stomach turning, compounding mistakes drama centered around the arrogance of man. The disaster itself and the pacing of the events surrounding it made it a great watch. I will say it is amazing how far a government will go to protect/prevent negative press and maintain power through messaging. If you think things like this are limited to Soviet era Russia I don't know what to tell you...
  9. We're getting the band back together!!!
  10. Tyler Kroft broke his foot today in OTA's - out 3-4 months. Joe Buscaglia ‏Verified account @JoeBuscaglia 1m1 minute ago Kroft's broken foot is the same one he broke last season as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. #Bills
  11. There has never been a better reason for the glass window in the microwave. You need to know when the baby microwavin' is done. We're all a bunch of degenerates. 😭
  12. I'll go on record and say I'm cautiously optimistic. I like a lot of the "leader of men" stuff as well as the "puts players in a position to succeed". I'd much rather take a shot at a guy who could be a top coach (or fail miserably) as opposed to a safe retread. Let's establish a culture of a successful organization and go from there. I think about all the positivity coming from Bills camp, and a lot of that is confidence in the vision and 'process' Beane and McDermott preaches. We as a fan base are desperate to have confidence that the leaders in charge know what they're doing - and we'll see if Krueger can establish that faith here.
  13. We'll be in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Repub, Germany) next month as well. Maybe you can convince some Russians to invade Poland and come say hello while you're over there. 😉
  14. They came from the North. Dragonstone is on the way and would be a logical spot to stop to plan the upcoming attack. However, based on the map of Westeros i'm struggling to figure out where Euron was hiding that was close enough to be able to shoot and destroy the ships near Dragonstone. Looking at the screenshot, Dragonstone is by itself and the closest island (or that peninsula thing to the SW) is too far to be in range of those scorpion arrow things given the scale of the rest of the map. I'm with you Dark, maybe I need to watch it again...
  15. I think its even more confusing because after that sea battle, we are all immediately teleported to the gates of King's Landing with Dany/Tyrion/Greyworm etc. talking with Cersei's forces. There's no travel time anymore because the show runners are running out of time, so all the characters just magically jump from place to place based on plot needs.
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