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  1. Annoying, but probably Fast didn't want to come here.
  2. Dr. Who

    So #8

    Lundell is a solid pick, but he's like a Toyota Camry. Hoping Rossi falls.
  3. The latest version, apparently: Ristolainen, McCabe, Nylander for Hoffman, Huberdeau, Pysyk Yes, perhaps the tweet of someone living in their parent's basement for all I know. Risto supposedly "liked" the tweet. I'm mainly here to share rumors and talk about how cool bow ties are . . . digressions on time and metaphysics are also marginally acceptable. That return is unlikely. You take it and run if actual, imo.
  4. Fella over at Hockeybuzz who sometimes gets it right is posting that he is hearing a deal with Florida might be happening. McCabe, E-rod, and a pick for Hoffman. May be nothing, of course.
  5. Well, I sometimes have trouble remembering that. If you happen to see a blue police box, just a common, nothing unusual about it, you see them every day, unobtrusive blue box about ten feet high, let me know.
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