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It's time to trade Ristolainen.

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5 hours ago, Marvin, Sabres Fan said:

One difference is his mindset: he is in a supporting role in Boston whereas he had a primary role here.  He clearly seems to be more comfortable in that kind of role.  In fact, I think he said so a few years ago, but I would not want to be quoted on that.

He said so in his post trade interviews.  Paraphrasing, but the interviews are out there.  Said he really just wants to be one of the boys, not be looked at as a centerpiece of a team.  It’s crazy to me that a guy feels like that, but also wants huge money, but YMMV.

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On 5/4/2021 at 2:21 PM, Hoss said:

Unrecognizable to the player he’s been in Boston. Something was wrong and I’m not sure it was all Taylor Hall. He’s the perfect reminder of how bad this franchise is right now.

Taylor Hall wasn't going to get to Boston if he got himself injured in Buffalo.  I really think it's that simple. Once this team was going nowhere and Eichel was out there was no reason on Earth that Hall needed to exert himself.

He knew the Sabres would move him.
He knew he'd only okay the Bruins as the location.

He came into this season knowing the odds were good of this exact situation happening and he got $8M for it.  I guess that's an indictment of the franchise to a certain degree. However, the fan base was rather happy when he signed here. The thought of Hall and Eichel made many people happy and positive on the team. So it might have been an $8M investment to appease the fans that horribly backfired when Eichel went out.


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On 5/4/2021 at 10:39 AM, LGR4GM said:

Risto has never struck me as lazy or immature. He always seems to play at his maximum and he clearly is a veteran voice in that room. My issue is only with how he plays hockey. 

You want to maximize his value, I think his highest value will be at next years trade deadline.  If Sabres are contending you can keep him for the year and chance that he will leave at the end of the year.  If they are still stuck in the middle of the abyss, then you trade him.  

teams will be looking for a RHD for their playoff run.

Plus, I think he's a good teammate and is good for the young D-core.

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2 hours ago, Weave said:

When has the trade deadline ever maximized a player's value?  The offseason and draft day are the times when values are maximized.

Paul Gaustad says 'hi.'

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28 minutes ago, Taro T said:

Paul Gaustad says 'hi.'

Mike Wilson, too.  (although it's a bad example because Rhett Warrener was the veteran D being loaned to a team making a playoff run. But the Wilson -> Warrener + 5th that became Ryan Miller).

But, @Weave's general point is right. We would more assets in a summertime deal for Risto or Reino where the other team gets an entire season out of them. Even more assets if we could do a sign-and-trade. If it goes down to the deadline wire, you're hoping for that magical 5th to become Ryan Miller.

Now for the fun part for @Taro T. In the end, how did Gaustad balance out?

Gaustad + 4th to NSH, for 21st overall. 21st overall + 2nd to CGY to get up to 14th overall for Girgensons =

Final trade: Gaustad + 4th + 2nd = Girgensons

Gaustad's Sabres career: 479 GP, 71-110-181

Girgs' Sabres career (so far): 489 GP, 61-77-138

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