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  1. I don't know about that one. I'd definitely like to see someone put together evidence of it. I do know that Josh Allen is the #1 QB in the entire NFL this season during the 4th quarter, with a 139.6 QBR and a 68.8% completion percentage. What about quarters 1, 2, and 3? Well...that's where he's looking like a young QB still learning how to play in the league after 18 total career regular season games. Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen, and even Jackson (if you overlook his incredible running ability) have all looked pretty rough for large stretches of their young careers. The Josh Allen haters (as opposed to the skeptics, whom I find perfectly reasonable) are the instant gratification personality types who demand Pat Mahomes production with no regard for the concept of different learning curves and different circumstances for different people. I certainly will expect a noticeable jump in improvement by next September, which at that point Allen will have had 2 full years with Daboll plus a likely 1st round WR and more solidification along the OL. I think we will see that jump, and I think Allen will go on to be a franchise QB (what type of one - somewhere between Stafford and Brady - I have no idea). In the meantime, just accept that Allen is going to frustrate at various points throughout this season. Fortunately, Beane and McDermott have put together the #3 NFL defense and a top 5-10 NFL rushing offense to help the team slip into a wild-card spot with a pretty easy remaining schedule.
  2. Risto's plus/minus is 0 after 9 games. That's a fancy enough stat for me which suggests that there might be something to this Krueger guy.
  3. 117.4 QBR. Zero turnovers. Another second-half comeback. While it would have been preferable that he connect on some of those deep passes in the first half, the real disappointment with this game is that our supposedly elite #2 defense let Fitzmagic's troops march up and down the field for almost 400 yards and 3 TD's. Matt Milano is good, but is he really THAT important to the defense? Levi Wallace had a very disappointing game. And I know QB sacks aren't the most important stat in the world, but only 1 against that beaten up Miami OL?! Anyway...I'm actually in a good mood about this game because we are 5-1 (5th best record in the league) and escaped without any major injuries (that I know of?). Watch the tape, learn from this, and move on to Philly. The Bills are 5-1 and the Sabres are 7-1-1. I'm happy. Keep stacking up these wins, Buffalo!
  4. I don't think it's in the league script for them to lose this season.
  5. I need to see the Sabres actually clinch a playoff berth before I'm totally bought in. Until then, it's just the same core group of mentally soft chokers that couldn't pull themselves out of last December's spiral to oblivion. Is the head coach the difference? Possibly. Hopefully. I'm not a total cloud of dark despair, however. I am very much enjoying the 4-0-1 start. Jokiharju and Olofsson are very nice additions.
  6. Lots of hype surrounding Olofsson, Luukkonen, Cozens, and Mittelstadt. We'll see how this plays out, but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. So you never celebrate anything about the French Connection years at all? The Hasek years? You must be a lot of fun at parties.
  8. My God. We're entering the THIRD ***** year with Botterill and this is the turd lineup they're showcasing? Can you imagine what happens if any one of the following four misses an extended period of time due to injury: Eichel, Reinhart, Skinner, Dahlin? I feel sorry for anyone who wasted their money on tickets for this *****.
  9. When is the last time we scored big on a late round pick? 1999 with Miller? Heck, when is the last time we successfully drafted outside of the first two rounds? We are so unbelievably overdue for this... However, this deeply cynical Sabres fan refuses to get excited about any highly touted prospect anymore until proven on the ice for at least a full season. I'm completey done with the prospect hype machine that is constantly running in order to generate any excitement for this otherwise completely garbage franchise. Still waiting on Mittelstadt to stop playing Fortnite and work on obtaining his first career pushup.
  10. ...which is twice as much in 4 seasons as the Sabres have accomplished in 48 seasons. Following your team through a season that ends in a deep playoff run is always more fun than - say - following your team that annually plays for draft lottery picks.
  11. Here's my opinion of this team's culture problems: 1. First and foremost, the head coaches here (Bylsma and Housley) have been really poor at communicating. Hopefully Krueger is different. 2. Player acquisition has predominantly focused on skill and raw physical talent at the expense of the more mental/personality attributes of physicality and grit. Botterill still needs to balance the roster out with more piano movers to complement the piano players (to use a phrase I've heard in soccer). 3. The younger core (everyone 27 and under) doesn't seem to have the requisite work ethic and mental focus for making deep NHL playoff runs. Many of these guys (Skinner, Eichel, Reinhart, Ristolainen, McCabe, Girgensons, Larsson, Rodrigues) have never even been a part of an NHL playoff team and probably don't know what it really takes to endure the marathon that is an NHL season. 4. The older vets (28 and over) who are supposed to be providing a lot of the leadership on this roster are simply atrocious, both on the ice and in the locker room. I'm okay with Johansson and Hutton, but Okposo, Bogosian, Scandella, Hunwick, and Sobotka should be jettisoned and replaced with better vets as soon as possible. Okposo and Bogosian wear the "A" but are too easygoing in personality to hold such default roster leadership positions on this particularly youth-heavy roster.
  12. Same. Lehner, O'Reilly, Berglund, Sobotka, now Ristolainen...the firmly entrenched losing culture in Buffalo is destroying our players. Who knows what Eichel, Reinhart, McCabe, Bogosian, Larsson, Girgensons, Rodrigues, and Okposo are thinking? This team badly needs to make the playoffs THIS SEASON.
  13. I'm wondering what teams in the Eastern Conference people here think the Sabres are better than, on paper? Ottawa? Detroit? Who else? There aren't many. Yet some here are excited that we added a decent second line LW (Johansson), a decent third line winger (Vesey), a prospect of completely unknown NHL impact (Olofsson), a solid 3rd line D-man (Miller), and a solid D-man prospect (Jokiharju)? None of these are individually bad additions, but cumulatively they are nowhere near enough to put us into borderline playoff contention this year. So we're looking at 9 straight years without playoffs now (NHL franchise record is 10), 3 straight for Botterill, and 5 straight for Eichel's career. Also, some here are not factoring in the issue of injuries. This team was atrocious since November despite barely getting hit with the injury bug. What happens if or when the team's injury situation regresses to the mean this season? Another lottery pick to look forward to? It's getting really hard to get excited about the 2019-20 season. I realize Botterill still has a couple months to trade Risto for a 2C, move out the Sobotkas and Scandellas of the roster, etc... but the closer we get to the start of the season without substantive roster changes, the less sanguine I feel about Botterill's future in Buffalo. He talks a good game about locker room culture and has certainly created that in Rochester, but the core players in Buffalo have been languishing.
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