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  1. Note that the Sabres are currently on a 67-point season pace since the famous 10-game winning streak ended. That is over a sample size of 33 games and 2.5 months. That is very clearly no longer an aberration, but rather a firmly established trend. Also note that the Sabres finished with the following point totals for the last 5 years: 62, 78, 81, 54, 52. So....progress?! I think even the Pollyanas among the loyal, tortured Sabres fanbase are going to have a hard time getting it up for this Panthers game. The players clearly gave up on themselves. So the fanbase should quickly follow the players' lead.
  2. Marchand'sNose

    Playoffs! Do you think we make it?

    Is this still a thing?! If I see this thread open for voting tomorrow morning, I'm throwing my laptop out the window.
  3. Marchand'sNose

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I'm starting to come around to this conclusion. Maybe Phil inherited a bunch of guys who are just inherently dumb and lazy.
  4. Marchand'sNose

    Mr. Eichel, is he captain material?

    No. Jack Eichel is not a leader of men. He should keep wearing the "C," though, as long as everyone knows it stands for "coach killer."
  5. I stopped watching over a week ago once it became obvious. I check in periodically to read what's happening and I'll occasionally watch highlights on nhl.com. But I'm trying to wean myself off from all things Buffalo Sabres. To me, the franchise is quite clearly going nowhere in the direction that leads to an eventual Stanley Cup. Not with the current cast of people in leadership positions on and off the ice. But a lot of people here still think this team is going places. So Godspeed I guess... I'm curious to check in here next year around this time when the Sabres don't make the playoffs for the 9th straight year. I'm sure more people will agree with my opinion by that point, but I'm equally sure we'll see more of the same excuses: still too young, still learning how to win, unlucky bounces, still need more talent, still need to win more lottery picks, etc... I've seem them all this season, with the exception of the commonly used injury excuse.
  6. I love it. People make all kinds of excuses for this pathetic ***** franchise's continued losing ways, but this one is my favorite. Why aren't the Sabres at least equally desperate at the moment?! This team is so obviously not making the playoffs this season, so if that's the main reason why anyone here still bothers to watch, then you are in for a world of hurt and disappointment ahead.
  7. Marchand'sNose

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    This clown is a ***** disgrace. Check out the NY Islanders and Montreal Canadiens to see what good coaching does.
  8. Marchand'sNose

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    Possibly. I'm much too pissed off to post rationally right now, so I'm going to take at least the weekend off from this message board and from Sabres hockey in general.
  9. Marchand'sNose

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    For a lot of stupid and pathetic Buffalo Sabres fans, this IS actually part of the plan. Because lottery picks = winning. Or something.
  10. Marchand'sNose

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    Yup. And I have ZERO respect for any man who plays a team sport and doesn't physically stand up for his teammates.
  11. Marchand'sNose

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    The Buffalo Sabres will never win a Cup with Jack Eichel as captain. Tanking for the Pierre Turgeon of the 21st century was a franchise-crushing mistake that won't be rectified for an entire generation.
  12. Marchand'sNose

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    That's pretty accurate. 10 of the next 14 points puts us back on a 95-point season pace.
  13. I personally have no idea anymore. It keeps getting pushed back with this franchise. But there are a lot of people here that know a heck of a lot more about hockey than I do, and so I value their opinions greatly. So if they tell me that an 8th straight season without playoffs is not reason for concern, then I will try not to get too worked up over it. Keep all of our high 2019 draft picks and keep drafting for a future of an unspecified length of time ahead? Fine. Today (January 31) is the first day of the 2018-19 season when I realized and accepted that these guys just don't have it in them to make the playoffs. But I do still look around and see teams like the NY Islanders and Montreal Canadiens somehow ahead of us. And then I think about a full three seasons ago, under Murray and Bylsma, when we finished with 81 points (we're currently pacing for 92 points and definitely less if you factor in the pace since the 10-game winning streak ended) and wonder how much progress this franchise is actually making with JB and PH.
  14. Marchand'sNose

    Sabres @ Stars, 1/30/2019, 8:30 PM ET

    This is the final road game before a 7-game, 17-day home stand. A Sabres win and a Pittsburgh regulation loss tonight puts us in a tie for the #8 seed and no more than 5 points behind playoff spots #2-7.
  15. No, it's about the other 15 teams and not the points. That's quite obviously the way the playoffs are decided; there is no point threshold you can reach to assure playoffs. And we also don't have enough data to make a strong conclusion about this threshold. Five seasons under the new Eastern Conference division alignment and playoff format isn't enough. Here are the points for the lowest wildcard team and also the points for the first team to just miss the playoffs: 2013-14: 93 / 90 2014-15: 98 / 96 2015-16: 96 / 93 2016-17: 95 / 94 2017-18: 97 / 96 So you can perhaps say with some degree of confidence that 99 points will get you in and 92 points will keep you out. But these numbers depend a lot on how top-heavy or bottom-heavy the rest of the league is, or how many games are going into OT. Note that the 97-point demarcation you suggested wasn't sufficient in 2015 and may have also been insufficient last year, depending on the win total. I think my point is that we - as Sabres fans interested in the playoffs - need to do both: track the team's progress toward the 90-100 point range, but at the same time follow which teams in the top 8 are potentially collapsing (Montreal?) or which teams in the bottom 7 are quickly rising (Carolina?).