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  1. Do you think he's going to somehow get worse at the college level? The chances of him jumping straight to the NHL are higher if he matures another year.
  2. Win a championship. You should try to look at other points of view once in a while.
  3. This is why I took up cycling. Golf to me was nothing but torture.
  4. Dallas lost and VGK won last night. VGK has a one point lead but Dallas has 3 games in hand.... but they have to win those games.
  5. For all those who hate Skinner's blind passes.... you can eat it 😄
  6. Worst period in quite some time. I can't say it's all the Sabres though; the Panthers pressed and pressed hard.
  7. Ah nuts. But you can't say Toker isn't giving us NHL level goaltending today.
  8. Offensive FO during the PK? Yes please. Of course, but ***** happens.
  9. And you've never lost an edge? The pass from Muel was not the best; Bryson fell trying to adjust.
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