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  1. Some of you saying send Dahlin to Rochester do not understand how the Waiver Rule works. If you "Send Dahlin to Rochester" he would first need to be waived and then pass waivers...NOT HAPPENING!!! Players who can be sent to Rochester or are in Rochester and can be called up and sent back down and do not need to be placed on Waivers to go Rochester are: Biro, Brandon Bryson, Jacob Cozens, Dylan Fitzgerald, Casey Krebs, Peyton Laaksonen, Oskari Luukkonen, Ukko-Pekka Murray, Brett Pekar, Matej Peterka, John-Jason Quinn, Jack Rousek, Lukas Ruotsalainen, Arttu Samuelsson, Mattias Weissbach, Linus
  2. I have seen a basketball give up less rebounds then this guy.
  3. "He is 21" Yes and when he does get to be a better player with a NHL level hockey IQ he will NOT be under contract and do you think he will resign with us? So why the heck groom this kid for a future team, trade him now and let some other team deal with his growing pains and then watch him sign elsewhere, he just is NOT a good fit here ATM. The bad news is I think we would get the most return for him at the trade deadline rather then now, so I think we are stuck with the Blonde Bozo.
  4. Again you assume I want a team full of guys over 200 pounds, no I don't. I want a good mix of both so we get the best of both worlds and not all of only one. In your head, think of the players who have done the most and stand out every game and then go look at the roster for the size of those players. I love our small fast skilled guys but they are pushed off the puck so easily in the offensive zone non stop, we need to find the right balance and I think we are slowly starting to address it. Murray and Jankowski are going to be a much needed added boost to the physical play and front of the net presence. Lastly it's hard to get a presence in front of the net if your guy weighs 25lbs or more less then the guy defending him. Just saying, are there guys who do it and are small YES...do we have those guy(s) on the roster???
  5. I will take a 200 pound guy with skills over a 185lb guy who gets pancaked non stop and avoids contact at all costs (A vast majority of our team) any day of the week and twice on Sunday. We are a VERY soft team, and until we grow a pair, we will keep getting bullied by EVERY team, we need bulk not soft azz players who avoid contact. I might add where did I ever mention I wanted no talent 200+ guys, that was just a dumb assumption.
  6. I think there is a little bit more to the story then him being sent down. R2 is Waiver exempt until he is 25 or plays in 70 Games (He is currently at 63), so it made sense to sit him and let him get some practices in at the NHL level and send him down when we have someone playing good enough at the AHL level we can bring up and that is not part of our young squad. I honestly think this is a great job by the GM and staff for using every small advantage we can get to get a much larger return in the end. I might add we need guys that are over 200lbs because are fast small guys are stick swinging and not moving guys off the puck and allowing people to cross the blueline with ease. The best way to stop a rush is to put someone on their arse, and we just do not have those type of guys ATM. Happy Happy Everyone
  7. I think this might be due to the disappointment of being dropped back to Cincy after doing well in Buffalo, and seeing a prospect struggle non stop above him, but we shall see.
  8. I agree with this, and to be honest I freaking love Weissbach's energy and speed, now if he could attain a great shot, ooh man. He is Cody Eakins mullet replacement lol.
  9. That assist by JJ was just golden, hell I even could of scored after that pass. UPHutton just doing what he does, give up goals. Poor side to side and the man has the worst stick handling I have ever seen out of an "Elite" prospect. Watch his goals against he rarely uses his stick to protect the 5 hole but instead leans on his stick for balance and just uses pads to protect the 5 hole, and that is why he is slow from side to side, whey he starfishes so much, and why shots go over his shoulders so much because he is on his knees non stop. Quin still looking like a the high draft pick we hoped he was on Offense. Even though we gave up 5, the defense looked better this game forechecking and poke checks, but they still have issues getting hemmed in their own zone at times. Too many players are fighting for the puck on the boards and not giving a out to pass to once they gain the puck, either bad defense strategy or players not being disciplined and staying in their area. I am betting it is a little of both. Weissbach is such a energizer bunny, always seems to just annoy the opposing team. Great goal off the faceoff.
  10. He does do adjustments in game to lines. I would rather someone do it in game rather then before. Adjust to what the other team is doing at the time and what you see your team is doing, is way more important.
  11. Mersch getting dirty goals in front of the net. Quinn looking very talented on Offense. JJ Peterka looking like a bonafide future star. Weissbach has a non stop motor and seems to always be around the puck. Jankowski looks like a great last minute addition to the team. Malone looks so slow out there. Davidson looks good shooting from the Blueline. The defense looks like they are confused and can not clear, almost like the Krueger defense did, soooo many turnovers. UPL just looks awful period. ------------------------------- Just my observations.
  12. I am not impressed, he never sticks out, heck to be honest I forget he is even out there at times because he is such a non factor. I can not see him playing in Buffalo anytime soon, and if he does he will have to REALLY step up his game. He does have some assists but you would never know it.
  13. This team just looks poorly coached on defense, they look lost IMO. We have some good skilled players on Offense but once the other team crosses that blue line ooh my goodness lookout, and you add a UPHutton in at net and it just looks hopeless. I am not impressed by any defenseman on this team, and I am honestly not sure they will get any better while down in Rochester. Not a fan of Seth's at this point.
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