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  1. I guess she was driving under the effluence.
  2. This. After all, chz brought up the connection between Vanek and Josef Vašíček.
  3. Have you seen the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle? Just asking. Not looking to "start" something.
  4. No :doh: But, I figured that I'd take the liberty of, say, altering a bit. Maybe it might have that "reverse psychology" effect on them (but I doubt it).
  5. Nah, I actually think that Shrader's a pretty good guy. He just always seems to have a chip on his shoulder.
  6. Over the past two weeks, the two trucks that I've been in have been in the shop at least 6 days. I've lost a lot of money over this. Hopefully, the nightmare of sitting still has come to an end this morning. It just won't make up for the lost time and wages.
  7. That's one way of not looking a gift horse in the mouth. BTW, BILLS = Boy I Love Losing Seasons
  8. I'm coming clean on something... Yes, this is a complaint, because it affects how I communicate with everyone. Asperger's is a difficult creature to live with. It can be really helpful on some days, but it can be my own worst enemy on others. There's nothing I can do about it. It's always been with me, and it always will be.
  9. :angry: I hope they catch her. Once they do, she'll pay through the nose.
  10. Yeah, no kidding. While we're watching the games at night, he can watch them before he goes to work.
  11. Dvorak was very much a talented composer. What most people don't realize is that, for a Bohemian expat, he really made some very valuable contributions to American music. BTW, YW. :)
  12. Yet another tune that I can't get out of head. I'm blaming John 00 Fleming for this one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbdid-YUAV4
  13. Thanks for the "best of luck" part. I appreciate that. On the bolded part, I'm not sure if you were saying that with "tongue in cheek" in mind or if you were being cynical. Either way, I would love nothing more than to be home with my wife, for one. Second, I'm going into this with the mindset that it's not going to be all that cushy. Pleasing both my drivers and the corporate bosses all at the same time is not exactly what I call cushy. (Something tells me that shrader would confirm this, even if it's a totally different industry - but I could be wrong.)
  14. Not a complaint, but I didn't think it was worth the trouble to start a whole new thread over this: I have an over-the-phone interview tomorrow morning with my company's HR department over an internal app I submitted a few weeks ago. This is for an office management position. If I get it, my days of being an over the road trucker may be over. This would be a good thing, because I should be able to be home on a daily basis and no longer be away from my wife.
  15. Good point. I just don't want to turn into a Maine Lobster.
  16. You perv! j/k :nana: Actually, I try to cover every part of me. Yes, I still wear t-shirts, but I prefer long-sleeved. As fair-skinned as I am, I don't need melanoma or any other skin-related diseases due to overexposure from the sun.
  17. The AC went out on my rig last night. (Thankfully, it wasn't blazing hot like it was last week when I was in Dallas.)
  18. I know what you're talking about. The Metroplex has some crazies out there.
  19. I'm not sure which previous posting to reply to, but I think this should be said about those of us who don't ride. It is sooooo easy to grow complacent when you're holding the steering wheel, especially for extended periods of time. As a trucker, the longer I drive in my day, the more tired I can get (and I operate safe and legal!). However, I am thankful that this thread was started. It has been a reminder for me to watch out for those of you who ride.
  20. I'm just in one of those moods... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdIW-Pv3WIc
  21. Oh, no!!! :cry: Not to take it off topic, but it can be over in an instant for truckers too. Doesn't matter what we ride or drive with.
  22. With all due respect, at this point, I am only going to address the WWJD thing you mentioned. I do not follow it as most people glibly understand it, and the link I am providing should be helpful in explaining why. (BTW, I'm not the one who wrote it.)
  23. I agree. Perhaps both rep buttons should be eliminated.
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