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  1. Really?! Ok, answer me this. Name one thing that predates Creation.
  2. Dude! Haven't seen you on here in awhile. I hope you're doing ok. Hopefully we'll all see you back on here soon.

  3. Just found this on the official Sabres website. Sounds like a really good cause.
  4. I'm sorry you're going through this, chz.
  5. After looking at your current location, I've noticed that a lot of people in North Carolina have some really bad driving habits. It's really bad around the Charlotte area, especially during rush hour - no matter what part of the metro area I go through. Now, I mentioned something on this thread that I was looking to get that home daily job as an assistant fleet manager with my current company. I got the word yesterday that they found someone else for the position. My fleet manager told me that they hired from the outside and that this guy already had terminal experience. So much for trying to come off the road. Maybe some other time.
  6. I'm with you there. It is sick and disgusting how some people have an IDGAF attitude over such animals. Just because I tilt to the right doesn't mean that I have no feelings toward them. To me, they're another majestic display of God's creation. It's another thing altogether when an animal runs out in front of me when I'm doing 65 and I'm loaded to the hilt. I can't just swerve to miss that thing. (Happened to me a few years ago when I was near Bristol, Tennessee when a woodchuck ran right out in front of me. You don't have to ask who won.) It can take me up to 6-8 football fields to stop, and even longer if I'm going downhill. At any rate, animals don't think like humans do. Their sense of danger awareness is much different from ours. If they want to cross the road without thinking that they're about to get flattened, they'll do it.
  7. Why couldn't it be the Detroit Lions instead of us? Man, I HATE that magazine! :death:
  8. That will give a lab rat something to cry about.
  9. Whoa! I never even saw that coming. That was just downright hilarious.
  10. It's been both fun and sad to watch people subjectively argue over history. That was one of the reasons why I haven't said anything else on there. I thought that my response to Braedon's posting was probably going to be the threadkiller and that the bickering was going to cease. Alas, I was wrong.
  11. I heard this song a couple weeks ago on the Wretched Radio podcast. Irritating, annoying, and catchy all at once. I hate it yet I can't get it out of my head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd4RJ-c1eYQ
  12. Ok, one last time. Read my lips: O-B-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-O-N. Got it? Thanks. But, since you don't think I can talk sports, I'll say this much for now: Cincinnati, you're next!
  13. Strictly an observation, nothing more: I've noticed that a lot of people who tend to tilt Left love The Onion.
  14. I shudder to think of OSP owning another sports franchise - especially in Buffalo.
  15. It's really sad when an organization like that holds on to an unethical coach, further tarnishing their reputation. They may win another Super Bowl in years down the line, but they may never be able to shed that reputation of cheating to win - regardless if all involved eventually move on.
  16. I've read better op-ed pieces that had a higher degree of intelligence and cogency than that diarrhea-mouthed opinionated windbag. But, yeah, there was some really quick thinking in the comments. They displayed more intelligence than the writer.
  17. QFT Some of the comments on there were both hilarious and apropos all at the same time. The one that killed me was, "it's nice to see corky thatcher got a job after 'life goes on' ended." Funny how some people picked up on the fact that the writer is a part of Raider Nation and he used it as a hit piece to try to discredit the Bills after the Bills beat them last week. :nana:
  18. I think I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride while I can. (BTW, great quotes on your sig. The one from Brian Burke kills me, given the team that he runs now.)
  19. This. I'm not ready to start cheering yet. Yes, the 3-0 start is great, but the come from behind wins aren't convincing me. I'm waiting for the wheels to come off any game now.
  20. Aren't you barking up the wrong tree on this one? :lol:
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