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  1. Households not straight percentage of population! And guess which population has the greatest household size? You're not understanding the math here. As a percentage of population it's probably much higher than 50% but for some reason there aren't a lot of hard numbers available for this kind of data. See what I did there, wildcard?
  2. So is crying about public funds being used to build stadiums.
  3. I hear you. You would have been better off knocking up a couple hoes so you could claim the kids as dependents while the state supported them. Sports tickets are never a good investment. You'd be better off taking that money and betting against the Bills. That way, when the bills lose, you are happy! Jesus - if someone had actually done that, what would the return be over the last 17 years? I'm not much of a betting guy so I never pay attention to spreads. See what I did there, Wildcard?
  4. lol - you have no idea. I spent years working in and around the system.
  5. I know that sales tax on its own is regressive.. but sales tax is a small piece of the tax pie. As a whole our tax SYSTEM is progressive. As to some people paying taxes - THEY GET IT ALL BACK! If taxes are withheld, but you get them all back at the end of he year, you haven't paid taxes. Some people get more back than they paid in! And in the mean time, their mother or father or cousin may be getting paid by the tax payers to watch their kid, and they don't pay any taxes either. Unless you have been in the belly of the beast and seen the abuse in this system its hard to understand what is happening.
  6. I know what regressive taxes are. In a system where 50% of the population pays no income tax and the remaining 50% pays a progressively steep income tax, but everyone has to pay a small amount of sales tax on what they purchase with what they have left, the system is not regressive. sales tax is regressive, but our tax system is not.
  7. are football teams depreciating assets? That's an aggressive schedule!
  8. Family of 4, not a single person was the premise. However, not sure what year it was that you were making that amount, but the federal tax rate has been 15% on income of 25K since 1998. Couldn't find a historical NY income tax table, but your NYS taxes would be roughly 6.5% on your AGI, so, I don't know how you could have possibly paid 32% in taxes. As for a family of four, by the time you take out standarized deductions and earned income tax credits and child and dependent care credits you end up paying no taxes. In 2011, the perctage of households paying no federal income tax was 46.4% Fake news! everyone's favorite response to an argument they don't agree with. You may not recall that during 2011, it was determined that 46.4% of US households pay no federal income tax. Not much data after that - I guess the Obama admin didn't want those numbers published as they push for their goal of a majority of the country contributing nothing but legislating how much those who do pay have to pay. Well, this explains a lot. Again, cry me a river. With all the handouts and hand ups and free tuition, free child care, free housing it is easier than ever to reverse your fortunes if that's what you decide you want to do. As the first college graduate in my family despite being in this country for 250 years, I am living proof. Keep your dick in your pants, your hands in your pockets, a needle out of your arm, and set your goals higher than the newest pair of sneakers on the market. The land it would be built on is a brownfield at present generating no tax revenue. It isn't taking anything out. What value do you place on quality of life? regressive taxes? you would have to be really bad at math to believe that exists in the states, and especially the great state of NY As if our progressive federal tax rate wasn't enough - here's what NY does with what is left after the feds takes their portion. For single taxpayers: 4% on the first $8,400 of taxable income. 4.5% on taxable income between $8,401 and $11,600. 5.25% on taxable income between $11,601 and $13,750. 5.9% on taxable income between $13,751 and $21,150. 6.45% on taxable income between $21,151 and $79,600. 6.65% on taxable income between $79,601 and $212,500. 6.85% on taxable income between $212,501 and $1,062,650. 8.82% on taxable income of more than $1,062,651. Here's a table showing how NYS's tax burden is shared (or more accurately isn't shared) Table 1.1: NYS Personal Income Taxes, 2010 Percent of Total Income Tax Liability Tax Returns $0-$50,000 4.6% 61.0% 50,000-100,000 23.3 26.4 100,000-200,000 18.6 9.7 200,000-1,000,000 20.2 2.6 1,000,000 & above 33.3 0.4 Note: Percentages may not add to 100% due to rounding. Source: Estimates by NYS Division of the Budget in 2010-2012 Executive Budget, Economic and Revenue Outlook Excelsior!
  9. Erie county residents wont pay ######. Most of it will come from the state. a Lot of the county's contribution will be tax breaks. Cry me a river on sales tax - must be terrible to ONLY have to pay sales tax, and not get enjoy watching the state and feds take nearly half of every dollar you make, and then having to pay sales tax on everything you buy with what's left. If it wasnt for sales tax more than half the country would quite literally contribute nothing to our lovely government. Erie county cant raise the sales tax any higher because the crooked and ineffectual leaders that Erie County keeps electing can never manage with what they have. If you have a domed stadium you can do a lot more events throughout the year that wont fit in a hockey arena. The Ralph has nothing around it at all - no place to stay, no place to eat, no nothing. Put a domed stadium downtown in an area already surrounded by hotels and bars and restaurants and the possibilities are endless.
  10. I meant income tax. Erie County is all the way up to 8.75%! 4.75% of that goes to the County. Plenty? When I think how they tax me, tax me on what's left, tax me on what I manage to save, tax me on what I own, and tax me all over again on anything I have left after I die, paying 8.75% sales tax is meaningless.
  11. Your first paragraph above is bullspit. The average family of 4 making 40K pays no taxes at all. The second paragraph fails to take into account the broader benefits of a stadium, especially the downtown stadium that will serve as a further lynchpin for pegulaville-on-the-lake and make it easier to attract quality businesses and for those quality businesses to stay open. A domed stadium in the heart of an area we are desperately trying to reinvigorate that can be used 365 days a year is infinitely better than an open air stadium in the middle of nowhere which is uninhabitable most of the year and currently only used 10 times a year and for a couple of concerts.
  12. Are you kidding? Hamilton is a giant douche of the strawberry fields order. Honestly, he is the most annoying media member in buffalo. The guy is so pompous and full of himself. His references to his club hockey days in the Midwest 30 years ago as if that gives him some kind of hockey cred are gag- inducing. I can't stand his smug fat voice and face.
  13. really? You think pu is a better prospect? There are 31 GM's in the league who disagree with you.
  14. Have you heard Sylvester or Hamilton call a game? THEY are incompetent.
  15. You should listen to more local broadcasts around the league. He's a star compared to some of these places. You don't call games on HNIC because you suck. Calling a game on the radio is much different than TV. RJ is possibly the best at it ever. Anyone and everyone else will pale in comparison.
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