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  1. Ok, I’m going to play devil’s advocate. Let’s say a lawyer did take his case and found whatever argument he could use to get his eligibility reinstated. Not saying that I think he should do that, but I wouldn’t put it past him or his counsel if he hired one.
  2. So here’s a question I have for the barristers on here: does he have any legal recourse to sue for, shall we say, “wrongful termination” under the CBA?
  3. Just another reminder that the machine is counting on us because it’s in constant repair mode.
  4. Agreed. Balance is key. Just because one man is the face of the team does not mean that he does it all on his own.
  5. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that nothing you have said in this thread has made any sense. That was just absolutely confusing. On to other things: I wonder how Steve Dangle is going to lose it this week with the way his Leafs are going.
  6. I went with Cozens. He’s not afraid to drop ‘em and throw some haymakers.
  7. The Packers really did cut some ripe cheese.
  8. In an alternate universe, if Tom Brady had been JAG…
  9. So there was this pic on the White Stephen A. Smith Facebook page where it appeared that Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife were praying in a church. His wife had her hands up about half way in the air. Then I saw this comment: “She is doing something the refs never have to during Russels games.”
  10. Agreed. We’ve had some really bad West Coast trips in the past. Although I’m not sure if we still had winning seasons in the past when the West Coast went bad for us. And some people on SabreSpace are fickle in and of themselves. Not you, of course. I’ve been that way in the past.
  11. BTW. I’ve been trying to find out who that female PBP caller for the Dallas Stars is. She sounds so out of place with her voice, but she sure does know how to call a game.
  12. No, not really. I just figured that the hecklers from the Muppets were a good description of the RJ-Neale duo. I’m glad that didn’t last. They could have found a better replacement for Jim Lorentz when he retired. Those two seemed to work well together.
  13. I hear ya. Laughingstock. Hopefully, those days are behind us and that we’re no longer stuck in the La Brea tar pits.
  14. I don’t know why, but I am really starting to feel sorry for them.
  15. I’m curious to get Boomer Gordon’s take when he gets on his radio show in a few hours on NHL Network on SiriusXM Radio. He’s not the easiest guy to listen to because of his rather dull voice (WADR), but he’s incredibly reliable with his prowess of hockey knowledge.
  16. Exactly! Everyone knows that Carolina is a small market, but they’ve received plenty of attention because they’ve been having winning seasons. Then again, Montreal and Toronto could get attention for all the wrong reasons. So, market size is irrelevant.
  17. At least you don’t have to worry about losing a title with the Danish royal family. 😁😉
  18. I’ve wondered if any baseball player has ever used “Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse as their walk up song.
  19. I live 3 hours away from Birmingham, but I had no interest in going to the World Games.
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