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  1. Returned from Denver/RMNP yesterday..... Spent 3 days 2 nights backpacking in the Never Summer Mountains with my daughter and had a wonderful time......We camped at 10,700 and 10,600 feet, and there was still lots of snow at that elevation. From the Dutch Town camp we watched 15 sheep over one evening and one morning on the sheer cliffs above the camp. Watched a lamb nurse, really cute, good stuff. Saw many elk, although not a ton from our camps.... and a couple moose..... "highlight" was having a juvenile cougar come through our Dutch Town Camp, leaving tracks 15 feet from the tent........ I
  2. What Vesey "did" to Nashville was not cool ...... but it's also not unheard of. Even our beloved Jim Kelly wasn't crazy about Buffalo https://www.thesportster.com/entertainment/top-15-athletes-that-refused-to-play-for-the-team-that-drafted-them/ I hope (and expect) for Vesey to play one year here and then become a UFA and disappear........ hopefully we can get something more than a 3rd round pick at the deadline. More importantly I hope he doesn't infect "the room". .
  3. I thought Brett Murray played a pretty good scrimmage. He had at least 5 quality chances but only cashed in on one(I think). He's a pretty big dude (6-4) and protected the puck well..... seemed to have good vision and make good decisions,........ with a little puck luck yesterday he'd be a guy we'd be talking about......... I hope to see him with the Amerks... Anybody else make any observations on Murray? One other observation from yesterday...... Krueger damn near walked into the womens restroom! Looked around sheepishly and laughed.........
  4. I wonder if there will be tickets for the 3v3 available through scalpers on Washington St.?
  5. Made a trip to Erie (Catt) yesterday for 3 Walleyes. Lots of marks, but a tough bite for me. Nice day to be out on the lake though. (That's what all bad fishermen say.)
  6. I noticed a small trailer parked at East Fork..... musta been you. Tommy said you guys had a decent day.
  7. We have.... it's gorgeous. This BP trip is into the West side of the park and into the Never Summer Range, and I've never been into that section of the park. When I looked the other day, there was still snow...... Here's a pic from 14 years ago near the Boulderfield, on the way towards Longs Peak. My Brother with my 2 daughters. The girls look a little different now. The one in the green will be with me this trip.
  8. I've been lucky enough to get there for the last 4 or 5 years and last year Taro gifted me tickets (thank you Sir)...... Well, when they held the event at the "Keybank" Center and charged for tickets they never had this issue........... It was great fun..... sit where you want..... We'd sit behind a goalie for a bit.... then change to center ice...... then wherever...... big fun........ then off to Thin Man!
  9. Looks like the Tournament tickets are available to STH but not the general public...... that sucks...........
  10. one nice king (17 lbs), three shaker kings, and a laker today out of Sandy......... tough day...... we never marked much and most of our action was in 80 - 120. Planning a backpacking adventure in Rocky Mountain NP for early-mid July. I'm not getting any younger, and it sure feels like I'm getting to the end of this kind of stuff. Back, shoulder, knees....... every thing aches, and more than that is gonna ache. We'll be there a little over a week, and are backcountry camping 2 nights...... and dayhiking the rest of the time. Probably just me and one of my daughters. We did this in the ne
  11. Not a ton, and not for the last week...... Ontario maybe 6 times. The king fishing has been very good out of Sandy. I'm hoping to fish with my daughter tomorrow ...... She wants to fish for kings locally (Sandy). I'd like to fish for perch/walleyes out of the Catt...... Odds are we'll be in Ontario.
  12. Climate change........... join us in this decade, will you?
  13. Isn’t it possible that part of the “problem” with ROR was his inability to tolerate the mediocre effort by the most skilled player on the team? Coasting off the ice….. pouting behavior when things don’t go 9’s way.... Jack is exceptionally skilled, but I don’t think his effort on the ice is pedal to the floor all the time. We expected ROR to be a leader…. some personality types can’t be led by peers. When that person is the face of the franchise, it’s a problem. I don’t believe for a minute that ownership wanted ROR gone for off ice issues………. Ownership didn’t want him gone. Rather than n
  14. The bulls make some. The bears make some. The pigs make none.
  15. I was interested until I priced tickets.
  16. In the Rochester area, there are more birds of prey than ever before..... or at least in my lifetime. Bald eagles along the lakeshore and I-bay, are fairly common...... as are osprey. Lots of redtails. It's getting harder to be a pheasant or a fish.
  17. little enthusiasm and little excitement with his mates........... I know end of S... season and all that...... but there was little reaction even after 40.
  18. Reading Skinner's body language after 39 and 40, I don't think he returns................JMHO. Hope I'm wrong.
  19. You and your boy brought some good juju to the team.........the win should make for a shorter trip home........ safe travels.
  20. Very cool...... great smiles..... I was on the fence, but now I hope they win.
  21. A very sobering and hope removing thought. It'll be hard to witness another season which is "in family" with the recent past. Finishing the season in a huge slump doesn't help us in the Skinner sweepstakes. Why would he want to return....??? Let's WOE Buffalo!
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