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  1. Also cozens was on the wing makes no sense.
  2. Merry Christmas from Nova Scotia Canada all. I Really think this team will surprise us all this year. Here are my family's ornaments.
  3. Guys this city is just like back home in Halifax so fridleny it's amazing. We had so many talks with people from this city and you all welcomed us with open arms. I will be back every season.
  4. Omg guys Jason just scored and he just got a huge standing ovation me and my son cant even talk from screaming his name. And Jack with 3 points.......Wow meeting Jason today and now this maybe his last game Wow
  5. To be honest my self I cant really remember all I know is I would listen to every game on dial up internet when I was a kid in my bedroom my dad was not even a hockey fan lol. Now I'm a die hard, My son well he just followed me he listen to the games as he falls a sleep at night and lives and breaths blue and gold I Had to hold back tears today shaking pommers hand you can tell he is one of the few class acts left.
  6. So guys belive it or not at practice another couple from Nova Scotia showed us were the players park and Jason Pominville stoped and sighed our picture and chatted about the Halifax Moose head's he was such a stand up gentleman a dream come true. Also Hutton, Macabe, Zemgus, Hunwick, Jack had a trainer take his car around to a different exit oh well.
  7. Thanks guys for all the suggestion. I have to say I love the feeling of the city, As a life long Sabres fan this trip is about making my son happy and making memories, But it's so hard for me as an adult to be as excited as I should be for my first Sabres game with the state this team is in I keep telling my son next year will be better lol. And I want a win for him so bad but there is a little voice in my head who thinks that's gonna hurt our draft lottery odds God I'm confused lol.
  8. He just loves anything Sabres. Also anything sports he is working on a sigh tonight while dad sips a few beer lol He is praying that will get him a picture or puck if practice is open lol.
  9. Thanks guys we just went to Peral Street Grill by our hotel it was good. Going to try one of the spots tomorrow. I Heard there is an open practice tomorrow does anyone know if this is the case.
  10. Hi guys me and my 11 year old son are making the trip to Buffalo from Nova Scotia for the last home game of the season. This is a dream I have always had and my son has become addicted to the Sabres, he will be opening the tickets Christmas morning. I'm looking for advice if there is any way we could meet any of the players or stuff we should do while in buffalo. The thought of seeing the Sabres live with my son is my biggest dream come true. Thanks in advance for any suggestion
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