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  1. Even a 40-50 point scorer is poor for a guy who makes 4.5 million against the cap. He also lacks other intangibles.
  2. Ok the question should be why did Luke Adam all of the sudden suck at hockey after having a dominant final season of jr, then being maybe the best player at the traverse city tournament and then having a great AHL rookie season, then may have been the best player at coming out of the gate strong in the NHL? What happened to him? Luke Adam is only a year away from being AHL rookie of the year. Some team may still see his upside for their organization. I'm sure Gerbe's value was much higher 2 years a go coming off a AHL rookie of the year. After having a great final season of college hockey Now I'm pretty sure Gerbe value is much less. What happened to Gerbe? Why we're his numbers so poor last season? Does he all of the sudden suck at hockey too now? Why hasn't he been better?
  3. As of right now I would guess the forward lines to be Vanek Hodson Pommers Foligno Ennis Stafford Ott Grigerenko Lieno Gerbe Ellis/McCormick Tropp/Kaleta Gerginsons might have a chance at the 4th line center after spending part of the season in Rochester as he adjusts to playing against grown men or be a call up in case of injuries. He could be the best option for a 4th line center that the team has right now. They may want Grigerenko to go with another European type player so Lieno might be used on the RW. Ott would bring grit to the line and take faceoffs. The problem with the team the way it is currently constructed is that there is no shut down line to turn to. There is no quality defensive center yet. Perhaps Girginsons can become that but he may not be there yet. I think Ruff lost confidence in Luke Adam (or Luke Adam lost his confidance due to Ruff) so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets traded in some package deal along with a defenseman. I think Lieno is the weak link of the forwards. He's not a leader, he's not tough or physical, his offense is poor (he's only had 1season over 10 goals 0 seasons over 20 goals, he doesn't play the penalty kill, he's not a great defensive forward, he lacks size, he lacks great speed. I just don't see how he fits. We all know that Ruff juggles his lines all over the place so take this with a grain of salt.
  4. Can we trade Ville Leino for some ice girls?
  5. If the Sabres signed Doan and if Gergonsons made the team the lines could look something like this Vanek Hodson Pommers Foligno Ennis Stafford Ott Grigerenko Doan Gerbe Gergensons Kaleta/Tropp That would be a much tougher lineup for teams to play against. It would bring a much better balance of skill, speed, grit, and leadership than we have had in the past.
  6. I'm not sure how many more quality seasons he would have left but he would provide leadership and toughness. I was thinking of him on a line with Grigerenko and Ott and how that line would work out. I heard Grigerenko say that he needs to work on his draws. Ott could be on Grigerenkos line and take draws. Doan would be a mentor on the other side to help Grogerenko become a pro. Having 2 gritty, hard working, leader, veteran wingers next to Grigerenko makes a lot of sense.
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