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  1. Anything not considered a "Big Call". RJ is the best because of his "idle" talk. He's got a quick wit. He has a large vocabulary for calling even minor events. He's _alive_. He's not some droning play-caller who is afraid to stray off the sidewalk. That's why many people don't appreciate him because they only hear the over-the-top calls. Example. The last game some college kids found their way into the press box. RJ demands of them, "Did you buy tickets [to get in]?" One of the kids sheepishly said, "no-uh-oh", knowing that RJ was teasing them. That's a real person exchange.
  2. Rochester doesn't have anything to offer. CJ Smith & Oglevie have limited upside. Borgen, Bryson, and Fitzgerald could be depth NHL d-men. I like what I see in Bryson, but he's no Gostibehere nor Krug. He's just a smart player with good positioning, but size will always be an issue. After a quick eye-test Mittelstadt reminds me a bit too much of Nylander. Granted, Mittelstadt has a LOT more drive than Nylander. But I don't ever see him as a mature driver of play like Eichel. (But of course, I said the same thing about Quinn Hughes; mea culpa) And his defence doesn't make him a 3C/4C. I afraid that Mittelstadt will be more of a 2C like Sam Gagner if Casey reaches that ceiling. This year, it's "Dernière pour Lafrenière".
  3. But, yeah, Ryan O'Reilly for Ryan Johnson is a total fail. (Bergland quit on team, Sobotka just starts to play well and gets knee blown out and is a UFA, Thompson is a bust and injured). Ryan Johnson, while a true Freshman, isn't exactly lighting it up in college.
  4. Buffalo has done some real doozies of bad trades. How about this one: Andreychuck + Puppa + #1(#12-Kenny Jonsson) --> Toronto for Grant Fuhr Then later: Grant Fuhr + Philippe Boucher + Denis Tsyguov --> to LA for Huddy, Stauber, Zhitnick, & blown 5th round pick. So, in summation it is: Andreycheck(1LW))(HOF) + Puppa(1G) + Jonsson(1D) + Boucher (1D) +Tsygurov(7D) --->Huddy(4D), Stauber(3G), Zhitnick(1D) Really, it is a bunch of great guys for one very good d-man in Zhitnick. Real Cloutier trade was another stinker: McKegney + JF Sauve + Savard --> Cloutier(party boy bum who was kicked off team by Bowman 1 year later) + Creighton(3C/2C)Giraffe Creighton was later traded to Chicago for an over-the-hill Rick Vaive(1RW)
  5. Robitaille lives with massive chronic pain, heavily dependant on his wife for help. There was article on this fact several years back. Based on last night, it seems like the mind is willing and able, and the body is likely not. [In contrast to Okposo's possible future.] I would be surprised to see him return much, if at all. What I liked most about Robitaille were his stories about his playing days, something you don't get much on radio any more where downtime is spent on commercials instead of colour-commentary. Everything has its season.
  6. The problem wasn't trading Kane away; I was all in on that. and return was OK. The problem was trading for Kane in the 1st place. Vancouver just valued Tyler Myers at $6M per year. Joel Armia is scoring goals for Montreal; he probably has more goals than our entire 3rd/4th lines. Jack Roslovic is still a good prospect/player. Brenden Lemieux (who didn't want to play in Buffalo) is still in the NHL. Stafford was still serviceable for a couple years. Our return was not even an ECHL level goalie, an injury prone d-man, Danny O'Regan who left as a UFA, and the main pick which got us Montour. Would you trade Myers, Roslovic, Armia, & Lemieux for Montour and Bogosian? Lemieux - Roslovic - Armia would make a great 3rd line for us. Yes, the Skinner trade was a Miro Satan-esque steal. But the ROR trade has been a disaster, especially with St. Louis making the playoffs at the last minute and then winning the cup, "because Buffalo". We'd better hope that Ryan Johnson turns into a great player because Thompson's ceiling looks to be Joel Armia.
  7. Yes, I'm out of range and listen on the app [via Alexa, via computer(s), via cell phones]. To clarify: the problem with last night was: a. 1st period was fine. b. Around 8:00 PM, the broadcast switched to what would have been on if not for the hockey game. And as I recall, the "On Air Now" section on the website didn't say a hockey game. It happened on three different devices to at least two people. That doesn't sound like an app problem. It sounds like an automation issue. And if it's across the board, then a simple speaker in the station should reveal the problem. Concerning the commercial "loop", OK, maybe that is an app issue, an issue that seemingly seems to cut in and out, and only on a few occasions. Bizarre. That still doesn't excuse them from: 1. reporting the problem to the public. 2. correcting the problem(app). Paul's terse "It is [playing on WGR550]" is not enough. It's quite condescending in fact. [Mini-rant: Paul's use of Twitter is a perfect example of why I hate Twitter: people often don't give any context, leaving you to have to dig through the thread to get the point. It's like TV simulcasts on radio where it can be hard to follow the play, and you certainly cannot see any of the replays. That's why I've always preferred RJ because he cut his teeth on radio and does a clearer play-by-play. And Rob Ray, for all of his faults, also does a good job explaining plays.]
  8. Sabres in Florida. Terrible play. Where's Wayne Gretzky with his obligatory Mickey Mouse comment? Maybe he was home trying to listen to the dreadful WGR550 broadcast. Most of the 2nd period went off the air last night. A listener tweeted Paul Hamilton to ask why the game wasn't on WGR. Paul tweeted back "It is". But it wasn't. Talk about lack of situational awareness! Paul was IN STUDIO and still didn't know that they weren't broadcasting the hockey game any more. After the game, Paul's cell phone went off live on air. Talk about a bonehead move! Paul should be benched for the next game to see if he can get his head back on straight. Earlier in the year, the LA game as I recall, the 3rd period broadcast was ALL COMMERCIALS. Well, the play-by-play finally reappeared with a like 4 minutes left, but cut out again in the last minute of a nail-biter. And when Koziel came on for the post-game show, he said, "Due to the lack of whistles, we're going to have to have an extra commercial break." And the feed cut for a second, only to come back to Koziel apparently oblivious to the fact that no commercials just played. This WGR team is a mess. Bush league. They need to fire their GM. Since I was forced to listen to the Lightning broadcast, I can say that they are not bush league. I mean, man, they even have Newt Gingrich on Color Commentary ! Newt had his contract with America. WGR550 needs to do a contract with their listeners. Too bad WNY is part of the country that has taken a contract out on America.
  9. Well, for starters, Stephens is a LD and Spencer is a RD. This matters because Cincinnati only had 1 true RD. Spencer is bigger. Spencer has more AHL games under his belt. They are the same age. Both were drafted in 2015: Spencer in 2nd round, Stephens 5th round. I don't know if Stephens was injured or not, but he had only played 3 games this year. Last year Stephens was +39. Either way, they were winning without Stephens; so, why not trade for a RD? Of course, in the Sabres system big picture, RD is super-abundantly staffed, while LD is only slightly overstaffed. So, in the grand scheme of things, LD remains a priority for the Sabres, especially if they trade Scandella or let him walk as a free agent this next Summer.
  10. We should trade for Jake Virtanen, Mikko Koskinen, & Mats Niskanen We could have the play-by-play of: Ruotsalainen, Laaksonen, Niskanen, Virtanen passes to Jokiharju, Koskinen means " Swedish - little Valley - source of- small stream - passes to - river - rapids". Kukkonen translates to a barnyard word which has the double-entendre that we see in Pekar and Peca. Ristolainen kinda means place-of/son-of Risto. Originally (before the Winter War), the Ristolainen name came from Finnish Karelia.
  11. I love our new defenceman: JokeeHarJew....JokeeharYou...Yokeeharhew...Yokeeharhyu....Yokeeharyu. I think that the last one is correct, I believe. It's just crazy how many of the highlight films have the announcer pronouncing the "J' as both "J" and "Y" in the same word !! My trusty Google search tells me that indeed, "J" is always pronounced as "Y" in Finnish. (As opposed to English letters like C and G which can change according to which letter follows.) Jokiharju just rolls off my tongue like a river of water....Joki and Jokinen mean "river(s)". Like my favourite comedienne Joan JokiehardJew (nee Molinsky), a Russian who must have been from Karelia.
  12. Maybe, just maybe, part of the reason why we got Colin Miller instead of the other teams run by "idiot" GMs (Chevy, Benning) is exactly because the Vegas Knights don't think that they have anything to fear from the Sabres since the Sabres are in the Eastern Conference and aren't even likely to make the play-offs?
  13. Olofsson, CJ Smith, Nylander, and O'Regan all might be gone next year. Our only new Sabres talent will be Pekar, Fitzgerald, and Bryson. Maybe they bring up Glotov from ECHL. I expect Olofsson to default to NHL. CJ Smith is a nice player, but we are overloaded on LW. Nylander is an unpassionate, fringe player who I doubt even becomes an AHL star. O'Regan is a free-agent. Randy Sexton has a lot of work to do.
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