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  1. GMTM got them a #1LW, #1C, #1RW, best in the league #2C, and a #1G. GMTM just blew it when he drafted Nylander instead of Sergachev, MacAvoy, Chychrun, or Fabbro. [He apparently totally blew it when he used the B word in relation to Kim.] Then in same draft, he traded away an NHL(6-7) D in Pysyk to draft Asplund who hasn't really cracked the line-up yet, even as 4C. He missed on DeBrincat, but 29 other teams did too. Sam Girard was drafted in the 2nd round of the same 2016 draft. Oh the possibilities.
  2. They only had Samuelsson on the ice for like half the game last night, even more than Fitzgerald it seems. Laaksonen gets a healthy amount of ice time too. I can't readily find the official ice-time stats. They are playing Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen too much. That's why Ullmark got injured; HCRK, the genius that he his, overplayed him, IMHO.
  3. Don't both Ron Francis and JBot have histories with Skinner? JBot signed Skinner. Expansion teams often lack for stars. Sure it's $9M/yr, but he'd help generate excitement for a new fanbase, especially compared to the normal scrubs that expansion teams get. You can't compare to Las Vegas because 1. it was a surprise to everyone how well that team played, 2. teams made bad trades with Vegas to try to keep certain players; GMs should have learned from that experience. It would seem that the Sabres are hoping that Skinner will waive his NMC for the expansion draft.
  4. Bring in the scabs! Bring in the scabs!
  5. Depression. That's my guess. It's 2020 all over again. Lockdowns remain. NHL players are living in small bubbles. The Sabres totally suck once again. At the risk of getting banned/fired, bubble players probably aren't having lots of dates. Jack might have family affected and locked down, etc. Since the Sabres problems are mostly mental, HIPAA and league rules probably put a straight-jacket on what Kruger can say. Angry but careless dispassionate play speak depression. And it doesn't have to be a deep depression to affect things. On a related note, Skinner said that it's
  6. Terry boldly announces that he not only doesn't know what Twitter is, but he is totally computer illiterate. And then he fires general managers for "not knowing how to communicate". 🙄 And who knew that he had so many children, some of them "huge" Sabres fans? I've only heard about the tennis player.
  7. Vince Dunn is on the block. I know that it would be dealing with the devil, but what about a Tage for Vince swap. Let St. Louis have its trash prospect back for an established LEFT d-man with established skill and Sabres ties. It's gotta be better than playing Montour and others on their off side. Thoughts?
  8. Oops. UPL, AKA Ukko-Pekka Luukonen.
  9. Amerks Afterthought. According to their website, the Amerks have 10 forwards (I count 12-13), 4 defensemen (I count 5 actually), and 3 goalies. That does not make a complete AHL team, especially not on defence. AHL teams don't have roster limits like NHL teams. And they have to rotate in "Veterans". Maybe Kim and Terry forgot to tell GMKA that he had that role too since they fired Steve Greeley? They have less than 1.5 weeks until faceoff. Here's what I actually see as the Amerks right now (key: &= AHL only, *= rookie) CJ Smith A. Ruotsalai
  10. Troll? Facts get under your skin, eh?
  11. Not to start another fight...the election results are unsettling so far, but at least I can say that I'm not feeling quite so alone this morning seeing that only one county in WNY voted for Biden(Monroe). Even Erie county seems to have voted for Trump. So this BB doesn't seem representative of WNY. Islander's country seems to be split (Nassau and Suffolk voting for Trump). Rangers country, well, there's no saving NYC; enough already, make them their own state. Just saying. 🤫
  12. Remember how the NYR ping-pong ball got man-handled before the lottery? No nothing-burgers here; the fix was in.
  13. Touche'. Kane is HHOF, no doubt. Kucherov, Marner, & Pastrnak have had great starts. But do they really compare to Howe, Jagr, Kurri, Bossy, Mogilny, LaFleur, Hull, Garner, Selanne, Neely, ... even Gare, and Vaive ? I know that it's hard to compare eras, but RW had more prominence then. All things being equal, the centre wins. And Rossi's stats were better than Quinn's. I thought that we already had Reinhart, Tage, Cozens, (and Kahun, Olofsson, & Skinner) who can play RW.
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