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  1. Olofsson should have been in the NHL from day 1. No one, AFAIK, on the Sabres came through Rochester. We had three AHL rookies of the year in a row for the Portland Pirates. exGMJBOT's big problem was keeping people in Roch too long "to build a winning culture". That's gotta be part of the reason why Pilut flew away. Nelson seems lost in the converstation, but he could've been a good 7-D in Buffalo; he was very good in Rochester, arguably their best all-around defenceman. Heck, NHL teams like Vancouver and Pittsburgh are playing our AHL rejects. It's all poor asset management: too much mediocre depth (4 RD starters and only 2 LD starters).
  2. Kim and Terry sound like they have poor communication skills (low verbal IQ). That's why they had hired another dolt in GMJBot. Kevyn Adams, Kruger (and JMTM) all seem much better skilled in English, and that's a good omen. JMTM wasn't all rainbows and unicorns, but he got 2 #1 C's, a #1 LW, and a #1 G; JBot lost 2 of those for little return. Gerry Meehan didn't have a huge hockey higher-up resume when he was hired (he was an ex-Sabre player and a laywer), and Meehan got us Mogilny.
  3. " Adams was both a devout Christian, and an independent thinker, and he saw no conflict in that." Ditto.
  4. Do you understand that when a judge sentences someone to jail, the entire prior record comes into play?? Do you realize that at trial, prior records are often admitted too? Arbery was a legitimate suspect to crimes in process.
  5. Did you rob a Walmart and resist arrest too?
  6. You don't know that. It's a hypothetical. And I'm sure that there are LOTS of Whites killed by cops. I know this to be true. The FBI keeps stats. Did you charge the cop swearing at him?
  7. What fight? I was trying to point out the "rest of the story". Go ahead and quote me. I've said nothing wrong. I'm not the one rushing to judgement.
  8. Yeah. He reacted to the cop in 2017 because he was STUPID (not because he was black, but because he was stupid) and ANTISOCIAL. If you think that White cops hate Black people, the last thing a smart person does is try to do is give the cop a reason to attack you.
  9. Is there anyone else there who can read and use logic? Or are you all tacitly siding with LGR4MasterOfTheUniverse and are happy to have him attack me?
  10. My racism?? The father was a FORMER COP WHO HAD HANDLED ARBERY's CASE BEFORE; HE KNEW HIM TO BE A TROUBLE MAKER!!! What about that doesn't make sense to you. Arbery was not just some random guy ! Clueless much? I said that the cop killed Geroge Lloyd was guilty of MURDER! Can you read?
  11. He was not some RANDOM jogger. He was known perp. Big difference. The cops were already called. Big difference. You don't go around killing people after you've called the cops when you likely know that your neighbor is filming it too. That's as dumb as clearly killing someone on camera (George Lloyd cop). You keep on defining them.
  12. Notice who is calling others a "POS"?? It's not I who is continually resorting to threats and name calling. Funny how "illiberal" that makes you seem. You "love everybody", except conservative Christians who are "POS". Nice. Every seen a mirror?
  13. More QED. There's a saying: "A little learning is a dangerous thing." Liberals are a perfect representation of that. They consistently make bad choices. You are trying to defend bad guys and say that their deaths were all due to evil White people, as an entire class. That's racism. I judge people as individuals.
  14. Arbery had a prior record. FACT; it's police cameras. The white father was a retired cop who had dealt with Arbery. Fact. Break-ins had been happening. Fact. A gun was stolen. Fact. Arbery was seen trespassing before and again that day. FACTS. The police asked the retired cop to help police the neighborhood. Likely fact. In Georgia it is legal to make a "citizen's arrest" if you believe that a crime is happening. Fact. They didn't wake up that day and think that they would lynch somebody. Past behaviour predicts the future. It was not racist to suspect Arbery. It would be racist to suspect a random black guy on the street. Arbery was not a just some random "jogger". That is YOUR bias.
  15. He charged the cop in the park and was swearing and menacing the cop. Did your research show you the WHOLE video?? Or did you just use selectively edited videos from liberal media. Never let facts get in the way of your own views, do you much?
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