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  1. Ennis & Girginsons appear to be 1 and 2 then who? Hodson is better at wing due to less defensive responsibilities. Rienhart seems like he could use another year to get stronger without taking the punishment of the NHL. Grigorenko could use a year in the AHL. Larrson has struggled to score at the NHL level. Torry Mitchell is a 4th line guy Thoughts?
  2. http://www.diebytheblade.com/2014/7/31/5956907/report-danny-flynn-to-be-second-assistant-on-sabres-staff
  3. Seems as if Murray likes big physical wingers. He also seems to prefer soft puck moving defensemen.
  4. Does anyone know the official date that the Islanders have to decide by?
  5. Linus Ullmark should be getting more pub as a high end Sabres prospect. He is leading the Swedish men's league in save percentage.
  6. It makes a lot of sense if the scouting combine were to come to Buffalo. BUFFALO IS THE IDEAL CENTRAL LOCATION (less than 8 hour drive) with Toronto, and Ottawa to the north, Detroit and Chicago to the West, Pittsburgh and Columbus to south, Boston, New Jersey and New York to the East. It also will have the best facilities available for that type of event. It would be wise for the NHL to take advantage of this opportunity.
  7. Will Sam Bennett most likely be a winger or center at the NHL level?
  8. Andrew Peters --> ugh... Very tough to listen to.
  9. I was wondering why Hunter Shinkaruk is rated higher than Kerby Rychel? They both have similar offensive numbers, but Rychel had far less talent around him. Also Rychel is bigger and plays a more physical game. To me it just seems as if Rychel should be the higher rated prospect.
  10. He skates very well, playes with a physical edge, plays both ends of the ice. He is a Steve Ott of the future. He is projected between picks 20-30 in this upcoming draft. It would be great if the Sabres could work out a deal to get a 3rd 1st rounder and pick him up. Players like him and Bo Horvat are tenacious players that would be welcome additions to the Sabres lineup. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=653066 http://lastwordonsports.com/2013/05/06/ryan-hartman-2013-nhl-draft-player-profile-26/ http://thehockeywriters.com/ryan-hartman-the-next-ones-nhl-2013-draft-prospect-profile/
  11. Trade Thomas Vanek and/or Ryan Miller in the eastern Conferance?
  12. Stafford definitely could use a change of scenery.
  13. I thought I recall something about where Ruff said Hecht would often cover up for Briere defensively. I think that is one of the reasons they kept Hecht & let Briere walk.
  14. Of the top defensive prospects on the Sabres only McNabb has really good size and grit to his game. Pysyk, McCabe, Guthier Leduc, and Brennan each are puck moving defenseman that seem to lack the real size and grit. I know the Sabres still could use more high end forwards, but The Sabres may want to add more size and grit to their defense core with 1 of their picks in the first few rounds of the upcoming draft or in a trade for a prospect.
  15. Maybe instead of having a phantom goalie the Sabres should put something in front of the net to improve picking corners and shooting.
  16. I find it to be strange how the Sabres have about 10 guys on defense who should have NHL games this season yet they never turned that into a package deal to upgrade the quality of their team. It is like Darcy is more concerned about depth and injuries to players on defense to where you had several NHL defenseman on the AHL team instead of using that asset to improve the quality of the players on the NHL team. Pysyk and McNabb both should have some NHL games this season but are stuck behind other players of similar ability because Darcy appears to prefer minor league depth over the quality of NHL talent.
  17. He scored 31 goals in 62 games in a contract year. The next most he has scored was 20. He certainly has talent to be a very good player in the league but his work ethic and character has to come into question.
  18. I have a lot of resect for his tenacity on the ice. He is an in your face, hard working type of player.
  19. With there being 2 buyout players after the season, Villie Lieno is an obvious choice as on of them. Who will the 2nd player be?
  20. http://sabres.nhl.com/club/app Players are continuing to miss games. It's a shame that they don't press Fear enough to get a deal done. The more games they play the better chance of them making their mark in franchise history!
  21. http://sabres.nhl.com/club/app Players are continuing to miss games. It's a shame that they don't press Fear enough to get a deal done. The more games they play the better chance of them making their mark in franchise history!
  22. I heard Andrew Peters was complaining about not having a pension. Can you imagine making a half million $ per year for 6 years working only 3-4 minutes a night for only about 35 nights a year. Poor guy.
  23. Ted Black said he wants to create somewhere that people would want to come back to over and over again. They should put a world class luxury/health spa in there.
  24. How proven is Ruffs system? They missed the playoffs 6 of the last 10 seasons. Players continually come from other teams and have their production drop. Who was the goalie for Florida this season? Who are big names on that team?
  25. Dineen had much less talent in Florida than Ruff had here in Buffalo, yet Dineen made the playoffs without excuses.
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