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  1. Son slaps his sister i pick up son to take to time out son punches me in nuts while I’m carrying him. as I’m about to puke on the floor the caps score not a good night
  2. barkov would be cozens, and a first to start the convo i'd imagine. then we'd have to give up more
  3. ordered fubotv. were travelling around in an rv and this worked great for last night!
  4. Does anyone have fubo tv? It’s an app and looks like has the nhl package.
  5. i'm hoping cozens shows enough quickly and he can center a line with skinner on the wing. skinner on the fourth line just doesn't give me a good feeling. love the top six. or if victor can move over to right wing.
  6. Skinner gets back to over 30 goals and we get some decent goaltending and this team has a chance. Cozens in the Calder race could make us real good.
  7. For his sake I hope al that debt is real estate. I mean I know he has a place in Vegas and I’m sure Cali and those aren’t cheap. Plus you buy a spot for the parents and next thing you’ve spent like 15 mil or more.
  8. i'm sure they've offered plenty of help. his finances should be in conservatorship for the next decade at least i'd say. strict budget and he can live well the rest of his life.
  9. i hope he kicks all those dependends out besides wife and kids and just invests every penny that starts coming in. assuming a large part of those debts have to be homes right? real estate investments hopefully?
  10. If we trade him I want a nice package back for him obviously. But he’s a consistent goal scorer and responsible in his own end. I’d go 6.5 for 8 years.
  11. I don’t think he plays with jack right? Jack likes to play that structured game and feed his winger like olof. olof Jack rhino hall staal skinner cozens (pray for our defense)
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