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  1. 1st-4th: best offensive player that isn't a RB 5th-7th: best offensive player I'm only kinda joking. A DE is definitely a position that could be upgraded, and it's a real need if they don't re-sign Shaq. CB depth could be improved, as could OLB. But holy hell, if I go through another season of "you can't evaluate Josh because he doesn't have enough help" I may spontaneously combust.
  2. Kyle Shanahan is amazing. Offensive mastermind. The way the 49ers use motion and alignments to open up giant running lanes is amazing. And that's with a mediocre QB!
  3. Same as during the regular season.
  4. Only if you ignore the contracts. Losing Bogosian to waivers would be a hugely positive development. Of course people aren't going to be upset.
  5. That's fair. I'm normally the same way. Except The Witcher 3. That I pre-ordered and downloaded at release.
  6. Meh. $60 for the amount of hours a good game will give you is among the best entertainment values around.
  7. Minor detail: he also passed Mario on the all-time list. I honestly think he gets to Gretzky if he doesn't retire.
  8. Of course, it's hockey. Barring a goalie, there's usually not one player to blame. But Bogosian was a significant problem, and he will continue to be one as long as they keep dressing him.
  9. Saying an NHL player did what you would do isn't the defense you think it is ?
  10. He's been pretty great basically since coming back from the concussion. Because they look like they should be good hockey players? That's all I've got.
  11. 26 months. I'm sure it'll be at a country club prison and he'll get out plenty early, but hey, at least it's something.
  12. Internal analysis could be different, for sure. I don't buy that Dubas was in a position to acquire him, though. He was traded well before the Marner deal was in place, and Toronto was in no position to add $4M in salary.
  13. You're assuming they value Miller the same as Krueger does.
  14. Really depends on your opinion of Miller. I think he's clearly a top-4 defenseman. A team that takes numbers seriously, such as Toronto, may be inclined to agree.
  15. Obvious troll is obvious, but he has 20 points in his last 20 games.
  16. Toronto has the best record in the NHL since the coaching change. So no.
  17. It's official, Trump committed a federal crime by withholding the Ukraine aid: https://www.gao.gov/mobile/products/B-331564
  18. Not that I want to trade Miller, but Miller for Kapanen makes sense for all parties.
  19. I had my labrum fixed a few years back, and it royally sucked. But I made a full recovery, and I wasn't exactly getting the rehab that Tage will get. There's no reason to think this will have any meaningful effect on his career. I'll be surprised if he's ever a useful NHL player, but it won't be because of the shoulder.
  20. In game 7. To the team that made the conference final and lost to the eventual Cup winner. And you said it yourself, Florida has only gotten worse since he was fired. I agree he wouldn't fix what ails the Sabres, but you're out to lunch on your assessment of him as a coach.
  21. I'm catching up and made that post before I saw the DeBoer hiring. Reminds me of when Montreal hired Julien...a guy came available the wanted and made the move. That said, I still don't think it makes any sense. There's no evidence DeBoer is a better coach than Gallant.
  22. I dunno, it seems to point to the speculation there are non-hockey reasons for the move.
  23. The only thing Adams is better at than Hyde is hitting. He's notably worse in coverage. Not sure why you'd want to go there in this era. As far as Bell goes...why? Singletary is really good and dirt cheap. If you're going to pay Bell to essentially be a receiving threat...why not just get a real receiver?
  24. Teams ranked by PK%, best to worst, and their corresponding FO% rank while shorthanded: San Jose (4th) Washington (14th) Dallas (8th) Boston (28th) Tampa Bay (6th) Calgary (22nd) Arizona (15th) Edmonton (26th) Carolina (25th) Chicago (20th) Philadelphia (1st) St. Louis (9th) Pittsburgh (31st) Columbus (12th) Vancouver (2nd) Ottawa (3rd) New Jersey (30th) NY Islanders (23rd) Vegas (13th) Colorado (27th) Florida (5th) NY Rangers (24th) Montreal (18th) An
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