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  1. I'll try to find the numbers later, but it's incredibly rare for teams playing Wild Card weekend to get to, let alone win, the Super Bowl.
  2. You know you're on the wrong side of an argument when you have to do this. And that hypothetical 6 shot differential is significant over time. To make life easy, let's say Risto plays 20 minutes per game. That's 2 shots per game, or 164 over the course of the season. At a league average shooting of 9.11, you're looking at about 15 goals. That's significant.
  3. It shouldn't be. It takes about 5 seasons worth of goal data to produce results which are as predictive as 1 season of shot data (it might not be exactly 5:1, but it's something like that). Goal data is heavily influenced by shooting and save percentages, both of which vary wildly from year to year and take a long time to show a coherent pattern we can reasonably draw inferences from.
  4. Guhle can't crack the lineup as a regular on a bad team. Montour is considerably better.
  5. Meh. Once upon a time, Andrew Hammond looked like the second coming of Hasek for a similar stretch of games. Brian Bickell was a clutch playoff hero. Montour is fine, I certainly don't hate him. But he's pretty expendable for me.
  6. Oh man, I miss Reggie. Such a good player who was wholly under appreciated.
  7. Funny, trading Risto would me by cue to believe in the team's direction ?
  8. He doesn't suck, but you'd have to do some work to convince me he's a top-4 guy on a good team unless you're structured with a prime Keith-Seabrook style pair where you're really a top-2 bottom-4 setup.
  9. This has the sad ring of truth. And yet, they remain considerably better at their job than our GM is at his.
  10. I've been screaming from the mountaintops since the offseason he isn't as safe as many presume. I shall continue to scream it. I'm not saying he will be fired, just that it's very much in play.
  11. Sheary is probably Botterill's third-best forward acquisition. Take that as you will. I remember the days of you defending the O'Reilly trade because of cap space. And here we are using that space on a bunch of zeroes.
  12. Maybe it's semantics since they're related, but I don't think cap management is the problem. The problem is talent evaluation. Botterill legitimately thinks the forwards he acquires are good when they are not.
  13. It is. Risto is doing the same swan song he does every year. As to your flip side, that's fair, but you're the one who said winning a puck battle is the single most important characteristic ?
  14. It's worth noting that Sakic spent a lot of time being terrible before the Avs turned it around. I agree with you, just don't think he's a good example.
  15. Hopefully the team has some idea of his intentions. I think Larsson is worth considerably more than a 2nd round pick to a team that needs to start winning, so if he's open to staying, I'm not moving him. We have 2 effective lines, I'd like to keep them while trying to work on the other 2.
  16. Because he is incapable of clearing the zone. Winning the battle only to lose the war type of thing. What good is winning a contested puck if you proceed to fling it to the other team?
  17. I actually don't think we're far from a playoff team either as far as the number of acquisitions required...it's just that those acquisitions (top-6 C and RW) are somewhat sizeable. I will say, that if the plan is waiting on Cozens, Mittelstadt, and Thompson....Botts is cooked.
  18. Yea, but when was the last time he cross checked someone after the play? Trade the soft bum.
  19. There is no greater roster need than an infusion of offensive talent at forward. Well, he's having a terrible season. 17 points in 42 games.
  20. I see no reason to target a considerably worse player just because of stylistic preference.
  21. If he's not good enough to player for us, I'm not sure this is true. His skating used to be good enough to cover up his other problems, but now he can't skate, so not sure what value he brings
  22. Trocheck is too good for Botterill to be interested in...he only wants bad to mediocre forwards.
  23. Ironically, I did move today. It also moved upon catching up on this news.
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