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  1. I think you're right, and that's a perfect illustration of the problem. (If it's not clear, the GM is the problem)
  2. No, not us. Instead of using assets to improve, we need to sit here pretending it's blasphemy to trade a 1st round pick who in 3 years might be a middle-6 forward.
  3. So did Peyton Manning. Point? Mahomes is the best QB in the league, and in a game where he played poorly...he still put it together in 10 minutes to help his team win. You need to stop trying to downplay him just because Reid is also great and he has good weapons. BTW, I think you're overrating his weapons. The RBs are worse than Singletary, the OL is merely average. Kelce and Hill are great, but it's not like the Chiefs have All-Pros everywhere. Sure it is, because if Mahomes hits his open receivers it is a discussion. Shanahan is a tremendous play caller, but his game management
  4. Having a thoroughly average QB is all the more reason to not be giving up possessions.
  5. Game over. Pretty lackluster 3 quarters followed by a very good 4th. Happy for Andy Reid and offense-loving fans everywhere.
  6. Jimmy G with an Allen-esque deep miss to (Probably) end it.
  7. Eichel for sure. I'll also credit him for landing Pilut. And I think Johansson's contract is perfectly appropriate...just not the plan to play him at 2C.
  8. Yea I misinterpreted your post. We all good ? Another fine Jason Botterill contract.
  9. Ah yes. Misread that then. More than he's on pace for this year for sure, but he had several clunkers when not playing with talent. Point shots. Give me all of the point shots!!! ???
  10. He hasn't been good, but he has a entire career of consistently only being a 20-goal scorer. And now he's playing with a middle-6 winger turned center, and a 4th line winger. The cratering was expected.
  11. In fairness to Skinner, it's not his fault he got paid based on what he did with Jack and then...doesn't get to play with Jack.
  12. I'm with you, but it's a losing battle trying to convince anyone.
  13. I, on the other hand, will happily go into the ROR trade again. Even if the speculation is correct and it was driven by ownership, Botterill still decided that the deal he took was the best on the table. I'm sure he thought it was the best deal, but what in the world are we doing believing he actually took the best deal? His forward acquisition history should provide no such confidence.
  14. Nah, the only new taxes Florida likes are poll taxes.
  15. What a good contract that is, despite all of the ridicule it received upon signing. We'll be fortunate to get Reinhart on a similar deal.
  16. I'm almost certain they intended Singletary to start. Or, at the least, had a very real chance to do so. As to Knox, I don't think they expected him to start, but they had to think it possible given Kroft's injury history (to say nothing of the fact he wasn't exactly a proven starter). My point isn't that it's probable to get a starter in the 3rd, but it's likely enough that you should aim for it over a player you know is just a backup. RB is the most replaceable position in football, and has among the lowest relative value. Drafting a RT in the 3rd has a better chance of upgrading your backup
  17. Right, it's the opportunity cost that's getting lost here. I'm not against upgrading at RB behind Singletary, but you need to aim higher with a 3rd round pick.
  18. They can, but they shouldn't. The value isn't there relative to the other needs on the team. You can get starters in the 3rd round at a reasonable clip. To deliberately get a backup at a low (relative) value position is madness.
  19. The 49ers backup who became starter was cut by 6 other teams ended up being MVP of the conference title game (since you can't give MVP to the entire line). Continue to improve the line, scheme a little better, and plug and play literally anyone else. Line play and scheme are so much more important than the individual back.
  20. Because a 3rd round pick is valuable. Too valuable to use on a backup RB.
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