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  1. Maybe seeing the AAV and percentage of the cap comparison in the same place will help prevent people from freaking out when Reinhart gets $7M+. Probably not, though.
  2. I dunno, they took a bad penalty which is the only reason it's more than a 4 point deficit. I expect it to be close to the end
  3. Big games don't always live up to the hype. Well, this game is exceeding it. Just some great football going on.
  4. Really? His Pittsburgh teams regularly disappointed. Sure, they won a Cup, but they also got eliminated by a lower seed 5 years in a row after that. Yes, we Buffalo fans would be deliriously happy winning one championship. But when you have Crosby-Malkin-Staal down the middle, I'd say that's underachieving.
  5. Seattle demonstrating why game management matters in big moments when the competition is tight. Their last drive had zero urgency at all, and left the Packers with a situation where they could drain the clock with only a couple first downs. Had Seattle hustled and taken less time, they'd have a shot at another possession. Or they could have planned all along to go for it on 4th. In any event, Pete Carroll minimized their chances. Good job, coach!
  6. Hey, before this season it was at least a defensible position! He's been bad this year though.
  7. It's always a dead giveaway that somebody has no idea what they're talking about when they say a guy doing well will drive analytics people crazy, as if people who understand analytics don't know bad players will have good games. PS: "analytics people" generally like Rodrigues.
  8. Which 2 linemen? I see RT as a need, but the rest of them are fine (assuming we retain Spain). Not great, but fine. Give me a RT, 2 WRs, a TE, and a RB.
  9. Imagine spending a week preparing for a game and not having a play you like for 4th and 1 from around the opponent's 30. We lost to this guy's team ?
  10. Bill O'Brien burns a TO because he figured out halfway through the play clock he had to go for it. Unreal.
  11. I can't believe they let him be the one to trade Hall if his leash was this short.
  12. I don't think it's an accountability thing. I just think he's flinging poop at a wall hoping for a spark.
  13. This is some high quality momentum snark.
  14. Imagine if HOU had 2 TOs here instead of burning them on a FG sequence.
  15. Situational coaching is so important. O'Brien wouldn't go for it on 4th and 1 from the KC 25ish, but will go for a fake punt from his own 30? Insane. And here we are. I still can't believe we lost to that clown.
  16. I'm going to continue talking to myself. This is why O'Brien was nuts not to go for it on 4th and 1. 24 points weren't likely to be enough to win. And here we go.
  17. And just like that, it's a two possession game. Or not. Andy Reid with a ludicrous decision to go for the extra point instead of 2.
  18. Texans with a chance to bury the Chiefs and they waste 2 TOs instead. Some A+ coaching by O'Brien there.
  19. Chiefs playing like the Bills in the second half.
  20. I'm usually the "don't take expensive contracts for 30+ players" guy...but I make that trade yesterday. Couture is still great, fills a ginormous area of need, and brings plenty of playoff bonafides. Yes please. If he sucks in 4 years, well, we're looking like we might suck for the next 4 without major moves, so I'll take that risk. I don't want to move Miller, but if Krueger is just going to keep rotating him to the press box, then yea I make this trade.
  21. Lamar played horrible, but that doesn't mean you should draw any broad conclusions about the league figuring him out. Not every team has the Titans defense, and players are, in fact, allowed to have bad games without it being more than a bad game.
  22. Dude's gonna win MVP, has a bad game, and now is figured out? Pfffft.
  23. On the one hand, I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the franchise and fanbase that worships Ray Lewis get absolutely beat down. On the other hand, I'm sad we won't see more Lamar this year because he's (usually) so fun to watch.
  24. Botterill has had ample opportunity to move on from one of those, and chosen not to. Botterill chose to spend $2.85M on McCabe, $2.75M on Hutton, $2.28M on Vesey, $4.3M on Frolandella, $5.25M on Sheary (+Hunwick), $3.5M on Sobotka...and more. And that's without factoring in how he got rescued from $4M on Berglund. Jason Botterill is responsible for Jason Botterill's cap problems.
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