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  1. Sabres fans with Krueger: “too much structure, let them play!” Sabres fans with Donnie G: “too much letting them play, where’s the structure?” Rayzor quote of the night, quoting Mike Keenan: “if you don’t know what you’re about to do, the other team doesn’t either.”
  2. This was my biggest gripe of the game. Kick it in play, eat as much time as possible.
  3. This needs to be in the running for dumbest post of the season award. 8 of the 11 players listed on the Injury Report are veterans, which didn’t include Quinn.
  4. I just get annoyed that he claims his name is pronounced Farve when it’s clearly spelled Favre. How did the R magically jump in front of the V?
  5. How does LB remind you of 1996? 3 Dollar Bill didn’t come out until 97, and Significant Other came out in 99
  6. What does Prince Edward Island have to do with anything?
  7. Where is the dude that’s been saying all season that the Bills suck? Is he still posting here?
  8. I’m very disappointed that the person that got 10,000 something can’t even take the time to acknowledge the thread about them.
  9. Probably a league or 3 below wherever the Sabres found Joe Finley.
  10. I’ve been trying to find a Super Chexx Bubble Hockey with RJ as the announcer for years, but these suckers want like $3,000 for one. As if they are stuck in Covid Containers off the California Coast or somethin’
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