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  1. Brought me back to the final home game in 1972 when Gerry Meehan scored in the final seconds to knock Philly out of the playoffs
  2. I noticed Barnes advertised during Bills pregame saturday and Cellino on the postgame. I wondered if that was part of their divorce agreement.
  3. If Seattle hired him to provide cap analysis, they might appreciate him.
  4. Valid point - I'd be willing to exchange Ottawa for Columbus. In setting my favorite Sabres division I didn't give any consideration to the remaining 24
  5. Sabres, Bruins, Habs, Leafs, Flyers, Pens, Red Wings, Blue Jackets I like regional and this is both regional and includes the most important rivals
  6. I think the biggest stumbling block to that would be geography. Look at increased travel for the Canadian division.
  7. I still remember seeing Peter Gabriel at Kleinhan's very shortly after he left Genesis
  8. I can't let that go without the Ric Seiling over Mike Bossy reminder
  9. Schoeny. I was there the night he took on Orr, Vadnais, and Cashman. Nothing better for a 12 year old
  10. It seems to me the Sabres thought more of him than the typical "BPA" because they moved up, however slightly, to draft him.
  11. I can't imagine hockey doubleheaders at the NHL level. If attempted, it'll be all star game "physicality"
  12. I understand exactly - for instance the Sabres have a starting goalie, frankly by default. The fact that he is the starter in Buffalo may make him "#1" but that doesn't mean he is a top 31 goalie. Bob Kaufman was an NBA all star for the Braves. All it meant was that he was the best player on an expansion team
  13. I still remember watching that game live. All 3 forwards headed up ice with the puck after winning the draw
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