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  1. If we're choosing two goalies, I'm putting Crozier with Hasek.
  2. Calgary now admits it needs a defenseman. There's a lot I'd like from that forward roster.
  3. THE GOAT - Ali or Jim Thorpe. Honorable mention - Jackie Robinson
  4. General speculation has been a trade with Tampa, Winnipeg, or Anaheim. None have any pending arbitration so their rosters/salaries are known to the GM's.
  5. What is buyout period start if Sabres & McCabe settle? 48 hours after settlement? 48 hours after Ullmark (unless settled) or has it expired because settlements make it 48 hours after Erod?
  6. I'll guess 1.2, which is a 50% raise from last season. He started merely 34 times and has played in less than 70 nhl games in his career. I can't imagine a (hopefully, but not yet proven) reliable backup goalie gets much more in his 2d true season as an nhl player.
  7. Just two years ago Fenton as GM and Housley as head coach were the hottest names possible.
  8. I have Todd Marchant on Ken Dryden. I'll eat my last meal to watch!
  9. Probably, but not much. Larsson at $1.55 sets my ERod ceiling about $1.75. Maybe I'm out of touch with NHL salary structure, but I agree that $2 for ERod just feels wrong and leads to cap trouble.
  10. Incomplete, trending positively. From outside the organization the ROR trade looks horrible. I truly believe there were off ice reasons - likely decided the locker room wasn't big enough for ROR and Jack - that the trade was made.
  11. I voted 3-4, which is McCabe at his best. He'll NEVER be confused with Mike Ramsey, I don't think he's as solid as Tallinder, but he is comparable to Lydmon. A good, solid NHL defensemen, but not any good teams best.
  12. One thing Botterill has shown is that the ROR disaster hasn't made him gun shy in remaking the roster. That, I view, as a good sign.
  13. How would youngsters learn Canadian geography if they didn't have to look up where Moose Jaw, Kelowna, Lethbridge, etc are?
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