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  1. I can't imagine hockey doubleheaders at the NHL level. If attempted, it'll be all star game "physicality"
  2. I understand exactly - for instance the Sabres have a starting goalie, frankly by default. The fact that he is the starter in Buffalo may make him "#1" but that doesn't mean he is a top 31 goalie. Bob Kaufman was an NBA all star for the Braves. All it meant was that he was the best player on an expansion team
  3. Marvin and Smell hit the perfect note
  4. I still remember watching that game live. All 3 forwards headed up ice with the puck after winning the draw
  5. I attended a couple Bison games with Dad. In the fall '70 I couldn't believe the Sabres didn't get to keep Guy Trottier, Gille Villemure and others! My first Sabres game was in the spring of 71 - Bert scored against the Blues to break the rookie goal record, which he held for a year thanks to Rico.
  6. My initial sentiments exactly. I hope we're both proven wrong
  7. WHAT - no love for Jiri Dudacek?
  8. Should have read student, not grad. It was a long time with much heartbreak, especially 72
  9. The first Bills game I attended was against the fish in '69 at the Rockpile. I was 8 and the Bills won. Then they went "0 for the 70's" and I was a college grad before they beat the fish again
  10. It was a different era of junior hockey. Making the Jr. Canadiens was the most difficult cut those players survived in their careers!
  11. Great Natural/Sabres history lesson
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