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  1. Apparently last night's loss was the death knell for their now former staff
  2. Anyone else remember the gray seats? Used to have a blue and a gray section, all became blue
  3. Braves games - Tops tickets in the oranges
  4. Favorite Aud memories include Little 3 doubleheaders - didn't realize how special it was to see Calvin Murphy and Bob Lanier play in the first college basketball games I attended; The Who on Dec. 4, 1979; Sabres good memories include Schoeny's 3 fights and beating the Bruins; "Thank you Sabres" as the Habs eliminated us; 12-6 over the Russians
  5. Brilliant - many verses describe the state of being a Sabres fan since 1970!
  6. Memphis Tiger season ticket holder. Tiger basketball is very important
  7. Slightly better because the Earl of Bud was there!
  8. My recollection is that they played a couple of games in Germany a few years ago. Are you counting the outdoor games in the two Winter Classic's as "neutral"?
  9. Great idea, if you don't get a penalty for it
  10. im convinced they are 1. better then last year 2. competitive 3. and good. the question is “how good” 4. i doubt they are as good as their record - giving place in standings
  11. Great job, but it is not chronological. Look at how late "here comes Shack" appears.
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