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  1. Brings back memories of attending the open practice for some reason
  2. Once he pulls on a B's sweater, Taylor Hall becomes my most hated bruin since Schoeny had to fight Orr, Vadnais, and Cashman
  3. While I don't necessarily disagree, there is a part of me that likes this NHL asst/AHL head coach experience better than a fired former nhl coach. At a minimum, he has earned serious consideration, rather than just lip service and a perfunctory interview.
  4. What I like, so far, about Granato is that he is putting players in a position to succeed. He’s getting the best out of what he has, rather than senselessly pounding a square peg into a round hole. he may be what this team needs right now and has plenty of ahl (developmental) experience.
  5. Never thought about drafting GM Tallon because we couldn’t get a French Canadian. the wheel might as well have landed on one of that was the situation🤔
  6. If it was Toronto, I’d think the trade would already have been made to get the quarantine done. No sense waiting once Palmieri was gone to the isles
  7. I keep remembering that there is only one team Bowman didn't take to the Finals
  8. One reason this gives me pause to think it might be real - Team USA was alot of fun to watch and well coached in the recent U20 worlds
  9. Haven't scrolled through yet, but the title immediately made me think "Thank You Sabres" growing from a low murmur to an Aud filled chant as the Habs eliminated Buffalo in 1973. I was already a diehard, but that night still brings warm memories about possibilities
  10. Brought me back to the final home game in 1972 when Gerry Meehan scored in the final seconds to knock Philly out of the playoffs
  11. I noticed Barnes advertised during Bills pregame saturday and Cellino on the postgame. I wondered if that was part of their divorce agreement.
  12. If Seattle hired him to provide cap analysis, they might appreciate him.
  13. Valid point - I'd be willing to exchange Ottawa for Columbus. In setting my favorite Sabres division I didn't give any consideration to the remaining 24
  14. Sabres, Bruins, Habs, Leafs, Flyers, Pens, Red Wings, Blue Jackets I like regional and this is both regional and includes the most important rivals
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