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  1. One thing Botterill has shown is that the ROR disaster hasn't made him gun shy in remaking the roster. That, I view, as a good sign.
  2. How would youngsters learn Canadian geography if they didn't have to look up where Moose Jaw, Kelowna, Lethbridge, etc are?
  3. A Memphis play by play guy in the 70's frequently said "I'd root for Russia against Louisville"
  4. The only way I understand the "division thing" is because I have a similar thought on college sports. As a Memphis fan, shut out of the Power 5 conferences, I do root for teams in the conference to do well nationally when it doesn't "hurt" my beloved Tigers. Admittedly, I do not feel that way about pro sports.
  5. I can't help but think of the loss of the Bisons, Sabres inaugural season and Orr flying to win the Cup.
  6. Who the heck would want to claim having attended an "Institute" for god sakes!
  7. The current player and equipment is one reason I love international hockey on the larger ice surface. Even the worlds are more fun to watch when played on the larger European ice surface.
  8. These pics, and the guys in them are the reason I'm still a fan. Can't shake those childhood memories. I was 8 when the Sabres were born and because of them in the 70's, I'm compelled to still follow crap like the past month
  9. Does this mean that the Sabres can give him 8 after the turn of the NHL year because he will have been with them through this trade deadline, assuming he does stay ?
  10. I think the deadline will likely tell us how confident Botterill is that Skinner will sign. If not traded, I expect the organization thinks he'll sign. Am I correct that currently he can only sign a 7 year contract while he can sign for 8 after the season?
  11. The phantom signmakers and "Taro says" were as much a part of the Aud mystique and my youth as the Earl of Bud! RIP Steve
  12. I decided not to cheat and got 8. Most importantly I got #19 correct!
  13. Thanks - had no idea. My recollection is that Schoeny beat all 3 of his opponents - Orr, Vadnais, and Cashman.
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