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  1. Do I correctly recall that the first time I saw UB40 was on campus at UB around 78/79? I’ll always consider Linda Ronstadt the greatest female vocalist. i’ve had a crush on her for about 45 years now
  2. Do I correctly recall that the first time I saw UB40 was on campus at UB around 78/79?
  3. I was one of those 50 or so. Spring 1979, a couple months before HS graduation.
  4. Same here. I had no idea that I had met "the Harvey Weinstein" until it came out that he got his start as 1/2 of "Harvey & Corky Productions"
  5. Love the Billy Sheehan vote! Takes me back to the days of hanging out at Stage One before Harvey was infamous
  6. I think it was Larry Carriere that said something like - get the puck in your own end, take it behind the net, wait for Bert to circle back, pick it up, skate through both teams and score. Easiest plus 1 possible" I remember LaFleur flying down the wing and getting a pass, not waeving through both teams with the puck, but he was a Hab and it was a long time ago!
  7. I was a freshman at UR at a concert on campus. Can't recall how, but learned the score at the end of the second period during an intermission. Went to the student center where both tv's were tuned to the Olympics. Typical Olympic broadcast even then - switching to several events, but once Mark Johnson tied it the last 10 minutes were shown live. A special feeling that can't really be duplicated because the "cold war" and changes in Olympic eligibility. They'd never play the tournament in a 7500 seat arena today
  8. Bernie Parent is the sole reason the Sabres didn't win in '75
  9. Get 3 out of 4 points before the break and we'll all fee good
  10. Apparently last night's loss was the death knell for their now former staff
  11. Anyone else remember the gray seats? Used to have a blue and a gray section, all became blue
  12. Braves games - Tops tickets in the oranges
  13. Favorite Aud memories include Little 3 doubleheaders - didn't realize how special it was to see Calvin Murphy and Bob Lanier play in the first college basketball games I attended; The Who on Dec. 4, 1979; Sabres good memories include Schoeny's 3 fights and beating the Bruins; "Thank you Sabres" as the Habs eliminated us; 12-6 over the Russians
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