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  1. Memphis Tiger season ticket holder. Tiger basketball is very important
  2. Slightly better because the Earl of Bud was there!
  3. My recollection is that they played a couple of games in Germany a few years ago. Are you counting the outdoor games in the two Winter Classic's as "neutral"?
  4. Great idea, if you don't get a penalty for it
  5. im convinced they are 1. better then last year 2. competitive 3. and good. the question is “how good” 4. i doubt they are as good as their record - giving place in standings
  6. Great job, but it is not chronological. Look at how late "here comes Shack" appears.
  7. Best: "Robert, Rene Robert in overtime" 75 finals or "thank you Sabres" as the Habs won the series in 73. Worst: Losing to Isles in 80. That was a great team; Darius Kasperitus in OT; or Pens OT winner in 79
  8. I love Patty, but I'll always think of him as an Isle first
  9. Well said, although LaFontaine and Ramsey clearly deserve to be on the list of choices.
  10. I'll admit, Saturday night I turned game on near the very beginning after a football game ended. I was still in blue & gray for the football game. The early goal stopped mne from putting on my new "golden" jersey. It appears the jersey will stay on a hangar for awhile
  11. If we're choosing two goalies, I'm putting Crozier with Hasek.
  12. Calgary now admits it needs a defenseman. There's a lot I'd like from that forward roster.
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