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  1. Botterill is only partially to blame. The Pegulas are the true culprit here. Nepotism, disorganization, and idiocy surround the Sabres. It's like Botterill is trying to build one of those stilt-base beach houses, but the stilts are made of the rotting wood that is Pegula Sports and Entertainment. The organization is rotten to the core.
  2. NAF

    Targeting a 2C

    Why? Mittelstadt has been a disaster, and is quickly entering bust territory. People keep saying to just wait, but "late bloomers" like Nino Neiderriter are the exception, not the rule. I'd rather have Puljujarvi, who: a) is the same age as Mittelstadt b) suffered as result of garbage management in Edmonton c) is a RW (which the Sabres need) d) Just put up 53 pts in 56 games in Finland
  3. NAF

    Targeting a 2C

    Thanks yea I traded him for Puljujarvi
  4. NAF

    Targeting a 2C

    I think a solid off season would be to trade Mittelstadt for Puljujarvi, and sign Erik Haula as a 2C. Hopefully the abundance of Fins on our team can lure him in. Cirelli will be too costly to trade for and an offer sheet is unrealistic. Roster would look like this: Olofsson - Eichel - Reinhart Skinner - Haula - Kahun Johansson - Cozens - Puljujarvi Lazar - Larsson - Okposo (If no CBO) Dahlin - Miller Montour - Jokiharju McCabe - Ristolainen I see no way in which Botterill isn't fired if he doesn't find a 2C, so I am curious to see what happens this off season.
  5. \ Best moment in 2010s Sabres history.
  6. I stand with Duane. The best acquisition made under the Pegulas has been Brian ***** Duff. This is pathetic.
  7. I don't think we should be giving up assets at the forward position right now, if at all. One of the biggest issues with this team is forward depth, and while goaltending is also an issue, I think Ullmark and Hutton are serviceable until Luukonnen is ready.
  8. Eichel - 33 Skinner - 35 Reinhart - 27 Johansson - 16 Okposo - 9 Sheary - 11 Olofsson - 18 Vesey - 17 Mittelstadt - 19 Larsson - 4 Girgensons - 4 Rodrigues - 10 All other forwards - 5 Dahlin - 8 Ristolainen - 12 Montour - 5 McCabe - 2 Scandella - 4 Bogosian - 0 Miller - 8 Hutton and Ullmark - 1
  9. Not a chance they would take McCabe and Smith. McCabe is perpetually hit by the injury bug and Smith is an AHL player. They might not even accept Risto for Mantha straight up.
  10. I can't find any super solid data on bad attitude claims. It doesn't mean they aren't true, but I don't think they would be grounds to completely rule Sprong out of the possibility of a trade. He strikes me as a Vanek-esque player -- I've heard he's defensively irresponsible, but he can put the puck in the net. Either way, maybe a second trade in three years would help him change his attitude if it is indeed an issue.
  11. I think Buffalo would certainly be losing in a one for one Risto for Henrique deal, but maybe with significant adds from Anaheim's side it would be possible. Henrique will be turning 30 next February, just came off a pretty bad season, and has a pretty rough (5,825,000 AAV) cap hit. Obviously Rakell is the big fish from Anaheim, but another interesting player would be Daniel Sprong. He's a pure goal scorer with a lethal shot, though Anaheim might not be willing to part with him, as they are rebuilding and he may be considered part of their young core.
  12. Are you crazy!? Risto’s advanced stats are even worse than Laine’s! Our RD slot is filled, whereas our 2nd best RW is Conor freaking Sheary. If JB has the chance to trade Ristolainen (who may or may not be able to read) for a young, top five goalscorer in the league and doesn’t do he needs to be fired ASAP. I don’t give a rat’s ass about work ethic or ES goals if the guy can score 44 in one season. You bring up a legitimate concern with his contract, but that’s a good problem to have. I’d rather have that problem than seeing the Sabres finish near last in goals for next season, because I don’t see Tage Thompson and Kyle Okposo really being able to bring us out of the gutter.
  13. I meant make a trade offer for Kapanen's rights.
  14. A more realistic alternative might be to make an offer for Kapanen or another guy the Leafs won't be able to pay because of the contract Marner will demand.
  15. Made the account and then kinda forgot about it. Thanks for the thumbs up.
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