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  1. I think this next offseason is crucial. If they can add a solid middle six forward, a second pairing dman, and a better goaltender they can make the playoffs next year. The flood of youth that will join the roster next year can help them get over the goal line. They just need veterans to guide them. Frankly I'd be on board if they traded the Panthers first this year for a solid veteran forward.
  2. I think expectations on Tage need to be tempered. His shooting percentage is insanely high right now. That being said, he appears far more dynamic with the puck than ever before. I am excited to see how he progresses. I've also noticed that defensively he looks pretty solid. That long stick and his big frame helps to break up passes and keep the opposition to the outside in the defensive zone.
  3. In my opinion the trade is of fine value considering the circumstances. I really like Tuch and think Krebs will be a solid 50 point guy for a long time. Both of them are also supposedly high character guys. Overall I'll give it a B-. What I am upset about is what a waste the Eichel era was. Even going back to 2013 before he was even here. If you've seen Steve Dangle's video on the Phil Kessel era you'll know what I'm talking about. Sure there were some great moments -- the 10 game streak, Skinner's 40 goals, a couple of Eichel OT snipes. What I can't get back is eight years of Sabres hockey just wasted.
  4. What is that third team? IMO Theodore alone doesn't fetch a top center prospect like Turcotte or McMichael. Perhaps something else would have to be added?
  5. I think recent trades have seen centers fetch more value than wingers (like Reinhart), which is why I'm holding out hope that the Sabres get a haul for Eichel. If Eichel is being sent to Vegas -- which Friedman seems to be convinced of -- I think the Sabres need to get Krebs back in return. People forget he was ranked in the top 6-7 of the 2019 draft but fell to Vegas at 17 due to injury. He hasn't had much time in the NHL but has done pretty well in the AHL (small sample size though). Plus the team could always use a good Western Canadian kid.
  6. I dunno, started noticing it last night. I have no real statistical basis, just eye test.
  7. Respect, you're too kind! I find it difficult to have any sympathy for Kane. Especially since more and more stuff seems to come out about how much of a bum he is. He's been given a golden ticket and has behaved just as poorly as the non-Charlie kids from Willy Wonka.
  8. Watching this team is like watching Josh Allen last year. I just feel like it could just fall apart at any moment. Until then though, I am a happy camper. Even if they lose I'd be happy if they continue to play like this. They play an exciting brand of hockey (albeit they give up a lot of odd man rushes). Anything but the boring, defensive dogshit schemes brought by Housley and then Krueger.
  9. Yup. Ranking prospects is meaningless IMO. Nobody knows anything until these people play at the NHL level. Pronman also said Mittelstadt would be better than Pettersson and would win the Calder.
  10. Just not enough. This was the second best player on our team. Disappointing. Maybe the RFA trade market was bad for the Sabres, but there was no reason for Adams to make this trade right now. Easily could have waited and tried to get more.
  11. Please just don't take the goalie. I don't care other than that.
  12. After hearing Risto rumors for the past 4 years: Great value on the trade imo, still a bit sad/nostalgic. Risto had so many awesome moments as a Sabre. Also sad because it really seems like Reinhart and Eichel are going with him. Just a waste of six, maybe even eight years of Sabres hockey.
  13. Adams should lock Dahlin up to an eight year deal if possible. Heiskanen signed for 8.45 AAV and has outperformed Dahlin since they both entered the league. I think Dahlin would get anywhere between 7.5 - 8.5 AAV. Of course, it's very likely Dahlin will only sign a bridge deal.
  14. Okay I guess, probably would have preferred if they protected Borgen and traded Risto for assets that don't need protection.
  15. Does anyone else really not care so much about who the Sabres take with their first round draft picks? Of course I want them to take the best player and pick someone among what is regarded as consensus top 3-4, but I just feel like the draft is such a crapshoot that it's unreasonable to get pissed at Adams for picking the "wrong" player of those top 3-4.
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