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  1. I meant make a trade offer for Kapanen's rights.
  2. A more realistic alternative might be to make an offer for Kapanen or another guy the Leafs won't be able to pay because of the contract Marner will demand.
  3. Made the account and then kinda forgot about it. Thanks for the thumbs up.
  4. https://frozenpool.dobbersports.com/frozenpool_nhle.php This website uses a tool called NHLe, which attempts to predict NHL point totals based on those from other leagues. The site predicted Casey to score 32 points -- he currently sits at 25. While 25 < 32, I don't think there's anything to worry about concerning Casey's NHL development. NHLe doesn't account for many things, including the toll an 82 game season has on a 20 year old kid, and the fact that that kid might play for one of the worst teams in the league. An interesting tool nonetheless.
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