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  1. If the choice is between a first rounder and a B level blue chip prospect I'd honestly rather have the prospect. Given the Sabres' disappointing track record with late firsts I'd take the bird in hand over the two in the bush. He may not be considering the Bobrovsky deal.
  2. Put the league on notice. Nobody beats the Sabres 19 straight! As a side note this was the one game of the losing streak I bet the opposing team. Serves me right I suppose.
  3. Exactly how I feel. And even if the rumor is true I don't even know if Rutherford can fix this mess. It just seems like everything that the organization touches turns to ash.
  4. Are the Sabres are the worst organization in American professional sports (of football, baseball, hockey and basketball)? I don't really follow baseball but can't think of a football or basketball team worse than them. Maybe the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Charlotte Hornets are worse but I'm really having a hard time coming up with anything else.
  5. This has aged like milk
  6. I don't love Krueger as a coach. He makes questionable lineup decisions and speaks gibberish to the media. However, I don't believe firing him is justified for a few reasons: He has barely coached 1 full NHL season. Injuries and COVID have ravaged the team. The team has had ***** puck luck so far. XGF numbers are far higher than actual GF. I believe I saw somewhere that a number of our players have been experiencing record low shooting percentages. If we fire him, then what? At a certain point it just seems like no degree of coaching expertise can help this organizatio
  7. Remember when Sabres games were postponed due to COVID? Those were the days...
  8. I wasn't really bothered by the whole Skinner thing because I thought he was getting good chances. However, putting Okposo in the lineup I can't abide. He is a black hole on both ends of the ice. He has hands that move like feet and feet that move like bricks. There is a direct correlation between when Okposo was put into the lineup and when the Eakin - Rieder line became bad. I don't care how much leadership he brings if he can't play NHL level hockey. Please spare us from 21.
  9. I don't agree with the people saying the tank was the worst blunder. Rather, I think the moves and structure around the tank are what put the Sabres in a downward spiral. I think tanking is an okay move if you have ... a) Patience - Tim Murray thought he could speed up the rebuild by trading all of our picks and prospects for NHL ready players. It backfired horribly -- I think the Evander Kane trade was just as bad as some of the other moves on the list. b) Scouting Capabilities - Look back on the 2013 - 2017 drafts. It is embarrassing how few non-first round picks have panned out fo
  10. How in gods name did Hall win MVP? All he does is turn the puck over.
  11. I believe he has to be protected as he has a NMC.
  12. - Dylan Cozens is the best player on the ice. He's 19 years old. Depressing. - Okposo needs to be fired into the sun immediately. He saps the life from whatever line he plays on. - Eichel and Hall look like ECHL players. - I would trade half of our team for Tom Wilson. We need somebody who can get their teammates going.
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