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  1. Absolutely. I suspect that Jack had already asked for a trade before his injury. Once KA realized that Jack wasn’t part of the future, minimizing the financial consequences and risks of the injury became paramount.
  2. I was just watching espn plus and the picture quality was not good on the senators Canuck game. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. I don't like that offer at all. It's quantity not quality except for the 1st round pick which better be unprotected.
  4. Unfortunately you really don’t understand medicine and are ignorant of medical history. I suggest you read about Frances Kelsey one of the greatest American heroes you’ve never heard of. Perhaps after educating yourself, you won’t see medicine so black and white.
  5. It really depends on what contract Zibanejad is demanding. Both he an Eichel are not playing together. If he wants short term reasonable money, than I would just keep him and abandon the trade idea.
  6. All data quoted from the alpha variant is irrelevant at this time. The vaccines are much less effective against the delta variant. Only data from the past 3 weeks is relevant. In Israel which is among the most highly vaccinated countries most elderly are already getting the booster.
  7. Why should an obese patient who gets a stroke have priority. They should be fit according to your limited logic
  8. You obviously lack the cognitive function to respect others views. Your comments do not belong in a public forum.
  9. You are overrating Mitts. Tim Connolly was amazing when healthy. I suspect he tops out at Derek Roy.
  10. Don’t worry we can move wingers to Center like Leino an Mojo. Both worked out splendidly 🙄
  11. He’s the tank commander. The plan is very simple. We will spend at the floor and tank to get a top pick. Jack will be traded fir picks and prospects. Money will not be spent on high priced coaches or general managers. In 2 years we will have a lot of good young talent and then we will start spending again.
  12. I think Montreal is serious. They are losing Denault.
  13. He knows that no ufa wants to come to Buffalo so he’s charging a premium to return to the dumpster fire.
  14. Per Seravelli , Linus asking for 6 years at 6 million. That’s way too much.
  15. a one year dump is different than a Skinner dump. It all depends what dump is coming back
  16. The last thing we need is another bad contract like Skinner or Okposo. No way are we retaining significant dollars on Jacks contract
  17. I expect our cap will be at or near the floor. The Pegulas have lost large sums of money on the Sabres and know they won't be winning this year regardless of what is spent.
  18. I also think Bergevin wants to make a big move ASAP so the media will stop talking about this years 1st round pick.
  19. There is no chance they offer Suzuki or Caulfield. I think a reasonable return would be KK, Primeau, Romanov, 2022 1st round and a cap dump like Drouin or Byrom
  20. There is no situation where we don’t end up drafting in the top 3 next year. The tank is on.
  21. Sam probably is refusing to sign extension anywhere except out west. Conditional pick based on Sam resigning.
  22. I’m not excited about Devon Levi. He’s a small goalie and not one of their better prospects
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