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  1. Bogo just made a great play with an assist.
  2. I think the Pegulas will spend to the cap. They just don’t want to waste money on bad UFA signings like Leino etc. MAF is exactly what we need.
  3. MAF won’t turn down 2 years 22 million
  4. I think he will give a big money 2 year deal to MAF.
  5. Gallant is a great coach. VGK were foolish for firing him. Rangers look very good and Shesterkin is amazing.
  6. It’s all about the Goaltending!!! We need to fix that. Our forwards are fine and I’m OK with resigning Vinnie. If we have to trade VO to get a quality G that’s ok.
  7. What would it cost to acquire PLD and what is the contract?
  8. I thought Husso was just OK tonight.
  9. What type of contract would Husso cost?
  10. When does Sabres season start this year? Would love to do a Bills Sabres weekend.
  11. I actually liked her. It takes getting used to a female voice.
  12. It’s too bad he’s such a head case because he is a very talented physical power forward who scores. That is very tough to find. Great low risk signing for the Oilers.
  13. Kane is on his way to a Conn Smythe trophy if he keeps playing like he is. How painful would that be for us to have traded away 2 Conn Smythe winners.
  14. I would offer Victor Oloffson for Hellybuck
  15. What are the contract statuses of those top goalies?
  16. Who is the best goalie that could be available by trade?
  17. He would draft Wright with #1 slot and Nemec with #2 slot. No further discussion needed.
  18. I disagree. There will be a huge increase in STH this year. If Canadian border is wide open without testing than attendance will be much improved.
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