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  1. He would draft Wright with #1 slot and Nemec with #2 slot. No further discussion needed.
  2. I disagree. There will be a huge increase in STH this year. If Canadian border is wide open without testing than attendance will be much improved.
  3. The show was awesome. I can’t believe they haven’t gotten more popular. The lead singer went to Stanford. The lyrics are really thought provoking.
  4. I just saw Airborne Toxic Event in concert for the 3rd time. They are the greatest band you’ve never heard of. They are on tour now. Highly recommended.
  5. Portillo keeps giving up juicy rebounds. Power needs to hit someone.
  6. I’m hoping the attendance improves like the teams play. They are exciting to watch.
  7. I think we try and lock him up 8 years 6 million.
  8. At this pointe we have no idea how good Krebs or the draft picks will be. I do like Tuch
  9. I’m really starting to believe we could be a contender in 2 years with the right moves.
  10. I think both Power and Dahlin become great, but Power does it a younger age than Dahlin. Goalies are too hard to predict. Any of the 3 could be the best.
  11. What current AV receiver does an audiophile like yourself own?
  12. The Athletic had a flawed business model without advertising. I don’t understand how the New York Times makes money on the deal.
  13. How many dome games have you been to? I’m always disappointed with the atmosphere.
  14. He’s 21. When he’s 24 he’ll be a Norris nominee
  15. This I agree with. Power is a rookie and Dahlin needs an experienced stay at home partner. The problem is we have a bunch of very young LD. I think we will trade a LD for a young forward prospect and keep Pysyck as our experienced RD and maybe add another experienced RD
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