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  1. Some Texas Shoreline sativa is my guess.
  2. All John Gurtler calls were brutal. All of them.
  3. That was a problem for Dumba, too, until it wasn't.
  4. I'm talking about guys that you, personally, have predicted great things for, not moldy carrots. Real forward prospects, which the Sabres have too many of.
  5. I don't know how Bryson's name even came up. Anyway. The idea isn't to trade two pieces of garbage for a sports car. The idea is to trade an average NHL player and a prospect, and possibly more, for whatever comes back.
  6. I didn't say I would have packaged him with Bryson! Package him with one of the ninety-seven forward prospects and get something in return.
  7. These are good points. Time will tell. Agreed. I just don't think a fourth round pick (or is it fifth? I think PA said fifth?) is worth anything. It would have been better to package him and get more back.
  8. VERY private. He would rub my head and shush me when I tried to talk to him in church. And who knows for how long Carmen was sick? It might have been years during which he was caring for her and didn't give a damn about the team. And, frankly, who cares? She was his wife and it is his business (none of this directed at you, wookie, or even at anyone in this thread). All we can do is hope that he's ok and that the family is ok. That's kind of it, now, right?
  9. Lorentz's analysis was like organizing the confetti by color, density in area on the ice, distance thrown...the guy could break down a play into component parts like no one else I've ever seen in hockey. Football, sure. Hockey? No.
  10. Me too, that's why I asked. To me, cucumber salad is with tomatoes, a little fresh basil, maybe some red onion, and a little olive oil/balsamic. Salt and pepper.
  11. Cherry saved MacLean's job? (Honest question...)
  12. It must have been at his asking. It's almost three weeks now and we heard nothing except for a quick remark during the RJ stuff on WGR.
  13. The one where he's leaning back after the Kane-to-Eichel Hail Mary.
  14. I vote no, and that's only because there's another guy I'd like to see at 25 besides Andreychuk.
  15. Terry Pegula saying "this is for you, Rick," at the Cup presentation. Thought it would have been obvious!
  16. I can think of only one tribute that would be better.
  17. Regardless of whether the Bills wanted to "show their hand" by running the schemes and plays that they'll show us during the regular season, 12 penalties in one half is a problem. A discipline problem, and therefore a coaching problem.
  18. And I explained. Not doing anymore of this. I assume the Bills are still getting penalized and killed.
  19. I'd like someone to convince me, without using Josh Allen, that McDermott coaches well, while we're at it.
  20. When a political opinion is put forth by a moderator who is famous for stifling any scent of political discussion that doesn't conform to his view, that political opinion will be scrutinized. You know this. You're smarter than this. Now. Onto tonight's little disaster. WOW do the Bills need some discipline.
  21. It really is like a crust of stale bread to a starving person!
  22. There has to be an Act II to this. There just has to be.
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