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  1. It was a response to your question, so what, specifically, are you talking about? Did you post some weird conspiracy theory that got you kicked out?
  2. I will never accept people who post unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, if that is what you are referring to. Not welcome. Whether it's the Moon landing, the 2020 election, COVID, the Templars, or the Jews or the whatever, I'm not having it there. Ya dig?
  3. We know your biases, bud. It's way, WAAAYYY too late to try to conceal them through very transparent questions like this. Ah-gain, as for years, I ask you to step away.
  4. @inkman tomorrow: "People who stand in a restaurant doorway for ten minutes to say goodbye instead of saying goodbye at the table." Sunday? "People who go to the spot at the bar where there's already a drink because someone's in a bathroom, rather than the four spots next to it which are empty." Frankly, the second category are probably the children of the first, from what I've seen. Monday, I think he's gonna blow up a fast-food restaurant.
  5. Did he have an anal probe? This reveals the disingenuity (if your prior manifesto didn't).
  6. Gotta consider the source... I, too, could counter it with a lot of well-researched rebuttal, I'm just not doing it.
  7. There's so much I want to say about this but it's probably not the right place for it. I'll just say that I think we can do better than Anglo-American style unregulated capitalism. Rhine capitalism and distributism are interesting to me. Henry Ford knew that he needed to pay his line workers enough that they could afford a new car. I'm not so sure that's the way anymore. Oh, and if the aliens ever find us, we're dinner.
  8. Fine but what does this have to do with governmental UFO coverups?
  9. I just move their carts.
  10. The first car has no need to do that and generally shouldn't. I am 99% certain that the City of Buffalo does not have multiple sensors. We can barely afford a single one, and that's not at most intersections. I definitely do not drive under the speed limit. I'm a 79 on the Thruway and a 40 on a city street. I'm not proud, mind you, but I'm not slow, either. I find that I'm more relaxed behind the wheel when I'm at a light if I give myself some distance to see the world and some room to let other drivers be idiots, though. So that's what I do. If you drive Uber, you've probably driven me!
  11. I really don't care if you pull in. If you're in a hurry or something or whatever, I don't know. Do what you need to do. The sensors are at the light (where we have them, as far as I know, Buffalo does not have many, but the suburbs might), not a few cars back. If I'm in front, I pull up to the stop line. It is about 25 feet for me to see the bottoms of the rear tires. (I note that I do keep my seat as low and as far back as I can--I'm not a tall guy, but I like my room). I just tested this because of this thread (and because what else is there to do, there is no hockey). My car is a little over 14 feet long.
  12. It's the bottom of the next car's tires you want to see, not the bottom of the bumper. That's just shy of two car lengths for me--my car is really small.
  13. I think they just sense the first car, at the few intersections we have with sensors? If I'm close to the front I'm usually closer to the car in front, though, anyway. In my mind's eye, when I wrote my post, I was in a longer line of cars than that.
  14. I want two car lengths between me and the person in front of me, and more if it's a truck in front of me. I want to see and I want to be able to get around them if they're an idiot. It's not like it slows anything down.
  15. Sorry, man, but I got used to the personal space of six feet and I'll continue it.
  16. Hey, you're the one who asked the original question. I just answered it.
  17. No--I had no way of knowing--is there a way to look that up? OF COURSE I KNOW. No reason to be condescending.
  18. The 12th forward was hardly the reason why the team finished one point out of a playoff spot. I wanted to be sure I got that in there, too. Exactly. Quinn's replacement is already in the system.
  19. They're either ready to fill in for a guy who was a prospect himself 12 months ago or they're bad picks, is my point...and I don't think they're bad picks.
  20. I really want to know what the point is of having a million forward prospects if they're never going to play.
  21. He's 29 and I think the worst he's suffered is a collapsed lung and a broken rib. Heck, I've had each of those. Anyway, he's not a Sabre until 2024. So moving on...
  22. This is it...not necessarily those two players in particular, but the idea.
  23. I think you're missing the point. Quinn was, for all logical purposes, a first-year guy last year. I.e., a rookie. That does NOT make him a veteran the next year. A second-year guy (even if he played two games before his real rookie year) is not a veteran. The idea is that there are other soon-to-be rookies, just like Quinn was last year, who can give the same production.
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