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  1. He would be broken in two. He's shorter than me IRL, ffs.
  2. "Just words? Words are what we do around here!" --DA Adam Schiff, Law and Order.
  3. Those two years come fast, and if the Sabres are going after Meier (they're not), it would be for six to eight years. Dahlin, Power, Skinner, Cozens, Thompson, another defenseman, and a goalie are going to be costly. Probably Krebs and Quinn too.
  4. Right? I wasn't raised to hate the Flyers, it just happened. Same with the Sens, who didn't even exist until I was an adult (but not yet a grownup). The Bruins, on the other hand, are inherently evil, as I started learning in CCD in 1st grade. I believe it's in Paul's second letter to the Macedonians. I know a lot of people here think of Toronto as a rival, but I don't. They haven't been relevant in my lifetime other than 1999, and we know what happened then. Also, ***** Boston.
  5. Exactly why it was easy to give up 5k rather than deal with a buyer pointing out every flaw in a home i had lived in for almost twelve years. The other buyer would have paid 5k more but it would have taken years off of my life and probably 10K to fix every crack in the paint on the walls. if you are selling, give the discount and gtfo. If you are buying, never waive inspection. sorry about capitalization and spelling. Ipad. Travelling.
  6. Eleven

    Home record

    ***** Sabretooth. But it's probably the young roster.
  7. I took $5K less to let inspection go when I sold my house in June. The buyer offered that. It was a no-brainer. If you're buying, inspect.
  8. I don't want to know what that weird piece of equipment is.
  9. In very many different ways, we all changed priorities. But people still watch the NFL, which is an inferior tv product, or baseball, or love after lockup or whatever.
  10. They do if the teams are going to pay the players
  11. One of *those* dreams last night. They don't happen often anymore. Very infrequent--like months and months apart. I guess I should be happy for her presence in my sleep but it throws me off for the whole day.
  12. Dude, it's ok if you just admit your dreams. We're all friends here and we don't kink shame.
  13. I think it probably is more precautionary than anything. He prolly just needs some rest, which is why he took a maintenance day Tuesday. Dahlin being in is nice. They really both should have been but it's not something I wanted to get worked up about. Buffalo fans like @Taro T who are going for the weekend deserve to see both, though.
  14. Let's not forget last year, when Dahlin got a spot because Buffalo had to have a representative.
  15. The Strange Brew unis are hideous.
  16. Someone else noticed this above, but it just stinks. If I have to listen to these two Olympic gymnastics announcers and there's no Thompson...well, I'm sure there's a Law and Order episode on somewhere. Would you relax? Geez. You know I love you and am just having fun.
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