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  1. It happens when you quote the last thread on a page (so that your comment would appear on a subsequent page). The "submit reply" button doesn't work the first few times.
  2. Whether I think the O Line was garbage (I think it was subpar for sure) has nothing to do with whether an opinion piece can SHOW that it was garbage. A food writer can tell me her opinion as to whether the soup is too salty. A chemical analysis or the recipe that was followed can SHOW whether it is.
  3. Yeah I've got a good friend in St. Paul who was chirping me during Minny's comeback and then left his sports bar early. Sorry bud!
  4. I don't subscribe to The Athletic, but I doubt that the article *shows* anything. My bet is that it's an opinion piece, perhaps a well-informed one, but opinion nevertheless.
  5. I've got one in San Juan next week for less than the cost of an unfurnished apartment in Buffalo. Given Buffalo in February, this is a no-brainer.
  6. Do you stay at hotels, or air bnbs, or couchsurf? I'm starting the digital nomad thing and it's kind of fun so far.
  7. I don't think so. I know a bunch of people from Erie and they're all Pens fans.
  8. Yeah but I've only seen that from people associated w/ the Leaves. Brawndo mentions some sources above though.
  9. Frankly, I'm now starting to think about the first and salary retention. McCabe at $2m for a few years, for a top-whatever protected first makes a lot of sense for this team.
  10. We're not supposed to talk about him anymore.
  11. Yes. I had to change my post, though. It didn't make sense to me.
  12. Whether the Sabres are contenders or not, I doubt they pass the trade deadline with all three. It would be silly to do so. Some team will have a goalie go down, and some team will need one of Anderson or Comrie. Thus, again, the need to see whether Comrie can be part of the future. Anderson won't be.
  13. No. It's nice that Karlsson's agent is pitching ideas to media personalities, though.
  14. Saying it again. The kid is a developing Jochen Hecht.
  15. Yeah, I've had a few myself...and not all were caused by head contact. Thanks for confirming.
  16. Can't a concussion result even without a blow to the head? Like a sudden stop in a car or a heavy hit to the body that forces the brain to move around in its brain compartment?
  17. Not until someone with a POA (I think his uncle?) signed a disclosure form.
  18. Whoever it is that had the guts to wear the turdburger sweater to an away game...good on that guy.
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