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  1. I can't tell if this is a joke. But it's the middle class that will get killed on this one.
  2. The Athletic had a piece from its Saint Louis writer today about whether the team has done enough in the offseason to improve. O'Reilly got only a passing mention.
  3. New Yorkers and anyone in a so-called "blue state," really. Cutting the SALT deduction was aimed at such states. I can't wait to read the complaint. It's going to have to be a pretty interesting legal theory; I don't know why taxpayers would be entitled to SALT deductions as a matter of right. Maybe there's some sort of states' rights angle on it.
  4. The new search feature allows you to perform a search for ALL of your terms and not just any of your terms. So all I did was type "mcdavid gorges" and it was there.
  5. From my searches, that is correct.
  6. I do remember Gorges shutting him down and I remember that it was discussed here.
  7. Well, we can't ban them in the US without amending the Constitution, so we're stuck with the concept, at least.
  8. The more parties, the better, as far as I'm concerned. Try to get either of the big two interested in that, though.
  9. With an unembalmed corpse, decomposition begins about 24 hours after death. I'm guessing that's the reason.
  10. I don't like either of you guys.
  11. "I have ordered attacks on sanctuary cities, like San Francisco." Day later: I meant to say I HAVEN'T ordered attacks. I misspoke.
  12. And just like that, his party-over-country will let him off the hook again. We looked like we were getting somewhere this morning.
  13. I don't think he's as good as either of them. I use a scientific formula called the "hype test." Your mileage may vary.
  14. There's no McDavid in 2019 though. Not even close. No way.
  15. Then it's started at the top for at least three ownership groups (hockey) and two (football). (IMO, the Sabres under the Knoxes were actually pretty clever--there was no social media then, obviously, but the "Taro Sez" stuff on the scoreboards was cool. Actually, the whole Taro thing.)
  16. And there's the problem--and it's been a problem for both Buffalo teams for a long, long time. We're not talking about people the owners would hire directly, btw.
  17. The problem is connecting your premise to your desired conclusion. If the president is firing someone for the purpose of obstructing justice, he's obstructing justice, regardless of his authority as the head of the executive branch. I have the right to free speech, as long as I don't incite violence, right? But if a police officer is questioning someone, and I decide to stand next to her and shout the lyrics to "Pinball Wizard" at the top of my lungs so that she cannot conduct her investigation, I'm going to be arrested, and rightfully so.
  18. I mean, "prove me wrong" is pretty much impossible! I could see the Sabres starting anywhere between 0-5 and 3-2. I think they're going to drop those first two, and maybe even the first three.
  19. For the right player, I would be, too, but I ended up voting to trade two and keep one because I don't know that the hypothetical right player--who is worth three first round picks--is available.
  20. Obviously not. We've been saying they need a new social media person for a long time.
  21. I only had the option to delete when I tried that a few minutes ago. I swear.
  22. O'Regan's cup of coffee isn't enough to crack my 28-player league. Time to lock this one. The Sutton Division opens on Thursday! EDIT: Flynn, McCormick, Varone, and Strachan have advanced. I can't seem to figure out how to lock this. I'll ask the question in the new software questions area.
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