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  1. Goodbye, old wanderer. We'll welcome you with open hearts when the nineteenth coach since Ruff wins a playoff series.
  2. 1. Thompson would destroy Seabrook. 2. Housley is an ass. Why is Carter Hutton playing in this game? Is he out of his mind?
  3. I just got home, I just saw the score, and I couldn't be more angry. They scored two goals while I was in an Uber?!
  4. @LTS https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/01/politics/us-russia-nuclear-arms-treaty-pompeo/index.html
  5. How stupid can this moron get? And you know he's only doing it to distance himself from Russia. He's playing with our lives.
  6. The fact that Hutton is taking most of the practice means that Ullmark should start. That's how I took it.
  7. It ranks their top D pair 28th out of 31 top D pairs in the league. I don't know what the rank is based on, though.
  8. I would take either of those other two over Elie. Elie brings absolutely nothing to the table. He's like a Wonderbread and mayonnaise sandwich. And I'm going to punch someone if Hutton starts.
  9. Why? Funny? Dramatic? Swords? Chainsaws? Also, call me tomorrow. We need to work on the meet up game.
  10. I guess I can't see Newman's character as a Christ figure. He punched a lot. He made a lot of money gambling. He did suffer, but chose to try to escape his suffering, several times, including the end. Christ figure? No; NFW. I agree that your teacher was a wackaloon. I like that word; it's new to me. I also enjoyed the car wash scene. Any straight guy or gay gal would.
  11. I'm working up an essay on what I think would be a great trade, but I'm going to get murdered on here for it. The underlying premise, though, is that the Sabs soon will have 9 D on the roster, two of whom never should be traded under any circumstances, six who would fetch only prospects or picks, and one who actually could land a top-six forward.
  12. So I have HQ Trivia* on my phone. Tonight was a special night of Gilmour Girls questions. I have never seen the show, although I have heard of it. Barely, but I have heard of it. I'm betting it was from the 90s or something. I got the first six right on blind guesses. (The first one is usually a gimme no matter the category, but still I had to guess. It had something to do with Melissa McCarthy.) And then I lost. *If you like trivia, I highly recommend this. It's free, and you can win cash. BIG cash. So far, I've won $7.43 in four months. Someday I'm going to cash that in and buy PA an ice cream.
  13. I didn't watch the third, so this is an honest question--was Reinhart gassed? Because I like him in front of the goalie. I agree with you on Scandella; he is unnecessarily and unfairly vilified. I also think it's a waste to keep Pilut off of the ice for two full weeks and running. If Housley wants to play other defenders (it's silly, but if that's what he wants...), send Larry back to Rochester and get him some games.
  14. So I just watched Cool Hand Luke for the first time. Gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed. I thought he would beat the prison guards in football, or save a soccer penalty from the Nazis and escape, or something. Then again, Paul Newman tends not to fare well in the movies I've watched. (Butch Cassidy and The Hustler come to mind.)
  15. What a jackass. Just get rid of the entire NBC team already.
  16. There is no way this team should look this tired, even after travel and even after last night. They just had a week and a half off. Phil, don't let them drink on the plane, or something. Anyway. This is about as late as I can stay up tonight. Goodnight all and stay safe and warm.
  17. I was a best man in a wedding on June 19, 1999. The groomsmen gifts the night before, at the rehearsal dinner, were beer steins emblazoned with "Eastern Conference Champions" stuff. I still hold the groom partially responsible for what happened the next day.
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