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  1. But you don't have to. You choose to. Unless and until one of the teams is in danger of moving--and I don't see that here--you really don't have to worry about anything.
  2. Yeah, it's really been forever since a third-stringer led a team to a conference championship game. Like MONTHS, even.
  3. 1. It will be 6B by the time the new stadium opens. maybe more. 2. Don't know what you're doing here, I didn't say anything about anyone moving. As above...
  4. No? Especially this: "For this suggestion to make sense he would need greater than 100% return on his investment." He already has greater than 100% ROI on each team. A nicer "home" for each team would increase that ROI, I'd think.
  5. I don't even want to see me do it. That's the engineering trick for the redesigns, though.
  6. The other posters are right. Bills fans don't care about the Sabres as much as you might think. This thread is going to be a *****-show until preseason.
  7. You spend 1 billion if you're gonna make 6 (or even 4) with a new stadium, though. The total investment--Bills cost 1.2B (that was the purchase price), stadium costs, let's even make it big, 1.5. That's 2.7. Now. he "can sell the Bills tomorrow for 4 billion"? Get it? That's 1.3 in profit. BILLION. Again, not attacking you, just playing devil's advocate. I don't think that he will sell the Sabres. I don't think that this move is about that. But I also have NOTHING to go on, and none of us do.
  8. You've been drinking PA's kool-aid in the first para. In the second, do you think Jessie Pegula is going to take time off from pursuing Grand Slams to run football, hockey, and lacrosse teams? Laura might be involved, but what makes you think she is more able than Terry or Kim? Again, I see the kool-aid here. In the third, really? Where was any *credible* speculation that the Pegulas were trying to sell either team before her illness? That's just plain BS. I don't like people sowing nonsense. I don't think it's nice.
  9. Just playing devil's advocate here to show how much we DON'T know: 1. A new renovation of the arena helps the sale price. (So does a new stadium in OP for the Bills.) 2. Profit and appreciation are not the same thing. Few sports teams are profitable. The appreciation is what makes money. 3. This one is just speculation--and not idle or mean or anything like that--but just speculation. None of us really know, yeah?
  10. The facts you articulated are beyond question. Very succinctly and correctly stated. The opinion, well, we won't know at least for a while, if we ever do. But great post.
  11. You have no idea how long I can take in the bathroom if I need to sit down to do my business. I want a view of the game. I want to feel like I'm above the ice. Pooping on the Flyers. Also, a newspaper and cigars. I am, but in some of these cities, they are making money off of it. I was at Navy-ND last year in Baltimore, and wow, those premium areas (I charmed my way in; my ticket was a nosebleed) were full, were nice, and people were spending money.
  12. That indeed is a feature of newer and recently-remodeled stadiums and arenas, but there's no reason that the Arena can't pull it off. M&T Stadium in Baltimore, for example, is only two years younger than the Arena, and handled a similar remodel well. (See my post upthread also; they intend to have more "milling around" areas.)
  13. Yes, but my Hasek and Max will beat you. I mean it. Without passing, Gretzky is neutered by Hasek. Afinogenov, on the other hand, will beat the paddle of ETHRON all day long.
  14. In other news, @PASabreFan has lost it. He has lost it. He's down four-nothing and he's blown his cool...he's flipped his lid!
  15. Here is the full announcement: https://www.nhl.com/sabres/news/terry-pegula-sabres-president-organizational-restructure/c-345685802 There's not much to it. It's pretty impossible to tell why they're doing it. Could be a million reasons. Did the music end of the business ever get off the ground? We know the food didn't do well, and the fashion experiments were, umm...bad. They sold off the Beauts and I don't know how well the hotel and training departments do, either. Then there's Kim's health to consider, too. We can speculate all month long if we want to but I don't think we're going to know anything until the next shoe drops, if even then.
  16. I've stood outside of it, and walked around it, many times. Did you read my edit about 5 posts above? Half of my family lives outside of Chicago. I'm pretty familiar.
  17. I'm not going to ask for a source because I don't really care, but you're going to somehow fit one into the other? (Not to mention that you've only got two dimensions going there.) They aren't significantly different in size; they just are not. The difference is negligible. And one is in the fifth largest city in NA and the other is in Buffalo.
  18. OK let's not get crazy here. No. You could not. It has 700 more seats than the arena for hockey, and it's not as large in circumference (from my experience walking around it and not from any scientific study or anything).
  19. It wasn't in the article, as I recall, but this was: They may do away with some seating to allow for more fluid viewing options like in some newer arenas/stadiums/etc., where people can mingle and still watch the game. Think of Heron's Landing at Pilot Field or the clubs at whatever the Bills stadium is called now. The arena has one such area on the 200 level as it is, but it is very small and very restricted--maybe a dozen people. Meanwhile, as early as 1998, stadiums like Fedex Field had cigar bars where one could stand, sit, wander at one's leisure, still with a great view of the game. The ballpark in Pittsburgh has an area like this, too. It's pretty cool. As for it not being a priority, I remember that being in the article and I'm irritated about it. The seating is the worst part of the arena, followed closely by the sound and the food. The video screen really isn't a priority at all.
  20. The more I think about it, the more I think the on-rink projector debuted with the current scoreboard in 2007. They definitely used it to show highlights as part of the pre-game presentation. It wasn't just lasers in face-off circles; it was a rink-sized video screen, and it was awesome. Maybe it broke or something?
  21. I haven't seen it recently--I think I haven't seen it in ten years. And I've been a STH within the last ten years.
  22. Yep. I don't think the Sabres would have tape of Rick's first TV broadcast. I just would bet against it.
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