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  1. Cool stuff from other franchises - Vancouver Fans sing Canadien Anthem.
  2. Question, as the receiving team, you can fair catch a kick-off, but does time run off the clock? In addition, when you fall on a squib kick, as the receiving team, does time run off the clock?
  3. Nothing like going to a playoff game in an outdoor stadium. Indoor stadiums are boring, they hire personnel in Detroit to help entertain the crowd and keep them enthused. Been thinking of making the trip tomorrow from West Michigan but not sure if the borders are open. Miss the activity of the people at the bills games. Not your typical after dinner crowd like Detroit or Grand Rapids Griffins games.
  4. Hmmmm, Bills could have a good chance of losing all the games the rest of the season.
  5. Born in Lackawanna. Reside in Grand Rapids MI
  6. Having a great goalie is like having a great quarterback. It is needed if your goal is to win a Cup. If that type of goalie is available in the trade you take it. Being able to play an up tempo style while making mistakes will require a top end goalie. However, if one is not available and you get what you were looking for, make the deal.
  7. Robin Lehner - "Where is the @nhlpa and all nhl players in all this attacks on our freedom of choice? Jack situation is crazy to me.. also people getting attacked by journalist that hides behind freedom of speech to trash peoples freedom of choice. When does the hypocrisy end? #lifeaftercareer" It appears Cole and Lehner have same ideals - freedom of choice.
  8. 2021 quarterback completion percentage - are QB's getting better or are Cornerbacks getting worse? Could it be this is what the NFL wants and adjust the rule/penalties to promote the passing game...? Josh will need to pick it up and get to at least 65 percent. 1 Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns QB 81.6% 2 Teddy Bridgewater Denver Broncos QB 77.1% 3 Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys QB 76.5% 4 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs QB 76.1% 5 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks QB 74.1% 6 Mac JonesNew England Patriots QB 73.9% 7 Taylor Heinicke Washington Football Team QB 73.8% 8 Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals QB 73.5% 9 Andy Dalton Chicago Bears QB 73.5% 10 Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings QB 71.6% 11 Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers QB 70.9% 12Justin HerbertLos Angeles ChargersQB70.5% 12Tyrod TaylorHouston TexansQB70.5% 14Matthew StaffordLos Angeles RamsQB69.6% 15Matt RyanAtlanta FalconsQB69.1% 16Jared GoffDetroit LionsQB68.8% 17Sam DarnoldCarolina PanthersQB68.5% 18Joe BurrowCincinnati BengalsQB68.4% 19Aaron RodgersGreen Bay PackersQB67.3% 20Jalen HurtsPhiladelphia EaglesQB67.2% 21Derek CarrLas Vegas RaidersQB66.7% 22Lamar JacksonBaltimore RavensQB66.1% 23Carson WentzIndianapolis ColtsQB65.2% 24Tom BradyTampa Bay BuccaneersQB65.1% 25Ryan TannehillTennessee TitansQB64.0% 26Daniel JonesNew York GiantsQB63.8% 27Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh SteelersQB62.5% 28Jacoby BrissettMiami DolphinsQB60.0% 29Jameis WinstonNew Orleans SaintsQB59.5% 30Josh AllenBuffalo BillsQB56.0% 31Zach WilsonNew York JetsQB55.7% 32Tua TagovailoaMiami DolphinsQB54.8% 33Trevor LawrenceJacksonville JaguarsQB50.0%
  9. So they all got together and now it appears Jack is moving forward with the surgery. Now what happens if that is true? Is that why they got together to figure out if Jack moves on with the surgery where does he stand with the Sabres and the League. Makes for a great soap opera.
  10. I do believe the Browns are talented but lack the proper character to become a champion. Players like Clowney and OBJ seem selfish and self-absorbed. That kind of attitude in the clubhouse does not serve a team well.
  11. Dammit, We need to stop picking our noses and sucking face near and with infected people! I wonder if there is a mask for that... Seriously, yes it does slow down the symptoms and help, however the long term side effects are unknown along with short term ones. It doesn't create immunity. This is how it was sold. However the stats dont back that and now we have doubt and lack of faith.
  12. And not wearing a seatbelt or wearing a seatbelt puts the other vehicle at risk?
  13. Perfect example of numbers and science twisted to relay different perceptions and so called truths. Exactly why I posted those numbers to see how many would interpret it differently. . Not according to this internet article they don't "Cardiologists Refuse To Eat These Foods" Cardiologists Refuse To Eat These Foods (theactivetimes.com)
  14. Stupid is what stupid does and maybe they are not stupid. How about helmet laws for motorcycle riders? It is optional. Did you ride a bike as a kid and wear a helmet, gloves to protect your sensitive hands (lol) washed with palmolive soap, tie your pant legs with strings so they would not get caught in the chain? Look the shot creates a greater chance of survival from the virus, like an insurance policy. How it protects others and long term effects are not known, the jury is still out.
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